ADCC Chair's Report May 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Chair’s Report May 2018

Auchterarder & District Community Council


31 May 2018

Glendevon Church, Glendevon

Chair’s Report

This is my third report as Chair of the Auchterarder & District Community Council and covers the year to 31 March 2018. I apologise for not being present this evening and thank Ally for presenting this report on my behalf.

Once again it has been an interesting year. At the end of my report last year (and the year before) I noted that there is much that is still work in progress and that frustratingly some things seem to take a very long time to get to a conclusion – some things have still not changed!

Sadly, Drummond Faichney (Drummy) passed away on 6 December 2017. Drummy was an important part of our Community Council and the wider community for many years and I would like to record our thanks for his many and varied contributions over the years.

During the year we welcomed 2 new Community Councillors, Malcolm Scobie (Aberuthven) and Jill Simpson (Auchterarder) and a Minute Secretary – Estelle Nicol. We have space for 2 more Community Councillors from Auchterarder and encourage any eligible member of the public to come forward?

Achievements in 2017/18 include

* Victoria Park football pitch much work was carried out and while the pitch is still not ready for use it will be and hopefully this time the problems of poor drainage will have been resolved!

* Victoria Park, feasibility studies have been carried and various options for the redesign of the park have been the subject of public consultation, an option has been selected and information regarding the next steps is awaited

* A 40mph speed limit has been implemented to the north of Glendevon and a VAS has been installed

* VAS have been installed in Aberuthven and the Village shop in Aberuthven is doing well

* Establishment of the Glendevon Community Trust

* We provided an effective forum for SSE to meet and engage with the community prior to them carrying essential maintenance work in the High Street

* We worked with the Community of Glendevon in stopping Scottish Water from unilaterally closing the A823 which would have caused significant difficulty for communities on both sides of the closure

* We submitted a response to the consultation on the “NHS Tayside Shaping Surgical Services Review”

* We actively supported the establishment of the Auchterarder Arts Trust and wish the organisers of that group every success for the future

* We actively encouraged the retention of the Parkdale Care Home

* We submitted a response to the public consultation on PKC’s Local Development Plan 2

* Actively supported the Lang Toon Childcare Hub re inadequate after school child care in Auchterarder

Disappointments for 2017/18 include

* The poor attendance record of the Police at our meetings – sadly Police Scotland have only managed a presence at our meeting in September – attendance at only one out of 10 possible meetings is unacceptable.

* The failure of PKC to do anything about the missing coping stones on Blacklinn Bridge in Glendevon

* The continuation of problems in Hunter Street related to the significant development taking place in that area

* The continuation of access and egress problems in North Crofts as a result of illegal parking

Matters still in progress include

* Townhead and Orchil Road roundabouts – the roundabouts are generally considered to be unnecessary and ineffective we understand that PKC has agreed to remove them and we are waiting to hear what will happen and when?

* We continue to engage with Transport Scotland and Ministers on the junction of Western Road and the A9 – our preferred solution being a single track flyover from Western Road to the A9 southbound carriageway.

* Resolution of the problems in Hunter Street

Aspirations for 2018/19 include

* Resolution of the parking issue in Auchterarder

* The opening of the relief road from the Feus roundabout to Benton Road

* Implementation of effective measures to curb speeding in Castleton Road, The High Street and other roads

* The involvement of young people (>18years of age) in the Community Council

* Implementation of a dedicated ADCC website and facebook page to improve engagement with the community

* Effective communication with the Strathearn & District Local Action Partnership following the appointment of David Homewood to that body

I thank my fellow Community Councillors and the Local Councillors for their past and continued support and those members of the community who have attended our meetings

Malcolm Best, Chair – Auchterarder & District Community Council

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