ADCC Draft Minutes 27th September 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 27th September 2018

Auchterarder and District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall Auchterarder

Thursday 27 September 2018 @ 1900hrs


  1. Apologies, Local Councillors – Crawford Reid, Tom Grey, Murray Lyle

Martha Marnoch, Euan McIntosh, Fiorlann McPhee

  1. 2. Police Report – MB Recap on matters contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to

Auchterarder & District since 30 August 2018.

– Notice Board at Catholic Church was vandalised and ripped off its mountings.

– Damage caused to wooden hut at Community School of Auchterarder

– Auchterarder resident defrauded out of £300 after purchasing iTunes vouchers over phone

– Richard Fleming was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh for the £500,000 armed

jewellery robbery at Gleneagles Hotel

  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Proposed by Jill Simpson and seconded by Malcolm Scobie
  2. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in this agenda)
  3. Hunter Street – Opening of the Link Road – Further site visit arranged for 11 October AK will attend. See further comment under Planning.

No movement. Still await meeting. 2 planning applications submitted for Milne Homes. CC want Councillors to put pressure on P & K Council re applications. AK to draft formal objection on behalf of CC. (ACTION AK)

  1. b. Social Media – JS, update re website and Facebook page

Facebook page up and running – Auchterarder District Community Council. From the Facebook page there is a link to the Community Website. Page will be used to host items of Community interest including the ADCC Minutes and Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes.

  1. PKC based CC email address – not all emails are getting through to us – PKC IT are looking into the problem -MB
  2. Foodbanks –update? MS & DH

Meeting held at Gleneagles on 24/9 between interested parties. Very positive input and Gleneagles willing to participate once Charity is formed. Group are going to visit Kinross Foodbank and hopefully replicate similar. United Free Church have offered to provide a base.

Next steps – from committee, develop constitution, set aims, establish as a charity and recruit volunteers. MS & DH will “mentor”. (ACTION: MS & DH)

  1. Speed cameras, Accident statistics, Traffic Survey & North Crofts – Update DH Hastening a response but still await data (speed/accidents)

North Crofts – looking to redesign junction, drop kerbs, add bollards to footpaths. ADCCreiterated need for double yellow lines down to Hanover Gardens. Work scheduled for Autumn

  1. f. St Margaret’s Crescent PKC advised it will receive “Carriageway Overlay” on 11/9,

subsequently advised on 26/9 – status? Work ongoing with no issues reported

  1. Planning
  2. (AK) Report on Planning Applications Validated & Planning Decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 30/08/2018

Nothing particularly of note apart from demolition dwelling house and farm buildings and erection of 12 dwelling houses at Castlemains. This is part of the Muir Home development

  1. Hunter Street planning applications received, applications are AMM, discuss whether we wish to formally state that we object to these applications unless a Condition is imposed on the applicant requiring them to open the Hunter Street Link Road prior to commencing any work?

– See 4 a

  1. Windfarms Update, Greenscares under appeal with the DPEA – no news yet! MB No update – continue to monitor
  2. Projects
  3. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction, Update from EMcI – No update but EMcI continues to pursue
  4. Victoria Park – JS
  5. Victoria Park Football Pitch & Revised Feasibility Study – Feedback from the

ACSA AGM on 26 September 2018

In July this year the Auchterarder Community Sports Association evolved into the Auchterarder Community Sports & Recreation Association (ACSRA) and became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). A committee of trustees now sits above 3 working groups – Core Paths improvements, Park development and Sports expansion. They continue to seek funding from various routes and are looking at the dump to see how far they can dig down, to this end a detailed map has been requested. Feeling is that going for the Pavilion is too much at once and are prioritising 24hr toilets, the childrens’ playground and the skate-park (survey being undertaken at School; LS will update the ADCC on behalf of the school)

A lady had been invited to speak to let the community know that funding has been given from this years Glasgow Games to communities throughout Scotland for cycling projects, she has just been appointed as the co-ordinator for the Auchterarder area. Possibility of funding from the Glasgow Games which is to be used for getting people active – eg further e-bikes, route planning etc.

  1. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH to brief ADCC on any developments

Meeting held on 25th September in Crieff. Eleven members out of 18 and one guest from Health & Social Care Partnership attended. CC rep was present. Main subject was Strathearn/Strathallan Decides events that take place in the Institute, Aytoun Hall & in Crieff Campus on Saturday, 29th September. Voting has been taking place since 10th September both on-line and ballot box in Aytoun Hall. Lots of votes already cast. On line voting closed noon on 26th September, but people will be able to vote at the event.

Follow up on the 26th July meeting:

  • There are two applications from community councils (Dunning & East Strathearn) for PB funding up to £2,500. All weather keep-fit equipment for Dunning Park and upgrading of Monzie Hall. Both applications agreed. The ADCC can put forward a recommendation on this scheme for any worthy organisation that applies. The aim of the scheme is to give greater empowerment to CCs. We should try and use it.
  • The youth representative has departed. It is likely that Lucas Snellgrove will be taking his place.
  • The Community Planning Policy Officer PKC has prepared information on Fuel Poverty for Action

Partnerships. Need to raise awareness. To be added to Local Action Plan. Information and action

can be shared with CCs.

