ADCC Draft Minutes 28 February 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 28 February 2019

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday, 28th February 2019 at 7.00pm

Present: CC Members Ward Councillors

Alasdair Kay (AK) (Chair) Tom Grey (TG) David Homewood (DH)

Euan Mackintosh (EMcK) Jill Simpson (JS) In Attendance

Malcolm Scobie (MS) Lucas Snellgrove (LS) Minute Secretary: Estelle Nicol (EN)

1. Apologies – Malcolm Best, Crawford Reid, Murray Lyle

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Approved – proposed by DH, Seconded by MS

3. Police Report – No police presence this meeting – A JCB backhoe loader registered number SF05GKY was stolen, from a compound off Western Road, Auchterarder about 6.30pm on Monday 4th February. Officers are looking to trace the driver of a silver or white Mitsubishi Shogun seen in the area at the time of the theft. (CR/3229/19) – Local shops (Ruby’s, The Wee Boutique) have been the target of thieves – 2 females working together. – Police have been out and about patrolling in relation to speeding in the area – Western Road & Aberuthven

4. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in this Agenda) a. By Election – AK – 2 of existing Committee require to complete forms. EMcK has one other nominee b. Orchil Road/Easthill Junction – roundabout will remain but will feature improved signage, better markings, anti-skid surface will be renewed and perimeter hedges will be cut. EMcK strongly objects to the roundabout and intimated he felt a T-Junction was a much safe option. However, the position will be closely monitored to ensure that the improvements are delivering the enhance safety required c. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – CR – c/fwd d. Scheme of Establishment – Local Councillors – c/fwd e. Footpath by Muir Homes into School Grounds – TG/AK – Muir Homes have committed to having this footpath complete by the end of the Easter School Holidays

5. Auchterarder to Muthill path – Osbert Lancaster to discuss this project. Morag Watson, Trust Manager, P & K Countryside Trust gave an overview of the plans of this path. At the moment it is at the feasibility stage, They are seeking the view of the community as to whether a path would be welcomed, what the likely issues are and have discussed with the landowners where the path crosses their land. They have been collecting data for 3 months – the feasibility study concludes at the end of March. Opinions can be submitted in paper format (available at the Library and Synergy Cycles) or on-line (details on our Facebook page). The main source of funding will be public funds and will cost c.£1.5m. If this path goes ahead it will link to Muthill, then to Crieff, Crieff to Comrie, Comrie to St Fillans and then on to Lochearnhead. Different Councils and Trusts are responsible for different sections to complete this through route. P & K Ramblers (400 members) wrote expressing their concerns regarding the path surface of asphalt. The path requires to meet National Standards and will be a sealed surface, which will last 25 years and will be a multi user path (horses, walkers, cyclists etc). Type1/Wind Dust lasts c. 5 years. Member of Public asked if landowner doesn’t grant permission, can we still go in and clear the path? If it is a designated Core Path it requires to be kept in a safe and useable condition and we can. However, if it is not a Core Path, we require the landowner’s permission. ACTION: JS to add to Facebook Page

6. Planning

a. (AK) Report on Planning Applications Validated & Planning Decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 31/1/19 Nothing of note – Distillery at Duchally approved, 116 Stewart Milne Homes at Hunter Street and 12 at Castlemains also approved, although various provisos and conditions apply (including the opening of the spine road)

b. Hunter Street planning applications received – AK – As above, approved. Builders have agreed that spine road will open 31st October. It cannot open at the moment as they are having excavating deeply for the next phase of building

7. Projects

a. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction – EMcK – nothing to report EMcK – spoke to David Pollock, Governance Manager for Transport Scotland. Has made no progress. Nothing can happen until they act. We don’t support Shinafoot. We support flyovers at Aberuthven & Gleneagles junctions. Western Road has been highlighted as an issue with speeding traffic and it was agreed that a Sub Committee should be formed to explore options

b. Victoria Park – Update if any – LS – ongoing – c/fwd

c. Defibrillators – DH – LAP have agreed the community council applications. A request to hasten payments has been made

8. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH – The meeting scheduled for 21st February was used by the Ward 6 & 7 Panels set up to consider applications to the Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF). There were 19 applications in Ward 6 and 8 in Ward 7. 2 applications from Auchterarder – The Community Bus and The Hub at the Park – both looked upon favourably. The awards are not yet in the public domain as endorsement is required by elected members in session. Next scheduled meeting 18/4

9. A9 Crossings/Flyovers – AK/JS/MS – Meeting will be held “Out of Session” on site in Western Road with residents and Community Council representatives. In the meantime, JS/MS to keep watching brief on what is going on but will not agree to anything as sole representatives

