Time To Stop Lurching

How many of us spend our days lurching?

That’s right, we lurch from one thing to another, trying to keep ahead of ourselves when all we are doing is making sure we stay in the same place.

You know what your business needs to give it that extra boost, you know how to improve the figures, you just haven’t had time to do anything about it.  How many of you recognise that statement? How many of you are still trying to convince yourself you will get around to it any day now?

A reactive business is never going to do anything but stand still.  It has its core clientele and they are well catered for, bringing in new customers, appealing to the next generation is something for tomorrow it seems.

Tomorrow is already here.  The digital age kids are already grown up.  If you don’t have a digital presence they are not interested in you.

That facebook page you started a few years ago after your kid nagged you, it’s useless if you don’t use it.  No website to showcase your business, don’t hold your breath for speculative enquiries.

Todays world is interactive, if your business is not then it will not be seen by possible new clients.

Stop lurching, take some time and make a list and take some time every day to work on that list.  Maybe open 15 minutes later for staff training as you get a young employee to take on the social media responsibilities.  Sit and write that email enquiry about a new product or even just go and catch up on some paperwork.

Take some time, your business will thank you.

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