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5 things to remember when your child takes driving lessons

Living in a rural area it is normal for many of the youngsters to start driving lessons as soon as possible.  Here we have a list of 5 important things to remember when this happens.  It will be worth it in the end.

  • Don’t try to teach them yourself, unless you are a qualified driving instructor. Even then, every suggestion you make to improve their driving skills will be seen as a personal slight and nerves will fray.  Your nerves especially as you wonder how you will get back to safety without your car hitting a kerb/wall/other car.
  • Prepare for mood swings before and after any driving lesson as they initially think they are the next Lewis Hamilton then find out they are more like Mr Bean. The computer system that was obviously flawed if they fail their theory and the simplicity of same computer system if they pass.
  • Try to avoid insuring your child for the family car initially unless you want to be permanently attached to your car keys 24/7. Remember the sullen friend with the tattoos, piercings and driving licence?  They could now be classed as the responsible driver that allows your teen to take out the car without you.  How about your sleep pattern now?
  • Plan for failure. If your teen fails their driving test, does their instructor have any appointments to keep up their skills as they wait for another test date?  If there are no driving lessons available immediately you may be looking at hiring a dual control car for a further test.  Make sure to hire it for a few hours before the test so your teen can get a feel for this strange car.  You will probably be the responsible driver in this instance, be circumspect in your comments, they are probably nervous enough already.
  • Remember why you are going through this. No more “Mums Taxi”, no more picking up and dropping off at ridiculous hours for various ridiculous reasons.  Welcome the new phrase in your vocabulary – While you are out could you just get me ……  No more running around for that pint of milk or loaf of bread. You now have the equivalent of a personal online shopping service available through your phone, allowing you to send your requirements for delivery within an agreed timescale.  Enjoy

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