ADCC Draft Minutes 28 March 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 28 March 2019

Auchterarder and District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall Auchterarder

Thursday 28 March 2019 @ 1900hrs



            CC Members                                                               Ward Councillors

            Malcolm Best, Chair (MB)                                         Crawford Reid (CR)

            Alasdair Kay (AK)                                                     Tom Grey (TG)
            David Homewood (DH)                                            

            Euan Mackintosh (EMcK)     
            Minute Secretary: Estelle Nicol (EN)

  1. Apologies: – Jill Simpson (JS), Malcolm Scobie (MS), Murray Lyle (ML)
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – item 12.a.i 3rd bullet comment re “Rumours” while this is what was said it is noted that the matters referred to where in fact not rumours but proposals as set out in the budget presented at the PKC Council meeting. Amendments approved.
  3. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in this agenda)
    1. By Election – with effect from 4 April 2019 JS and MS are no longer co-opted but are electedand we will have 3 new Community Councillors – Derek Robertson, Mike Cambridge and Andrew Warrington – Congratulations and welcome! Unfortunately, LS nomination had a technical problem, however, he is happy to come along to our meetings if there is an issue where we specifically want input from a youth representative.  He is also Youth Representative for Local Action Partnership.
    1. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – at 29 November 2018 CR was awaiting information from PKC regarding action to address the dangerous situation. Still struggling to find owners. Two pieces of land – one Greenspaces, but wooded piece of land traced to JLT Trustees but appear untraceable.  ACTION:  CR to ask Andrew Clegg again
    1. Review of the Scheme of Establishment – as agreed on 29 November 2018 MB wrote to PKC with our comments on the proposed changes to the Scheme of Establishment & related documents, acknowledgement received.  PKC has approved an amended SoE & this is now available on the PKC website, not all our comments have been acted on, we have not received any feedback on our submission.  Note the new SoE does not come into effect until after the elections on 7 November 2019. We have had no feedback on our submission but it is noted that we will work with the current plan until November.
    1. Street Lighting (LED vs old style lighting not so bright!)AK to raise with Ward Councillor – status? Aberuthven had the same issue but had the Diffuser Heads changed and lighting is better,  ACTION:  CR to investigate
    1. Traffic Related issues – Western Road, Auchterarder generally & Aberuthven – update MS/AKOngoing conversation with Daryl McKeown but JS/MS not in attendance.  Carry forward.
    1. War Memorial DH repairs carried out by PKC. It has been cleaned and repaired but some of the writing is still missing.  Sandy Bremner has asked the War Memorial Trust (of whom he is a member) if they will repair.  Await further communication from Mr Bremner.
    1. Town Wifi – update DH?  Abandoned kit sits in the Chocolate Galley (and CC are custodians) Systems Co are keen to reinstate Wifi and are going to come up with plans and costings and submit to Smart Perth Project Officer.  Aytoun Hall would be the new HUB should the Wifi be reinstated.
    1. Horse Rider signage on road to Dunning – agreed on 28 February that AK would write to the member of the public that had raised the issue.  Lady contacted PKC re signage and reverted to AK to say she was considering posting them on Telegraph Poles.  He suggested she reverts to PKC again to advise and get their okay.
  4. Police Report – PC Alison Todd has given her apologies, off roster. AT has noted she is aware of the concerns re mud on the road at the Fues roundabout & they are dealing with it; aware of parking problems in Croft Place & are looking into it; AT & her colleague have been doing speed detection in the area & no issues reported so far on Western Road.  MBRecap on matters contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to Auchterarder & District since 28 February 2019.

