How To Reach The Local Customer Base?

A few weeks ago when the Red Alert for adverse weather went out, people were advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

This meant that many people who needed to buy something were forced to use local shops within walking distance.  Something that they wouldn’t normally do as they would have been at work during opening hours and would purchase something in the town where they work.

For some shops this was an unexpected bonus where local people were using local shops and there was a marked increase in sales. A snapshot of days gone by when the local community bought locally rather than travel to larger nearby towns.

The question now is how do these shops persuade these customers to come back?

For many it is not possible, their working hours mean that the local shops are closed when they return home.  Also, the thought of shopping after a day at work is not appealing.

Would changing opening hours make a difference?  Maybe an online offering with local delivery is the way to go?

The unexpected staying at home of so many has shown local shopkeepers across the country that there is a local market, they just need to find out how to supply it.

How would you promote your business to these customers?

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