ADCC Draft Minutes 28 November 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 28 November 2019

Auchterarder and District Community Council EGM &Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday 28th November 2019 @ 1900hrs



CC Members Ward Councillors

Alasdair Kay (AK) – Chair Crawford Reid (CR)

Andrew Warrington (AW) Tom Gray (TG)

Anna L Watt (ALW)

Audrey Bradley (AB)

David Homewood (DH)

Jim Patterson (JP) EGM

1. Apologies. Ward Councillors: Murray Lyle (ML). Community Police: PC Alison Todd (AT).

2. Election of Office Bearers – see Appendix


1. Apologies. Ward Councillors: Murray Lyle (ML). Community Police: PC Alison Todd (AT).

2. Police Report – AK. [No police presence.]

a. Incidents – AK.

· Person drove dangerously at 2 persons

· Person apprehended with drugs

· Nails inserted into car tyres

AK had asked that people are mindful over the Festive Season to be on guard for thefts.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting. Proposed as a true record by AW and seconded by AK.

4. Matters arising (where not otherwise covered in the Agenda)

a. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – AK sent e-mail to Council, however, no response received thus far. This is going to be a slow-burner.

b. Traffic Related Issues:

(1) Puffin Crossings – AK. Planned crossing in front of Nosh requires to be positioned slightly further down the High Street.

(2) Hunter Street – CR. Spoken with local resident and things have improved since the opening of the Link Road (although the signage is still there advising no through road). Traffic calming proposals – PKC have indicated they will insert a flat top ramp, running the length of the area beside the playground.

(3) Mini Roundabout, Townhead – AK. ADCC were asked to make decision on whether this roundabout should be removed or retained. Varying views held as to the purpose it serves with some agreeing that it slows down traffic (a view supported by Councillor Gray) and others believing that people completely ignore it and drive across it (a view supported by Councillor Reid). Legislation dictates that drivers should actually drive round the camber of the roundabout, but it was argued that the width of the road makes this difficult. If it was removed a new give way junction sign would be installed. AK suggested

to be democratic a vote should be taken and he would advise PKC of outcome. ACTION: AK

Results:- Elected ADCC Councillors Ward Councillors Remove 1 1

Retain 4 1

Abstain 1

c. Town WiFi – DH. DH had informed PKC about the ADCC’s decision to release 4 of the 9 Internet Access Points, so that the project could go ahead. Response would indicate that the WiFi would be operating soon, maybe before Christmas

d. Live Active Leisure (LAL)/ACSR – AW. More progress reported with a successful multi-sports camp having run. Enquiries by other sports wanting to use facilities – e.g. Scottish Bowls. Working Group now up and running.

e. Park Users Group – Denise Jackson gave a comprehensive update om progress. 3 plans have been completed for redevelopment of the Park and the final design will be decided mid-January. PKC will contribute c. £150-£180k. They are looking at making the Pavilion a “destination” – upgrade work will start October ’20 and finish Apr ’21. As it is, the use of the area is gradually increasing. The Community Cycling Group now has 12-15 cyclists and there is planning permission submitted for an area next to the Pavilion to have static bikes as well as bike maintenance. There has been steady increase in use of the Community E-Bikes and funding is in place for the mountain bike circuit. A feasibility study is underway for the Auchterarder to Muthill path (details can be seen on the Lang Toon website) but there are also plans to look at the Blackford-Auchterarder path. The Core Paths maintenance group still welcome volunteers to assist with the upkeep. ADCC recorded a vote of thanks to the Trustees of the Core Paths and ACSR for all their work to date.

5. Members of the Public – AK – letter and photographs had been received from a resident of Castleton Lane/Gallowhill complaining about overgrown plants. As it is a private road and a domestic issue, AK was going to revert and suggest they raise with PKC specifically. ACTION: AK Local Taxi Driver asked for ADCC help in quashing rumours that were being circulated around his personal and business dealings. Unfortunately, this is not something that ADCC can become directly involved in. However, they did intimate that if any member of the public who wished to support him heard any rumour, they could call the licensing office and pledge their support of him and his reputation.

6. Planning. Report on Planning Applications – AK. Applications up to 28th November had been noted. None of the applications required comment from the ADCC.

7. Projects.

a. Town Bus – AW – Usage continues to grow, c. 30-35 persons per day using the service. Aim is to get 40-50 per day using. Now have a permanent, smaller bus (15-seater) with flat floor/wheelchair access. The smaller bus means that it is easier to navigate some of the narrower roads and some of the indiscriminate parking! Looking to tweak the route which will be operational January 2020. To date, usage to the Health Centre has been lower than expected. This could be due to the fact that many appointments are for blood tests, which have to be carried out before 10am. The route and timings are being reviewed with the possibility of partially solving this in January. Grand Eagles – the bus does pick up there on a Wednesday.

b. Glendevon Viewpoint –JP. Gleneagles Estate Agent had proved to be reluctant to progress. JP will reignite discussions and take forward – ACTION: JP

c. Defibrillators – LAP advice was that ADCC does not need to submit a report, as long as the completion of the project was recorded in the minutes and all money had been accounted for. No further action need be taken as long as a financial account of the project, with supporting receipts, could be provided, should it be requested for audit.

8. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH.

Handout for those not familiar with the LAP role. A comparison of CCs and LAPs.

A piece on LAP activity has been produced for the next issue of the Living Local for Dec/Jan.

