ADCC Draft Minutes 25 April 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 25 April 2019

Auchterarder and District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall Auchterarder

Thursday 25th April 2019 @ 1900hrs



CC Members Ward Councillors

Alasdair Kay (AK) Crawford Reid (CR)

Euan Mackintosh (EMcK) Tom Grey (TG) Derek Robertson (DR)

Andrew Warrington (AW)

Michael Cambridge (MC) Jill Simpson (JS)

Minute Secretary: Estelle Nicol (EN)

1. Apologies – Malcolm Best (MB), Malcolm Scobie (MS), David Homewood (DH) Tom Grey (TG), Murray Lyle (ML) AK went onto welcome the 3 new Community Council Members.

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – any concerns? DH has advised that item 3g is not accurate in that he actually said “The Smart Perth Project Officer had approached DH seeking to put a case together to reinstate the free WiFi network, utilising the extant hardware across the town and using the Aytoun Hall as the main hub, because it was a PKC-owned building. A meeting with Rapier Systems on 8th March had taken place. The project would be priced and then recommended to PKC as part of the Smart City development of WiFi in tier towns.” And Item 10.a.v.2 – does not make sense, the reference to a parking ticket being issued was in the main car park and not in North Crofts. Thereafter Minutes were proposed by AW and seconded by EMcK

3. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in this agenda)

a. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – continued follow up, CR agreed to speak again with A. Clegg at PKC – Status? No update – c/fwd

b. Street Lighting (LED vs old style lighting not so bright!) – Changing the diffuser heads considered a possible solution CR agreed to investigate– status? Delivery and installation of new lamps to Coop area should have taken place according to CR’s update from his contact

c. Traffic Related issues – Western Road, Auchterarder generally & Aberuthven – update MS/AK/EMcK? No further update from EMcK. Daryl McKeown visited Western Rd in Feb but no report back. JS has chased. CR is meeting Blair Watt in May and will be visiting various hotspots in Auchterarder and Muthill. ACTION: EMcK and CR to report back once further discussions/updates available

d. War Memorial – Following repairs carried out by PKC, Mr Bremner contacted the War Memorial Trust for further repairs – Any news? DH DH not in attendance – c/fwd

e. Town Wifi – update DH PKC had meeting with Rapier Systems to discuss all town WiFi projects. They have asked Rapier to revert with some revised and slightly reduced ongoing revenue costs as there are a lot of WAPs (9) installed and this increases the revenue costs in terms of licences etc. They have asked them to look at reducing the number of WAPs without reducing the coverage of the WiFi. The surplus WAPS could be left in place or we could utilise them elsewhere. ADCC also asked if the would be prepared to contribute to the revenue costs of running the service. PKC to revert with revised costs and further discussion can take place

f. Castleton Road traffic concerns – CR agreed to set up a site meeting with PKC officers – status? AW has offered to take the lead on behalf of ADCC regarding traffic issues in Castleton Road, citing his previous professional role in PKC – discuss? CR having meeting with Blair Watt in May. C/fwd

g. Common Good Property & Johnny Muir Park – as agreed MB wrote to PKC asking them to confirm this park is Common Good Property? EMcK – this was raised a couple of years ago and PKC acknowledged that it was Common Good Land but it had not been properly documented.

h. Proposed 79ha forestry at Foswell – as agreed MS has drafted a response which has been shared – discuss & decide whether we wish to send the letter as drafted or wish to amend it? CC agreed draft response by MS should be submitted as drafted. Standard planting guidelines should be followed including requirement to look like natural woodland, good mix of deciduous and conifers with appropriate firebreaks. A Peat survey should also be carried out to ensure peat preservation

4. Police Report –Inspector Kevin Chase has been in touch & asked if there had been any repeats of the St Mirren Football fan disturbance – MB advised no. AK Recap on matters contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to Auchterarder & District since 28 March 2019. No police presence, however, Community Policewoman, Alison, sent her apologies and suggested that on the months she couldn’t attend, a separate meeting with a couple of CC members was set up. All agreed this should be progressed. She reported that they had been active with speed guns a Townhead & Orchil Road She also advised that they were in week two of their “Bogus Caller – Shut out the Scammers” initiative and wanted the CC to reiterate message to all

5. Planning

a. (AK) Report on Planning Applications Validated & Planning Decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 28/03/2019 Nothing material of note to report

b. PKC Workshop “Placemaking in Rural Areas” – Saturday 11 May Pitlochry Town Hall – PKC have cancelled this event due to only 4 bookings – another event will be scheduled for later in the year – we are invited to advise of any specific training needs? For information only

6. Projects

a. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junctions, Update, EMcK, JS & MS EMcK

No further updates to report but EMcK once again intimated that consideration should be given to purchasing the property at entrance to Johnny Moir/Dunlop Park to enable this area to be converted into a car park. It was advised that there is a proposal to buy land under compulsory order at the back of the car park (not the bus depot) – await developments. A9/Western Road – CR/JS – according to a 2013 report, not one junction between Auchterarder and Dunblane meet the minimum requirements. CR continues to liaise with BEAR & Transport Scotland but there is no chance of any grade separated junctions until dualling of A9 is concluded. David Scobie of Muir Homes and representatives from Milne & Robertson are investigating the Shinafoot Junction with PKC and CR has asked to be copied into next meeting invite and will keep ADCC informed. Stagecoach has also joined the Pressure Group.