ACTION – AK to suggest dates for on-site Meeting

10. Finance Report – JS/AK – Bank balance – £3377.36 (includes ACP £1396.26) = £1981.10. Only creditor is EN £80 for Minute taking services for Jan & Feb meetings

11. District Matters

a. Aberuthven – MS 1. Missing gate onto A9 which has been reported via My PKC – this is BEAR SCOTLAND’s responsibility 2. Sewage waste running down Churchill Place – think this is now water, but the drains are full and the mud is gathering at the Kick Outs. Council need to clear. Keep this item active This refers to Auchterarder

b. Glendevon – MB

i. Blacklinn Bridge coping stones still not replaced – ongoing!

ii. View point on A823 towards Crieff and the mountains beyond – TG – Asked Barbara Renton at PKC, however, PKC have no funds. This is something the Community Council feel they could take forward as a Project ACTION: AK to add to Community Council Projects

12. AOCB

a. Community Council Members

i. AK

* Aberuthven Hall availability for May Meeting – MS May meeting will take place in the Aberuthven Church Hall

* Community Consultation event (ACS&R)– Thursday 7 February – well attended by over 100 people. Organised by Community Sports & Recreation Association to showcase projects and included representatives from Live Active, Auchterarder in Bloom and Auchterarder to Muthill Path project

* PKC 2019 Budget – Local Councillors – 3% on Council Tax, no frontline services to be cut. Rumours of Recycling Centre Closing and Crossing Patrollers being removed untrue

* Street Lighting – was stopped by member of public in street complaining about the brightness of the street lighting. Reality is that it is the new low-cost LED lighting which isn’t as bright. ACTION: AK to raise with Ward Councillor

* Planning Enforcement Charter – This has been reviewed and is available on the PKC website:-

* Fireworks Safety Consultation – running for a period of 14 weeks – closes 14/5. Reviews use of fireworks and the impact on people/animals in communities and the selling of them in public places. Public consultations Leisure Pool, Perth – 19/3 – 2-4pm and 6-8pm

* Community Transport Forum – next meeting 28 February 2019 – nothing to report

* Community Right to Buy Free Events – 3/9 – the Land Team are running pilot showcasing the various rights to buy under the Public Reform Act. We will hear more at a later date

* Community News Magazine – Member of public raised last month regarding distribution of a monthly magazine. Good news – Karen McRostie has received a Grant which the Men’s Shed Committee are holding for her. The plan is to resurrect the Lang Toon Times in paper format

* Western Road Speeding – Met Daryll McKeown at Western Road to discuss traffic calming measures. They suggested putting rumble strips on the slip off the Motorway onto the Western Road. They suggested making the 40 signs more visible and paint repeaters on the road. Where the 30 begins they proposed to move sign back to the Stirling side of the corner and install VAS activated signs. There could also be rumble strips at the Cemetery Car Park. The survey equipment will also be updated. There is the possibility of a cycle lane being added to the road. Watch this space

ii. MS 1. Community Rail Partnership – Community meeting re fares and timetable issues in Bridge of Allan and Dunblane ACTION: JS to advertise details on Facebook Page

2. Men’s Shed – AGM went well. Waiting on finishing shed so can get going and will put together an ongoing programme of events. Now have 8-10 regulars

iii. DH

* War Memorial – Attempts being made to find out how the war memorial might be repaired. Reported to PKC on 5th Nov last year. No action to date. Residents have written to Murray Lyle (ML). A grant from the War Memorial organisation might be available. DH awaits a call from a Mr Hind

* Town WIFI – PKC has approached DH for information about the free WIFI that was installed by 802 Works/ACP in the town with the air of reinstating it. Some of the hardware remains in situ. A meeting with council officers as been requested

* Auchterarder Network Group – Meeting attended by DH on 20/2. Poor attendance. Three issues discussed at length: – LAP’s lack of impact in meeting community needs – Making best use of and advertising Live Active Leisure activities in communities – eg Social Circuits in the Aytoun Hall on Wednesday afternoons – The length of time it takes to put care packages in place for people in need

b. Local Councillors

c. Members of the Public

i. Letter received re signage on the Auchterarder to Dunning Road. She regularly uses this to ride her horse and feels there should be some signage to indicate that there are horse-riders utilising this road. TG commented that, whilst this was a fair comment, with the forthcoming cuts in PKC budget, it would be unlikely that this action would be approved. ACTION: AK to revert to lady and suggest she contacts Council for authority to erect her own sign

Meeting closed at 20.18hrs Date of next meeting: – Thursday 28th March 2019 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall Auchterarder

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