Since August, the South Perthshire locality’s Local Action Partnership has been busy setting up and conducting Ward Panels to determine how money held in the Community Investment Fund should be allocated locally. £50K was made available in each of the Strathearn and Strathallan wards for the current financial year. This money was split into two tranches. For the first round, applications received by 22nd August were scrutinized by the panels in September to ensure they complied with the main aim of ‘reducing inequalities in communities’. In Strathallan there were 5 applicants applying for £69,435. Auchterarder Sports Hub, Aberuthven Village Hall, Neuro Central and Blackford Fiddle Group were all successful in being awarded money. The second round is now open with a maximum of £20,565 in Strathallan, subject to committee approval. Applications from organisations are invited by 15th January (later than the original 12th December date). Application forms and guidance notes are available on the PKC website:

In addition to the Community Investment Fund, it has been decided to offer community councils money for projects they may wish to administer or support. DH was unclear whether the ADCC had received any correspondence regarding an award of the £1K. £1K was to be set aside for each of the 9 community councils in the South Perthshire locality. ACTION: DH agreed to register ADCC’s interest.

The Local Action Partnership had become aware of a community start-up in Auchterarder to fill a void that exists in service support to children, parents and families in the mental health sphere. Emotional health and wellbeing of children is the aim. ADCC heard about the Parents Supporting Parents initiative at the last meeting. Those driving the project have been invited to speak at the next Strathearn & Strathallan Action Partnership meeting on 19th December. The meeting will commence at 6pm in the Auchterarder Parish Church Hall and is open to the public, as are all meetings of the Partnership.

9. Auchterarder Common Good Fund – It was agreed that the ADCC felt appropriately represented by Ward Councillors, so no need to appoint a specific representative.

10. Financial Report – AK. Bank balance = £4436.90p. A cheque for £125 (fitting defibrillator) to be deducted. Still holding funds for Auchterarder Community Partnership. Creditor – Minute Secretary- £40.00. Require new bank forms to amend signatories per recent change of Office Bearers.

11. District Matters.

a. Aberuthven – ALW.

(1) Sewage Waste – Churchill Place. SEPA/Scottish Water collaboration has ensured issue has been corrected. The problem has been camera’d and rodded. Hopefully this sees conclusion of the issue.

(2) Path to Auchterarder – Progress. Tayside Contracts have advised they are busy with their “black top” programme. ACTION: ALW to continue to pursue.

b. Glendevon – JP. Blacklinn Bridge Coping Stones. Given low priority by PKC. No action taken yet. TG had reported issue to Environment & Infrastructure Committee. No action taken owing to ‘no public danger’ and financial constraints. However, it was pointed out that a similar situation arose with Dunning Glen Bridge and water had seeped into the lime and the bridge had crumbled, resulting in lengthy road closures. If PKC are not willing to move this up their priority list, is there a way of Glendevon funding the replacement themselves? ACTION: JP to investigate regarding Trust Fund ACTION: AK to send e-mail to PKC reminding them of issue with Dunning Glen Bridge whilst quoting Blacklinn Bridge issue

12. AOCB.

a. Community Council Members.

(1) AK. ADCC had been contacted by Scottish Woodlands regarding plans for Cloan. Other stakeholders in the area had also been invited to comment including Core Paths Officer and Scottish Natural Heritage. ACTION: AK to revert

(2) AW. Town Bus. They are keen to add another 1 or 2 bus stops around Townhead/Sydney Crescent and the top of Montrose Road. They also propose to move the two half way down the Feus slightly further down nearer to S Gardiner, Construction and Darnleyhill, for safety reasons. They may paint yellow bus boxes on roads if not covered by double yellow lines. ADCC agreed to proposals.

(3) DH.

(a) Lamp Post Banners. Project progressing. Solheim Cup banners have been removed. ADCC needed to agree the designs produced by PKC. The following was agreed: 25 in High St. 14 Organisations. One each and 11 x “The Auchterarder Community Welcomes You” set alternately. 16 x “Welcome to Auchterarder” in 4 difference colours x 4 for the Gleneagles Station access road. Writing on lemon coloured banners needed to be more prominent. ADCC agreed with colours and designs. ACTION: DH to revert to Environmental Services

(b) Pavements. Complaints about poor state of pavements outside Aytoun Hall, from Café Kisa to Rossie Place and from Beechtree to the Health Centre access road. Crossing the top of Ruthven St was also hazardous. A pedestrian had fallen recently and sustained broken bones. It was acknowledged that members of the public could/should raise directly online with PKC. The more that raise the issue, the greater chance it has of attracting PKC’s attention. ADCC will also raise. ACTION: AK to raise in same letter to PKC about Townhead Roundabout

(c) Notice Board. Position of the re-located Notice Board from Garrie’s Corner to the patch outside Howie’s Butchers will be moved as it is partly blocking the view of the shop. No time frame given because planning permission required, which PKC Environmental Services will oversee.

b. Ward Councillors. CR. Parking – if anyone present has any new thoughts on the parking situation, please can they advise ADCC or the Councillors (original proposal to purchase land at back of car park has fallen through) Horsecross Concert Hall, Perth – this is run as a charitable venture and is struggling so CR asked if people could keep the venue in mind when looking at entertainment options. It was discussed and agreed that the

popular concerts were always very well attended, however, it was the smaller, less well-known acts that had to be subsidised.

TG. Strathallan Rail Partnership Meeting. Local stations are being used more – Gleneagles, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan which is great news. However, the upgrade to faster trains on the Glasgow-Arbroath route has been delayed as the old trains need refurbished. DH. DH has to pass on member of the public’s address details to AW

Meeting closed at 8.15pm

Next Meeting: Thursday 30th January 2020 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder.

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