    Weekly bulletins report theft of driveway gates from house in Castleton, smashed window at school (13-year-old has been charged), astro turf set on fire at school, windows smashed at Kirkton Farmhouse, bicycle stolen from bike racks at school, thief caught red handed stealing a car from East Kirkton and a house break-in at St Margaret’s Crescent. 
  1. Planning
    1. (AK) Report on Planning Applications Validated & Planning Decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 28/02/2019.  Nothing unusual or of note.
    1. PKC Workshop “Placemaking in Rural Areas” – Saturday 11 May Pitlochry Town Hall – if you wish to attend let MB know
  2. Projects
    1. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junctions, Update, EMcK, JS & MS
      Still no progress – lengthy correspondence with Transport Scotland continues.
      ACTON: EMcK to liaise with CR on junctions
    1. Victoria Park – No new information available?
      Community Investment Fund have granted £15k for the Pavilion refurbishment.  It was noted that the road from the refuse tip to the main Road was in a state of disrepair.  This may be because it is actually Common Good Fund land and doesn’t fall under the auspices of PKC. 
      ACTION:  TG to confirm
    1. Defibrillators – Funds received, status MS/JS
      £2,320 remittance received from PKC fund.  £2,070 invoice received from MS.  Payment of invoice was approved subject to ADCC seeing sight of the funding application form to LAP.
      ACTION: MS to provide copy of funding application
      asked how often they were checked/maintained? 
      ACTION:  AK to find out servicing/maintenance requirement
    1. View Point on A823 near Glendevon looking over Crieff to the mountains beyond agree way forward?
      MB to lead on.  Mark Liddiard was in attendance and had already mentioned this to Mr Haldane, who was very amenable to the idea and looked forward to a representative from ADCC contacting him.
      ACTION:  MB to contact Mr Haldane of Gleneagles Estate to discuss way forward
  • Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH to brief the meeting on any developments?

    Meeting on 21st March.  Agenda included all issues tabled by community representatives from their meeting on 17th January.  Most points were discussed in depth and, in general, were supported.  Future changes likely to be implemented are:
  • More community members to be appointed.  LAP committee total of 15 favoured (9 community; 6 ward councillors; non-voting PKC support staff). Possibly deputies to be nominated for community reps. 
  • The Chair is to pass to community members in rotation from PKC officers.
  • Means of better publicity to be developed.
  • Full and timely minutes to be produced, not action points.
  • The Action Plan to be re-written.
  • Likelihood of an event in May involving successful PB applicants to help inform the Action Plan re-write.
  • Meetings every two months.  Next is 18th April.

In summary, much more involvement and steering by community representatives.

