Join Facebook Friday and Increase Your Business Opportunities

Did you know that Facebook will stop showing your posts if you don’t have people engaging with them?  No matter how great your posts or offers are, less and less people will see them if you don’t get engagement.

This is a lost opportunity for many businesses who could take advantage of the free exposure available on Facebook.  Not only does your information get seen by local people but by others on their friends lists.

Twitter has #ff for “followfriday” a chance for members to show their followers others who they think may be of interest.  As a business network it would seem we have the opportunity to do something similar in our area.

Facebook Friday could be a great opportunity to help build the local business community profile.  It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes to help yourself and other local businesses increase their profile locally and in the wider area.

If you have a business in the local area, please comment on the Facebook post which mentioned this article.  This will let others see your facebook page.

Once you have commented, please either like or comment on a post from another local business in the comments section.  These comments can be highlighting offers, saying hello, anything to get a comment there so others can share.

If you know of other businesses who would benefit from this, please tag them in the comments section so others can support them.

For five minutes of your time on a Friday, we can expand the reach and visibility of local businesses and groups at no extra cost.

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