b. Victoria Park – Any new information? TG agreed to follow up on ownership of the road into the recycling centre to understand why it is in such a poor state of repair? CR spoke to Jake Eadie in Roads and to Mr Dow at the recycling centre and they are looking for a new contractor to repair and upgrade the road (first contractor didn’t turn up to meeting)

c. Defibrillators – Payment of invoice for £2,070 was approved and payment made, delivery status? MS Payment of invoice for £2,070 was made, delivery due next week. JS co-ordinating with Auchterarder location and MS with Aberuthven location, so that electrical contractors can install. Electrician out next week to provide quote.

MS to provide colleagues the proposal for the maintenance checks. ACTION: MS to input.

d. View Point on A823 near Glendevon looking over Crieff to the mountains beyond – MB has written to Mr Haldane (landowner) as agreed – reply awaited? Meeting taking place today – await outcome

7. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH to provide update? DH in attendance at LAP meeting tonight – await update

8. Finance Report JS to update regarding bank balance. Bank Balance – £5697.36 Creditor of £160 for minute taker – Jan, Feb, Mar & April meetings. Cheque for defibrillators for £2070 still to be debited ACTION: AK/MB adding JS on as an authorised signatory to authorise cheques and view the bank balance.

9. District Matters

a. Aberuthven – MS

i. Water drain – notified to MS by EN Karen McNeill was in attendance as Member of Public but also works for Scottish Water. She advised that for situations such as this, details of when the incident took/takes place and an accompanying photograph should be sent She will then distribute it on an internal forum for it to be picked up and remediated.

b. Glendevon – MB

i. Blacklinn Bridge coping Stones still not replaced C/fwd

10. AOCB

a. Community Council Members

i. AK

1. Screen Ready event – Dunfermline 7 May 2019 (email shared with all including the link to register if interested?) Event on what is happening in our area, what has taken place and where and how to make the most of venues after events

2. Email received re the Solheim Cup Community Fund deadline for applications 27 May 2019 Community Fund launched 5/4/19, closing date 27/5. Local groups (criteria dependent) can apply for grants from £1500-£2500. ACTION: JS to post details on Facebook Page

3. DH has advised that PKC Environmental Services will be changing some of the lamp-post banners in the town for the Solheim Cup and when the event is over, they will seek further engagement about changing some of the old ACP banners For information only

4. Community Bus update. AW advised that they had been successful in receiving funding from 3 different funds and have another 2 applications outstanding. They hope to award the contract to an operator in the next few days and then start the legal process to agree the route and start date. It is hoped that it will commence operation in July/August serving the main parts of the town 6 days per week. Hopes to be able to advise timetable details, route and start date at next meeting.

b. Local Councillors

c. Members of the Public Solheim Cup – as there will be another temporary bridge structure erected for this event, is this the time to lobby for a permanent structure? CR – this question has already been asked of Transport Scotland And BEAR but they continually raise the question of disabled access. Agreed no harm in raising again. ACTION: AK to write to BEAR Scotland

LiveActive Leisure – withdraw services from 28/6 leaving no childcare activities over July/August which many parents relied on out of term time. Education Services may step up but staff had all received their redundancy notices – they may come up with something – CR to revert. Will school be available to other service providers when LiveActive Leisure give up on 28/6? – e.g. Langtoon Childcare Hub. Langtoon Childcare Hub (through action and support from Community Council las year) were set up to provide additional childcare places in the town. Last summer there were 10-12 children on average attending the summer activities with sometimes as many as 18. The feasibility study and support showed that these places were required and it was viable/profitable, so it is both disappointing and worrying to have these services withdrawn.

PKC quote budgetary constraints as the reason, however, it is believed this is a red herring as the current service breaks even, and, if it was tweaked, could be in profit. Could a LiveActive Club be run in a non-LiveActive Club managed hub? Possibly yes, but not something that has been tried before. Alternatives: – Go to other Campus – e.g. St Dominics, Crieff or Oakbank, Perth. ACTION: Ladies in attendance representing Langtoon Childcare Hub to link up with CR and provide a “Wishlist” of what they want provided with budgetary costing ACTiON: DR/CR to link up regarding possibility under the Community Permit Act of setting up a social enterprise to facilitate running of such a venture ACTION: JS to add to Facebook Page

Speed Signs at Hunter Street – still not in place ACTION: CR to progress with Murray Lyle Potholes/Parking Suspension – AK contacted PKC regarding parking suspension signs. This is for major works involving gully cleaning and pot-hole repairing

Meeting closed at 8.17pm

Date of next meeting: Thursday 30 May 2019 @ 1900hrs – Aberuthven Church, Aberuthven. The AGM will take place at 1900hrs followed by the regular ADCC meeting

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