ADCC Draft Minutes 27 June 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 27 June 2019

Auchterarder and District Community Council Meeting

Glendevon Church, Glendevon

Thursday 27 June 2019 @ 1900hrs



CC Members Ward Councillors

Malcolm Best MB Murray Lyle – ML

Alasdair Kay AK

Euan Mackintosh EMcK

David Homewood DH

Michael Cambridge MC

1. Apologies – Community Councillors: Andrew Warrington AW, Derek Robertson DR, Jill Simpson JS, Malcolm Scobie MS, Local Councillors: Tom Gray TG, Crawford Reid CR, Minute Taker: Estelle Nicol EN.

2. Police Report – AK noted the Police Scotland Summer Campaign which is focussed on driving while under the influence – a there is a particular focus on the mornings. In 2018 this campaign resulted in 195 people being apprehended. 3 incidents contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to Auchterarder & District since 30 May 2019; vandalism to a fishing hut near Kinkell, Auchterarder – 3 males have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal (CR13788/19); between 21 & 23/6 a glass bottle was thrown at a grey Ford Focus in Abbey park causing damage to the roof (CR16172/19); between 19 & 20 June Auchterarder Golf Club was broken into (CR15801/19). DH reported there was unacceptable graffiti in the A9 underpass. Complaints from residents. PKC & police informed. Action taken to paint over the worst graffiti. Police requested to periodically visit the site in dark hours

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting –MB proposed and DH seconded that the Minutes of the meeting on 30 May 2019 be approved as true a record, approved.

4. Matters Arising

a. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – CR still investigating – carried forward

b. Traffic Related issues

i. North Crofts – DH Despite road markings having been repainted around the town in preparation for the Solheim Cup, the double yellow lines in North Crofts have not been extended to behind Hannover Gardens as previously agreed with the Roads Department over a year ago. This maybe indicates a disconnection between the Roads Department and Environmental Services. An email has been sent to the Roads Department 2-weeks ago to enquire when the yellow lines extension will take place, and a follow-up request for an answer was sent last week. Reply awaited.

ii. Community School Road – AK has followed up with PKC and is waiting for a reply.

iii. Hunter Street Speed Signs – CR not present – carried forward.

c. Town Wifi – DH – It is glacial progress. While PKC senior management are supportive of the principle of free Wifi cover across towns, there were some concerns regarding the budget and the recurring revenue costs associated with WiFi and relative to the wider issue of support for community broadband schemes. Council officers are addressing these points with a view to getting approval from councillors.

d. War Memorial – DH – PKC has not replaced the missing lettering on the War Memorial, despite Cllr Lyle’s indication that they would do so. Mr Bremner intends to nudge PKC but will involve the War Memorial Trust directly if the council cannot respond positively in the near future. (Note: later in the meeting ML advised he is aware of the issue and is following it up)

e. Live Active Leisure (LAL) / Out of term time childcare activities – DH Briefed the meeting as follows: Decision made by Live Active Leisure (LAL) to withdraw from managing the community access to the sports facilities at the Community School of Auchterarder.

Auchterarder Community Sport and Recreation (ACSR) Trustees are extremely concerned about this decision, especially as Auchterarder has a rapidly growing population and there are no other alternative sports hall facilities available locally. Whilst it is understood, that due to reduced funding by PKC, LAL were required to make cuts to services, the decision that Auchterarder Sports Hub should lose all access to our only sports facility seems extremely unfair. Another disappointing impact from this decision is the cancellation of the LAL full Children’s Summer Sports Camp Programme.

ACSR is delighted that the Lang Toon Childcare Hub will now be able to access, the Sports Hall, Support Base and outside facilities at TCSOA, for the Kids Care Summer Camp.

The Football Camp, which is now being held in partnership with Auchterarder Primrose AFC and LAL, will relocate to the Top Park and use the refurbished Football Pavilion.

