Event Transport Strategy Consultation – Solheim Cup 2019

The Solheim Cup is coming to Gleneagles Hotel in September 2019.  With approximately 30,000 spectators expected each day of the competition a traffic management plan needs to be put in place.

In 2014 when the Ryder Cup event came to Gleneagles, it was promoted as being of great value to the local area.  The local area however saw very little benefit from such a prestigious event.  Spectators were transported in from park and ride areas or directly from the train station.  Tickets did not allow leaving and returning to the event.  Spectators were effectively required to stay on the grounds of the event from arrival to departure.

Auchterarder businesses saw little or no benefit from the event itself and lost quite substantially as people who would normally have visited stayed away thinking the town would be busy.  Initially it was believed that spectators would be able to visit the town throughout their day at the event.  This proved not to be so.

It is to be hoped that these conditions will not be repeated at the Solheim Cup.

The Auchterarder community and businesses are fully supportive of these high profile events being held at The Gleneagles Hotel.  However, when they end up suffering as those around them profit, this is not a sustainable method of working.

Transport Scotland chairs a transport steering group which is responsible for developing the travel plan and is holding a public exhibition and engagement event on Monday 18 June at the Community Church Centre of Auchterarder Parish Church, 24 High Street, Auchterarder. The drop-in event will be open from 11.30am to 8.30pm, with people on hand to explain the plans, answer questions and gather feedback.

It is in the interest of all local businesses to make sure they attend this event and put forward their views and concerns.

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