  • Reviewed and updated Local Action Plan to be agreed at next meeting, which may be called forward from 22nd November.
  • Community Investment Fund. Grants awarded by LAP for community led initiatives. The minimum grant is £3,000 and the maximum £50,000 in each ward. Established to back up community empowerment. Projects need to be time-limited or sustainable through part funding. Closing date is 12th October – likely to be extended up to 15th February. Ward panels may have to be established, but LAP has challenged this. Money to be spent by 30th June 2019 – LAP to challenge this dateline. Town Bus Group? Auchterarder Community Sports & Recreation Association?
  • A PB signpost document on funding streams for community grants has been produced. Can be shared with CCs.
  • A budget review is to be undertaken to establish what money is available for future PB events in Strathearn/Strathallan, CC recommended expenditure and Community Investment Fund.
  • Community Transport Update Meeting on 3rd October was highly recommended for LAP members and CCs.
  1. Finance Report MM
  2. Bank balance – MM to advise balance held as of the date of this meeting??

Carry forward as MM not in attendance. Only creditor is Minute Secretary (3 month’s payment)

  1. District Matters
  2. Aberuthven – MS
  3. Aberuthven to Auchterarder Footpath

Needs scraped and resurfaced and has already been raised with Crawford Reid (CR)

MB advised similar on Glendevon Country Park to Glendevon

MB to write to PKC on both (ACTION: MB)

  1. AOCB
  2. Community Council Members
  3. MB
  4. Invite received for the Community Transport Meeting 3/10 North Inch

Community Campus 1830-2030?

MB to contact Andrew Warrington to see if he can represent ADCC


  1. Auchterarder Recycling Centre will be closed Monday 1/10 to Sunday 14/10

for resurfacing works!

  1. Crown Wynd Public Toilets – as previously discussed at this meeting wef 30April 2018 these toilets are to be open on a seasonal basis, accordingly they will be closed from 30 September to 31 March 2019 PKC are in the process of securing Comfort Scheme Partnerships with the Niblick and Café Kisa
  2. Sunday 7/10 the High Street (both sides) will be subject to a No Parking /Loading restriction from Davidson’s Chemists up to Chocolate Galley (191 metres). Why – BT works
  3. Sunday 28/10 & Monday 29/10 The High Street (both sides) will be subject to a No Parking / Loading restriction from North Crofts to Chapel Wynd (120 metres). Why – Scottish Water workings
  4. Email from Chris Sanderson at PKC the new Community Learning Worker (replaces J Walsh) – introducing themselves, offering to meet & looking for suggestions on what and how to communicate.
  5. Scottish Rural Parliament – if anyone wants to be an ADCC rep on this, please let MB know. (ACTION: ALL)
  6. 8. Licensing Application – Duchally – minor alteration – supported
  7. MS
  8. Community Rail Partnership, update? Nothing more to update at the moment
  9. Men’s Shed – Update? Now have shed. Meet at the Parish Church Garden Room, Tuesday 2pm. Now making Xmas Reindeer, Bird Boxes and Feeders. Great social to get men together to share stories and skills. Please spread the word.
  10. Common Good Fund Meeting – MS can’t attend. 2 High Street, Perth at 11.10am – 3rd October. MB will attend. (ACTION: MB)

iii. DH

  1. Auchterarder Business Network – Update DH? No further meetings with business owners, but aware letter to all businesses has been sent to seek interest in forming a formal Business Network Group. Looking for nomination from ADCC. Aim is to pull businesses together ( Also, letter has been circulated regarding the fear of the SuperBid. AK to share letter and will speak with Marjory McDonald to enquire further. (ACTION: AK)
  2. Local Councillors – none in attendance
  3. Members of the Public

A9 onto A824 Slip Road – countdown markers missing – very confusing for visitors. We will ask EMcI to include in his discussions with Transport Scotland (ACTION: EMcI)

Publicly Accessible Defibrillator –accepted there are defibrillators at Golf Club, School and St Margaret’s Health Centre but they are not accessible 24 hours.  Davidsons Chemist did agree to host a community defibrillator but this has not progressed. AK to speak to contacts at the Chest, Heart & Stroke Foundation to see if it would be possible to host at their new shop (old Johnston’s shoe shop). We should really have 2, one at each end of the town, with full-time public access. Local funding would be available.

– Parking – Why can we not have painted parking bays? ADCC advised that this may be one of the solutions and whilst there were no Community Councillors present, they did intimate at the previous meeting that the parking issue in Auchterarder was being given priority and a resolution would be forthcoming soon. Teachers parking – again, this had been discussed before and ADCC have done what they can, speaking with the Head Teacher who spoke with the teachers.

Meeting Closed at 20.10hrs

Date of next meeting: Thursday 25 October 2018 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall Auchterarder


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