Lottery funding through Sport Scotland contributed to the cost of:

· Building the school Sports Hall, Changing Rooms + the outdoor pitches / courts

· LAL’s responsibility for the management of community access outside school hours, including weekends and holiday periods.

· The legacy of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, LAL to be responsible for increasing and developing opportunities for community sport for all ages and abilities. This was to be achieved through Community Sports Hubs, supported by dedicated Community Sports Hub Officers.

Auchterarder Community Sports Association (ACSR) was set up as a Community Sports Hub representing clubs, groups and people from across the community. The Sport Hub was constituted in April 2014, becoming a SCIO in June 2018, renamed Auchterarder Community Sport & Recreation. Currently ACSR has 9 Trustees and three Working Groups: Core Paths; Parks & Community Green Spaces & Sport & Recreation.

ACSR has requested the following information from Live Active Leisure:

· Data showing the numbers of Clubs and individuals using the sports facilities.

· Details on the running costs of managing the facilities.

· Information from Paul Cromwell, Chief Executive LAL, to better understand how the decision was made to withdraw LAL Services. Were any impact assessments e.g. Fairer Scotland duty applied?

· ACSR intends to ask if Robbie Stewart (Lead Manager for Tayside & Fife) and Andrew Watson (Partnership Manager for Tayside & Fife), both from sportscotland, were informed of this decision and the consequences for Auchterarder Sports Hub and the wider community.

Over the summer, ACSR wishes to investigate other possibilities for the management of TCSOA sports facilities. We ask for the support of Auchterarder Community Council, our local Councillors, MSPs & MP to find a way forward to ensure adequate community access to all the sports facilities at TCSOA, in a way that is similar to the operation of the other Community Campuses across Perth and Kinross. An Open Meeting is planned for 3rd September at 7.30pm for Community Consultation.

We confirmed our support for ACSR in connection with this issue.

Various Members of the Public (MoP) raised a number of concerns – The Childrens Hub were very positive following the last meeting but were then disappointed when PKC advised that legal opinion was that the Hubs request for funding did not meet the criteria for access to the Community Facilities Fund. However, the programme is going ahead as funding has been awarded from the Common Good Fund – the service will be free for those of Secondary age but there will be a charge for Primary. Children can now not use the facilities at the weekends nor in the evening. Do not understand why the astro-turf pitches and goals have to be locked up? PKC have advised there can be no unsupervised access, behavioural issues are apparently a problem. It also seems there have been problems with noise elsewhere in the PKC area.

AK noted this issue and related solutions are ongoing and a sticking plaster arrangement is now in place for this summer.

ML stated that PKC did not cause the problem – LAL made the decision, Local Councillors are working to resolve the problem.

MoP asked about the fence around the football pitch in Victoria Park, PKC say they cannot stop kids from using the pitch. AK advised the fence is simply there as it has not yet been taken down! DH noted that ACSR will run a football camp at the Park.

MoP concern over inability to go and play badminton etc and asked why responsible adult cannot have a key – AK explained a longer term solution needs to be found.

MoP complained that LAL never communicated upfront.

It was noted that many new houses have been and are still being built in Auchterarder but there is nothing for the kids or the adults!

AK we agree with all that has been said and we will continue to push for a solution.

DH asked ML if PKC could investigate the legal situation vis-à-vis LAL and the European Funding they have received. ML advised PKC are looking at LAL, noting that LAL is an arms-length body with its own decision-making process.

5. Planning

a. Report on Planning Applications validated & planning decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 30 May 2019 AK noted only 4 applications received and none of note and no significant decisions all of which were to approve (one was withdrawn). AK did note that one of the applications was for play facilities at Castlemains. It was also noted that the old cinema in Auchterarder had gone to auction today, the façade should be kept.