  • Finance Report JS to update regarding bank balance. (Balance reported at 28 February 2019 was £3,377.36 (including the ACP monies held of £1,396.26) & a creditor of £80 for minute taker January & February meetings)  
    Balance: – £5,697.36  Including a receipt of £2,320 from participatory budget for Defibrillators and £1,396 which is held for the wound-up ACP.  Creditor of £120 for minute taker – Jan, Feb & Mar meetings.
  • District Matters
    • Aberuthven – MS
      • Water run off – Have PKC cleared the mud from the kick outs downhill from Church Place?
        Still running but clear water.  Kick-outs not the issue here.
    • Glendevon – MB
      • Blacklinn Bridge coping Stones still not replaced
        ACTION:  MB to contact PKC
      • Dumped caravan in the Castlehill layby – reported to PKC (this is a recurring problem!)
  • AOCB
    • Community Council Members
        • – have received requests for a conversation from Elliot Brown Chief Inspector Renfrewshire & Inverclyde Division & Inspector Kevin Chase South Perthshire
          MB has not yet managed to make contact.  Suggestion – if there was to be an opening of the redeveloped Pavilion, perhaps we could ask them to come through and play a friendly!
        • Solheim Cup Gleneagles 9 to 16 September 2019 – Exemption Order consultation.  Order is from 26 August to 16 September.  Deadline for comment is 22 April 2019 – discuss? Restrictions on some core paths but otherwise, no comments
          ACTION: MB to share with walker groups
          JS to add to Facebook Page
        • Letter from PKC seeking comment on the Winter Service provision– Discuss? No Comments.
        • Consultation on revised guidance for Licensing Boards – Deadline 11 June 2019 – discuss?  No comments other than the time taken for businesses to be granted a liquor licence – seen as an inhibitor to business growth.
        • Common Good Property,Community Empowerment legislation requires Local Authorities to establish a register, PKC CEO’s have advised this is difficult and they are constrained by lack of funds and manpower.  They have said if there is a particular property we want to know about to let them know and the current CEO has said they are looking into ways to address the problem
          ACTION:  MB to ask again re Johnny Moir Park
      • MS (in absentia)
        • Scotrail Timetable change and CRP matters generally – 23.33 Edinburgh to Stirling train (stopping at Gleneagles) to be introduced in May (currently 23.03)
          ACTION:  JS to add to Facebook Page
      • JS (in absentia)
        • Auchterarder Parent Council Quiz 29 March at the bowling club
          Great idea but no-one on the ADCC can make this time round – hopefully the next time.
        • The kick-out at the bus stop at The Spar is again blocked, causing mud/muddy water to flow onto the road.  There is also one further down opposite the chip-shop where the pavement is lower that the road.
          ACTION:  AK to contact PKC to ask them to clean the gulleys
        • Met with Muir Homes – it is now fenced off and Historic Environmental Scotland have been informed.  Await further communication.
  • DH
    • Film Nights
      Culture Perth & Kinross are looking to bring Film Nights to Auchterarder but they need residents to express an interest.  There is a notification in the Library which they can add their names to – 14 names on at the moment.
      ACTION:  JS to add to Facebook Page
    • North Crofts- Illegal Parking
      Following ADCC request for parking enforcement (allowing access for emergency vehicles if required), instances of parking tickets being issued for parking outside of bays!  Double yellow lines promised.
  • Local CouncillorsTGMuir Homes Path to School he has visited site and there has been a delivery of stacked fencing panels so it looks like the work will start in the Easter holidays as promised.Dropped kerbs – request has been added on to town centre funding requestCRTransport Scotland/BEAR meeting 22/1 seems they can find more reasons not to provide safe interchanges than to provide them.  CR discussed all other options- reducing speed limits, preventing right turns, flashing lights etc.  There are also no countdown (3,2,1,) signs on the approach to Auchterarder from Stirling side.  However, their “scoring” system for measuring the danger of the junction now has an additional category of “near misses” and he urges everyone to report.  He continues to liaise with the bodies concerned and is to establish the recording mechanism for any incidents.  He will also ask for further information on the development of Shinafoot.  It was also mentioned by members of the public in attendance, that the Inveralmond Industrial Estate lights were on a 7 second change timing which was not enough and the lanes at Broxden do not feed in naturally.  These issues, however, are off patch and outwith remit. 
    ACTION:  CR to continue to pursue and JS/MS/EMcK to link in.
    ACTION:  Once CR has ascertained how “near misses” are to be reported, JS to add to Facebook page. 
    • Members of the Public
      • Letter received from a group on behalf of “Balhousie Ruthven Towers Care Home’s Residents, Carers & Relatives” – seeking support for various access issues around town – discuss?
        ADCC supports this groups requests.
        ACTION:  MB to write to PKC to confirm support
      • Letter received regarding a Parking concern – is the author present?
        No-one in attendance.
      • Letter received seeking comment on a proposal to create a 79ha commercial woodland at Foswell – discuss?  (We have requested a 4-week extension to the deadline of 1 April.)
        Diagram shows straight-line planting which is not appropriate.  However, there are a good variety of trees being planted.
        ACTION: MB to draft letter and circulate, for CC to send outlining concerns
      • Letter received from residents of Castleton Road sent to PKC and ADCC, concerns are volume of traffic, a rat run, heavy vehicles, parking, etc., seeking traffic calming measures road narrowing or staggered islands (not sleeping policemen!) – discuss?
        Mr Jim Henderson, resident, was in attendance.  He expressed his concern around volume and speed of traffic and also parking on the Castleton Road.   A recent incident caused £1000 of damage to his vehicle.  He also advised that some businesses operate down a private road opposite his property causing more congestion.  He asked the ADCC for support and advice on possible solutions – chicane/traffic calming, enforcement of Section 103, rule 245 (it is an obstruction to park opposite someone’s driveway) or resident’s parking.  It was agreed best course of action was to have an on-site meeting with Blair Watt or Daryl McKeown of PKC to review. 
        Discussion ensued around chicane calming being more dangerous and “pushing” the problem further out.  
        ACTION:  CR agreed to set up on-site meeting with relevant PKC officers
      • Member of public suggested that “Twenty is Plenty” should be established throughout the town from Winsole right up to the Western Road.  AK advised that PKC are not keen to extend the zone, however, recent debate in Scottish Parliament may see the Scottish Government enforcing this in time.  Same person also suggested that land at the back of the car park could be used for additional parking – MB advised that this was already in the plan.

      • Member of public commented on the continued issues with parking and speeding, which ae well known and documented.  Suggestion for platform speed bumps such as the one on Roundabout at Braco.

        It was noted that several attendees had seen a difference in speeding where there are “flashing” lights – eg at Aberuthven.

      • Member of public had attended Muthill & Tullibardine CC meeting and there was great and heated discussion around the Core Paths plan for the path to Muthill (consultation closed 29/3/19).  Concerns were expressed regarding the sealed surface.

Meeting closed at 8.35pm

Date of next meeting: Thursday 25 April 2019 @ 1900hrsAytoun Hall Auchterarder

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