ADCC Draft Minutes 29th November 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 29th November 2018

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder – Thursday, 29th November 2017 @ 7.00pm


CC Members Ward Councillors

Malcolm Best (MB) Tom Grey (TG) Alasdair Kay (AK) Jill Simpson (JS) Euan Mackintosh (EMcK) David Homewood (DH) Malcolm Scobie (MS) Lucas Snellgrove (LS) Minute Secretary: Estelle Nicol (EN)

1. Apologies: – Ward 7 Councillors – Murray Lyle & Crawford Reid. Community Councillors – Martha Marnoch, Fiorlann McPhee

2. Police Report – MB informed the meeting that via email, PC Westwood had advised their planned attendance at the October meeting was derailed due to the need to attend a DD, careless driving and Class B drug possession incident in Crieff – they apprehended the individual. PC Westwood also advised that as a result of a concerted effort by all local officers in patrolling the CSofA the recent spate of vandalism at the school had been curtailed MB Recapped on matters contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to Auchterarder & District since 25 October 2018.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Proposed by AK and seconded by MS

4. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in this agenda)

a. PKC based CC email address – PKC have advised that due to protective measures being put in place by ISP’s the mechanism whereby emails received in the CC@PKC email addresses was no longer working and from 1 January 2019 will no longer be supported. All CC’s will need to set up their own email address. Our new e-mail address is:

b. Foodbanks – Health Centre have agreed to have deposit box. Claire Dodds will progress when recuperating from forthcoming operation

c. Speeding in the High Street – Roads Department too busy to provide data. ACTION: DH to chase

d. North Crofts – PKC have acknowledged proposal to extend double yellows and advise they are included for consideration in due course

e. Auchterarder Community Facilities Fund – as agreed on 25 October 2018 we informed the fund of our decision to support the Core Paths Group’s application for £100,000- this has now been awarded

f. Orchil Road / Easthill Junction – as agreed on 25 October 2018 we informed PKC of our decision to support not removing the mini roundabout and listed the issues that needed to be addressed to make the junction safer. A Community Councillor sought to re-open the debate on whether or not this mini roundabout should be retained or removed. MB explained this was debated at the ADCC meeting on 25 October 2018, that meeting was quorate and the minutes record that it was agreed to support retaining the mini roundabout. MB also explained that in accordance with our Standing Orders (Clause 5.e) “A motion or amendment which is contrary to a previous decision of the Community Council shall not be competent within 6 months of that decision” accordingly we cannot now reconsider the decision made on 25 October 2018 until after 25 March 2019. Councillor Reid has asked for several actions to take place to make the junction safer including reducing the size of the roundabout, installing better lighting and speaking with the homeowner to cut back the hedge. ACTION: Agreed MB to write to PKC advising we support the points raised by Councillor Reid around better visibility measures etc.

g. Abbey Road / Ruthven Water Lade Road junction – agreed on 25 October 2018 that we would write to PKC Roads re the impaired visibility caused by the construction of a wall and fence. We have managed to delay the wall building (planning permission had been granted) and discussions are ongoing around the erection of the fence.

h. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – CR still awaits information – continue to monitor

i. Review of the Scheme of Establishment – MB presented a paper (shared via email on 29/11) setting out PKC’s proposed changes to the Scheme of Establishment and other related documents and a proposed response from ADCC after discussion it was agreed that we would respond in accordance with MB’s proposals

j. Duchally Licensing application – a short while ago we supported a Major Variation application – this was approved on 8 November 2018.

k. Defibrillators – Various associations throughout the locale are involved in raising funds for public access defibrillators. Lodge St John are looking to use St John Ambulance defib installation – £2k to supply, fit and maintain. £1k raised. ADCC suggested they could apply to The Auchterarder Trust Fund. Auchterarder Church are also keen to have a defibrillator MS advised that the Chest Heart & Stroke Foundation shop was not open yet but Basics in Aberuthven had offered to provide a defibrillator and also have offered training for the village. However, they require c. £635 for the cabinet and fitting. See Point 7 b – £2k funding for Neurocentral under Participatory Budgeting – ADCC to vote. ACTION: ADCC voted for funds to go to defibrillators

5. Planning

a. (AK) Report on Planning Applications (since our meeting on 25/10). Next phase of Muir Homes, 64 houses, Phase 2 + Junior Playing Field approved. Castlemains – 12 houses – refused

b. Windfarms Update, Greenscares under appeal with the DPEA – no news yet! Burnfoot East – access permissions now granted, Expect Construction mid 2019 MB

c. Why More Housing – event held in Perth on 24/11 organised by PKC, covered topics such as Community Projects and Special Needs Housing – slides will be sent out and DH will circulate ACTION: DH to circulate once slides are received

6. Projects

a. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction – EMcK continues dialogue, but no progress to report on

b. Victoria Park -Auchterarder Community Sports & Recreation Association had advised they would contact school to have pupil input on development of Skate Park. As far as LS is aware, there has been no more contact. ACTION: LS to contact ACSRA via their Facebook Page ACTION: MB to scan ACSRA and email letter to LS

7. Local Action Partnership (LAP)

a. Meeting took place on 22nd November. The following points of interest arose:

* Some of the 5 LAPs in P&K have split into sub-area groups – does not affect Strathearn/Strathallan.

