Business Network Event with BID Campaign Manager

Tonight’s meeting of the Auchterarder Business Network was exceptionally well attended.  Local business owners were looking forward to finding out more about the proposed Auchterarder High Street BID from new Campaign Manager Tony l’Anson.

Unfortunately, as the Next Steps document was not available due to printing delays there was not much that Tony was able to tell the gathered audience.

The consensus of those attending appears that many have little or no information regarding the BID as it stands at present or how it started.

When asked about the proposed benefits the BID should bring to the town the subject of the town WIFI was suggested.  However, this seems to have been problematic already for some businesses and the suggestion that data pulled from WIFI users could be useful to the town was not met with enthusiasm.

The area covered by the BID was also questioned but this as yet has not been confirmed so no definitive answer was available.

It was suggested that members of the steering group should have attended this meeting.  In their absence, a request was made for a meeting organised by the BID steering group held in the Glendevon at a date in the near future to allow local businesses to ask questions regarding the process.  It was also requested that steering group members attend this meeting to ensure answers were forthcoming regarding the process so far.

Those attending the meeting were not in favour of the BID and Tony advised them that if the majority were not in favour from the results of a survey to come out with the Next Steps Document then the BID would go no further.

The meeting closed with Tony being asked to arrange a meeting with himself and the BID steering group in the near future.

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