6. Projects

a. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junctions – EMcK – Nothing significant to add at this time other than to refer to a communication from CR to which EMcK advises we do not agree.

b. Victoria Park – DH – Football Pavilion: The refurbishment will be completed by the 5th July, with ACSR and Auchterarder Primrose AFC sharing the management of the facility. Stephen Gardiner & Team have done an excellent job making the facility fit for purpose. ACSR intends to make this facility available to groups and Clubs across the community. ACSR wish to acknowledge and express our thanks to all our funders who made this project possible: P&K CIF; Auchterarder Community Trust; Friends of St. Margaret’s & West Perthshire Recreational Fund (Swimming Pool) + Stephen Gardiner Construction Ltd.

ACSR is working with Perth & Kinross Community Green Spaces.

· There has been no further progress with plans for the upgrade of the Children’s Play area in the Public Park. The Parks Group are still waiting for P&K CGS to provide some outline plans and we have been informed that there is approx. £150,000 held in a budget to upgrade the play equipment and possibly relocate to a sunnier position, away from the trees. ACSR would like to investigate funding sources for additional play equipment / structures / landscaping to further enhance the Play Park for all ages and abilities. In March, Lisa McGraw and Laura Hollister, forwarded the outcomes of a Children’s’ Survey to assist P&K CGS with ideas.

· A redesign for a Mountain Bike Trail has been proposed, funding is in place, but the volunteers are now unavailable to start until later in the year.

· The planned Junior Football Pitch on the Muir Development should be started in the near future.

c. Community Bus – AW not present but has advised there is to be an Drop In Event at Aytoun Hall on 20 July and the Timetable is now being printed.

d. View Point on A823 near Glendevon looking over Crieff to the mountains beyond – MB advised a site meeting will be held on 2 July with the landowner, their agent, TG and relevant Officer’s from PKC.

e. Defibrillators – The equipment has now been received and is to be installed.

7. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH updated the meeting, the LAP meeting scheduled for 20th June was postponed owing to too many ‘apologies’. Now to be held on 1st July – apologies sent. Agenda will cover the LAP inviting beneficiaries of PB money attending an event in the Institute in parallel with the Town Bus Group Coffee Morning on 20th July. The aim is to encourage further applications by other groups and raise the profile of the LAP.

8. Common Good Fund – MS not present, no update.

9. ADCC Transition to the new Scheme of Establishment – MB – advised we have received detailed information on the transition arrangements:

· July – August 2019 PK will advise about election process

· 15 August – 22 September 2019 Period for nominations for CC elections

· September 2019 CCs to prepare accounts from 1 April 2019 to 31 August 2019, to be independently checked.

· 31 October 2019 – the last meeting of the current ADCC

· 7 November 2019 CC elections

· No later than 5 December 2019 a PKC Councillor will convene an EGM for CC to elect new Office Bearers – Our meeting is expected to be held on Thursday 28 November 2019 at 7pm in the Aytoun Hall

· September 2020 AGM to be held, the new financial year for CCs is 31 August

10. A9 Crossings – AK has aired our views in the local media noting we want a flyover from Western Road to the southbound carriageway of the A9 and not a footbridge

11. Finance Report – JS not present. AK noted bank balance is £5,697, (however we might have received £1,200 in respect of banners – see below). Also noted that the balance held includes £1,396 re ACP and that we have creditors of £2,070 for the defibs and related equipment, £250 for the defib installation, £160 for our Minute Taker and £65.46 for Poppy Wreaths.

12. District Matters

a. Aberuthven

i. Missing gate onto the A9 – MS not present , status unknown.

ii. Sewage waste running down Churchill Place – AK, This problem has existed for 2 years, Scottish Water have dug it up, checked it but still not found the problem. The problem is that in the winter it freezes and is dangerous and in the summer it is foul. AK explained the problem to ML and sought his assistance in having the problem resolved.

b. Glendevon – MB

i. Blacklinn Bridge coping Stones still not replaced, MB explained the problem and that the stones were removed several years ago asked ML to raise this with PKC -again.

ii. A823 Road Closure S D’All of PKC explained the works that are to be carried and out and why the road has to be closed for 3 weeks from 1 July, noting they hope to have it re-opened in the middle to end of the second week. There was much discussion from MoP expressing frustration about the lack of communication by PKC with the community. S D’All undertook to ensure we are advised of the contractor’s working hours and that we would be briefed by the end of each work on the work to be carried out in the following week.

