ADCC Draft Minutes 25th October 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 25th October 2018

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council (ADCC) Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday, 25th October 2018 @ 7pm



CC Members:                                                            Ward 7 Councillors:


Alasdair Kay (AK) – Vice Chair                                Tom Gray (TG)

David Homewood (DH)                                             Crawford Reid (CR)

Euan Mackintosh (EM)                                             

Malcolm Scobie (MS)                                                           


  1. Apologies: Community Councillors: Malcolm Best (Chair) (MB), Martha Marnoch (MM), Jill Simpson (JS).  Ward Councillors: Murray Lyle (ML).  Young Persons Representatives: Lucas Snellgrove (LS), Feorlin McPhee (FM).


  1. Police Report. No police presence.


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes were agreed as a true record.  Proposed by MS, Seconded by EM.


  1. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in the agenda).


  1. Hunter Street – Link Road. TG reported PKC had advised the link road would not be open for another year owing to H & S restraints whilst the developer laid drainage and continued the next phase of building.  They would attempt to restrict use of Hunter Street.  CR reported PKC Team Leader on Major Developments was trying to establish conditions on future builds to press for link road opening soonest.


  1. Social Media. JS had reported that ADCC Facebook page now had 53 followers.  Minutes had been loaded onto Lang Toon Times platform.


  1. PKC Emails. No update in MB’s absence.  PKC IT continue to address problem of email failures to community councils.


  1. Foodbanks. DM & MS.  Progress was somewhat hampered owing to medical issues with leader, Claire Dodds.  A committee has been formed based on Aberuthven.  Educational visit to Kinross had been arranged, after which a constitution would be drafted.  Charity application forms would be worked on in November in conjunction with OSCR.


  1. High Street – Cameras/Speeding/Accident Statistics. DM.  Police had provided accident stats in High Street from 1st January 2015.  Only 3 accidents recorded over 3 years.  This equated to 3 points; 7 required to warrant safety cameras.  Thus no justification to establish speed cameras in the High Street, according to the Scottish Safety Camera Handbook.  Results of the speed survey carried out in September were still awaited from PKC.  Another survey appears to be taking place at the present time.


  1. North Crofts. DM.  PKC had acknowledged the proposal to extend double yellow lines and have included it for consideration in due course.


  1. St Margaret’s Crescent. AK.  Resurfacing completed.


  1. Planning. AK.


  1. Applications. No applications required ADCC to offer comment.


  1. Hunter’s Meadow. ADCC had objected to Stewart Milne application for further builds owing to unopened link road and the impact upon Hunter Street and Feus.


  1. Windfarms. Greenscares still under appeal process with DEPA.  Burnfoot East: EDF had convened a Community Liaison Group meeting for 7pm on 13th November in Blackford.  DH had sent apologies.  MB may be able to attend.


  1. Projects.


  1. Town Centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction. EM.  Transport Scotland contact, David Pollock, was now Governance Manager.  He had acknowledged the ADCC case for junction improvements and would give it further consideration.  The Dunblane to Perth stretch of the A9 was taking a back seat to the north of Perth stretch at present.  CR advised that the proposed Shinafoot junction remained extant within the Auchterarder Framework Development planning conditions. EM agreed to re-engage with David Pollock on the matter.  TG stated that the Aberuthven junction was being given consideration.


  1. Victoria Park. No update available.


  1. Local Action Partnership (LAP). DH reported that the Strathallan Decides event on 29th September had been a success.  Voting analysis was not available as yet.  All Auchterarder applications were successful.  The next meeting of the LAP was scheduled for 22nd November.


  1. Financial Report. AK.  Bank balance = £3,537.36p, of which £1,396.26p was ex-ACP money in trust.  Thus ADCC balance = £2,141.10p.


  1. District Matters.


  1. Aberuthven. MS.  Aberuthven to Auchterarder Footpath.  Will remain an ongoing issue.  Further action required next spring when vegetation growth returns.


  1. Glendevon. In MB’s absence, nothing to report.


  1. AOCB.


  1. Community Council Members.


  1. AK.


  1. Community Transport Meeting – 3rd October. ADCC did not attend.


  1. Auchterarder Recycling Centre. Now reopened, but remedial work required, which would be undertaken when site is scheduled to be closed.  No fly-tipping had been reported.


  1. Crown Wynd Public Toilets. Now closed with readable signage directing those in need to Café Kisa or The Niblick under comfort scheme.


  1. Scottish Rural Parliament. No ADCC uptake.


  1. Common Good. PKC had acknowledged the need to create a Common Good Land & Property register for Auchterarder & District.  This would be a complex task taking a lot of time and resources.  No quick results could be expected.


  1. Auchterarder Facilities Fund. The Core Paths Group had applied for £100K from the fund.  PKC had requested ADCC to consider the application.  DH outlined the current situation regarding the fund.  After discussion, it was agreed that the ADCC would support the application and respond to PKC with its decision without delay.  Action AK.


  1. Orchil Road/Easthill Junction. A significant number of residents local to the junction had presented a petition to retain the roundabout.  Discussion centred on speeding vehicles in Orchill Road, poor visibility exiting Easthill and inadequate signage.  The conclusion was that ADCC would write to the PKC Roads Department requesting the roundabout’s retention but also list the issues that needed to be addressed to make the junction safer.  Action AK.


  1. New Community Learning & Development Officer. DH advised his involvement in the LAP had developed a good working relationship with Chris Sanderson.


  1. Abbey Road/Ruthven Water Lade Road Junction. A site meeting had taken place.  A visibility problem had arisen after the building of a nearby wall and fence.  New warning signs were required.  The ADCC would write to the Roads Department to request appropriate action.  Action AK.


  1. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park. The site had been sold to Greenbelt.  The firm had failed to maintain the play park.  No resident contribution scheme had been set up.  CR was requested to ensure that PKC took action to address the situation.  The play park was a danger and had been fenced off.


  1. Defibrillators. Two sites for 24/7 access had been identified in Auchterarder.  The Masonic Lodge were raising funds and had agreed to fix one to the front of its property.  A second site would be pursued once the new heart and stroke charity shop had opened.  MS advised that Aberuthven were seeking to establish a second defibrillator in the village.


  1. MS.


  1. Community Rail Partnership. Nothing to report.


  1. Men’s Shed. Continued to meet Tuesday afternoons in the Parish Church Garden Room.  There was a plan to move to rooms in Gleneagles Station in due course.


iii.  DH.


  1. Scheme of Establishment Review. Eight week public consultation; deadline is 3rd December.  ADCC members needed to scrutinize proposed, revised scheme document, which would be discussed at the November meeting.  The model constitution for community councils would likely be amended, which would require the ADCC constitution to be amended subsequently.


  1. Garrie’s Corner.


(a)  Bloom Association had secured money for project completion.  PKC Tree Officer had agreed to remove Ash and Sycamore trees.  ADCC Notice Board was included in the plan and would be relocated.  Peter Weston had been confirmed as owner of the building site and had been exchanging information with PKC and the Bloom Association regarding lack of progress and state of the site.  Further work on the site was to commence soon – PW had been asked to provide a timeframe.  No need for the ADCC to get involved at present.


(b)  The recycling notice board on the BOS corner needed attention.  It was owned by PKC as a Ryder Cup legacy and intended to be used for recycling/environmental information, but was not maintained.  It had been agreed with Yvonne Bell (PKC officer) that the ADCC could take over control of the notice board and update it with material supplied by PKC.  This was agreed.


  1. Ward Councillors. No further input.


  1. Members of the Public. No points raised.


Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 29th November 2018 @ 7pm – Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder.Hh


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