13. AOCB

a. Community Council Members

i. AK

1. Castleton VAS, Proposed locations for the VAS is under discussion

2. Solheim Cup Drop In, Aytoun Hall on 2 July

3. Aberuthven Bus Stops, A9 end of Aberuthven, on site meeting held and locations have been identified.

4. Provost Walk Opening, Official Opening to take place on 3 July, AK will attend

ii. MS (not present)

1. Community Rail Partnership, Nothing to report

2. Men’s Shed, Last Tuesday the group held an Evening of Music. The group is looking at Gleneagles Station as a possible location for them.

iii. DH

1. Lamp Post Banners, Grant to replace banners after the Solheim Cup has secured £1,200 to add to the £1,300-odd held by the ADCC for the purpose. Meetings with PKC Environmental Services will now take place to decide upon designs. It is proposed that designs indicate what goes on in the town, e.g., Bloom Association, Horticultural Society, Friends of Aytoun Hall, SWI, 50+ Group, and so forth. A meeting has been arranged for 9th July in Pullar House. ADCC discussed this proposal and approved it. EMcK asked in the Auchterarder Golf Club could be mentioned on the banners and a MoP asked if the scouts could also be included – DH advised proposals could be submitted to him.

2. Garries Corner, Money has been secured to cover the cost of landscaping Garrie’s Corner. The ADCC controlled Notice Board will be relocated to the area at the entrance of the Crown Wynd Car Park. Meanwhile, the ADCC has taken over the road side of the Aytoun Hall Notice Board as an interim measure.

3. Auchterarder Network Group, This group meets to discuss wellbeing in the community. Future meetings have been suspended owing to a lack of staff to facilitate it.

4. Poverty Awareness, DH attended a Poverty Awareness educational on 18th June delivered by the PKC Welfare Rights Team. Stats: In 2017, 18% of children lived in poverty in P&K after housing costs were paid. Also, UK-wide 55% of people in poverty are from working families. Cards and contacts for people in need of help.

5. Poppy Wreaths, for Auchterarder and Abruthven have been delivered. Cost £65.46p.

6. Aytoun Hall Bookings for CC meetings, DH has made the bookings for 2020 on the last Thursday of every month except for July and December when we do not meet and May and June when we meet in Glendevon / Aberuthven.

iv. EMcK, asked ML for an update on a parking solution for Auchterarder – ML advised that Docherty’s have purchased a new site down by Gleneagles Station and that PKC has opened discussions with them about acquiring a piece of land next to their existing site, progress is slow. AK stressed the need for additional parking in Auchterarder is acute, ML stated he is aware of this and that the slowness of discussions is not because of PKC.

v. MC, on behalf of JS raised concerns over speeding traffic in Western Road.

vi. DH raised the issue of the double lines in North Crofts with ML noting the lack of a response from PKC, ML asked that he be copied the correspondence and that he would deal with it.

b. Local Councillors

i. ML Highlighted the Welfare Rights Team and that PKC has a charity that the team can access for people who are destitute – this is normally families who need help.

c. Members of the Public

i. A MoP raised concern over delivery drivers parking on the pavement and asked if bollards could be installed to prevent this. ML advised that bollards are a problem from a safety perspective. AK noted that such parking practices are a matter for the Police and should be referred to them.

Meeting closed at 8.34pm

Date of next meeting – Thursday 29 August 2019 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall

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  • Can the temporary bridge over the A9, be left there as permanent, as it will be much safer to those young and old crossing back and forth to the train station. The cost of building it for Ryder cup, removing it after, rebuilding it for the cup in September, with all the closing of the A9, redirecting of traffic, etc. and the cost of removing it, must be more costly than if it was left there in 2014. PKC, please can you leave it there permanently. Thank you

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