* Crieff Community Trust gave a short talk on its work after being awarded £40K from the Community Choices Fund. They have held a Volunteers Day for organisations and are undertaking an update of a Community Action Plan to cover all activities. The formation of a steering group is planned that will determine how the ‘’choices money is spent. The LAP is considering an invitation to the CCT to attend its meetings.

* Proposal made to expand community membership of the LAP to match the 9 community council areas in the 2 wards. Not widely supported because LAP might become too big.

* Community Investment Fund Panels to be set up for Strathearn & Strathallan to consider applications from 3K to 50K. To comprise 3 ward councillors and 4 community representatives (who can also be community councillors). DH to represent Auchterarder as LAP member, but representatives from Dunning, Blackford & Braco needed. To be chaired by elected member. First meeting 21st February, so panel selection must be before then.

* PB events on 29th September attracted over 4K voters. A breakdown of voting means was requested for Auchterarder/Blackford/Dunning.

* Budget. The LAP has £2,480 remaining for the current financial year, but the £22,500 set aside for community councils (£2,500 each) is underspent by £10K.

* Lucas Snellgrove is to become the young persons’ representative on the LAP. A young person from Crieff is also to be invited.

* The Local Action Plan is to be reviewed and updated. Feeling expressed by community representatives was that it needs to be restructured and then actively managed.

Date of next meeting: 21st February 2019

b. Neuro Central application for £2,500 – this is a PB grant application, approved by the LAP subject to approval by ADCC. As per comments at Point 4k, ADCC voted in favour of the provision of defibrillator installation throughout the town. This decision was not taken lightly and ADCC acknowledged the excellent service that Neurocentral provides, however, it was felt that defibrillators would provide wider benefit. Also, Neurocentral should be able to tap into other funding streams ACTION: DH to write to advise Neurocentral

8. Finance Report – MM not in attendance

a. Bank balance – £2,141.10 plus £1,396.26 held for ACP, total balance £3,537.36. Only creditor is Minute Secretary for £160.00 (4 month’s payments through and including November 2018)

9. District Matters

a. Aberuthven – MS – nothing to report

b. Glendevon – MB – Coping stones on bridge have still not been replaced Viewpoint – several comments have been made about cars stopping at the top of the Glendevon to Auchterarder/Gleneagles Road to take photographs of the glen across to Crieff and the mountains beyond – a stunning view! Is there the ability to create a viewpoint with a small parking area so cars do not stop on the A823? ACTION: TG offered to take this suggestion forward

10. AOCB

a. Community Council Members

i. MB

1. Townhead / Parkside Junction – MB to respond on behalf of ADCC – comfortable with removal of roundabout but would like double yellow lines at roadside to help keep junction clear

2. ADCC Insurance Cover – PKC has advised that cover is in place for the year to 30 September 2019

3. Discuss status of our 2 new younger potential members – PKC advised that we are only permitted to take on one more co-opted member – – after discussion we agreed to co-opt Lucas Snellgrove and make Fiorlann McPhee an Associate Member

4. Temporary Prohibition of Driving Orders – we receive a number of these notices from PKC and we post them on our Facebook page – 2 recent notices are:

a. U50 Findogask closed from 28/1 for 2 weeks except for weekends (U50/A9 junction to C411 Roman Road junction – 2.67km alternate route Roman Road – B8062 – A824)

b. C458 Castleton road closed for 2 days from 3/12 (from junction with Lower Boreland Park to junction with Upper Boreland Park – 465m – alternate route, A824 Townhead – A824 Orchil Road – Tullibardine Road – U20 Easthill road)

5. Answers to questions raised at recent PKC Placemaking Workshop Can CC’s buy laptops? YES. Would PKC offer Cloud storage for CC’s NO. Can CC’s buy recycled laptops from PKC? NO

6. Strathearn & District Forum of Community Councils met on Monday 26/11 – key points arising:

a. Some CC’s are still confused about the various types of PB funding opportunities and how they work

b. A meeting has been agreed with Ms Reid (new PKC CEO) for 27 March 2019 agenda to be agreed

c. Braco & Greenloaning, St Fillans and Blackford CC’s are interested to receive a copy of our submission to PKC re the Scheme of Establishment review

ii. MS

1. Community Rail Partnership – nothing to report. AK – Timetable change – hourly stop at Gleneagles comes into effect from 9/12

2. Men’s Shed – making items for Christmas stalls

iii. DH

1. Football supporter disturbance in Auchterarder (Sat 11th Nov) -comprehensive report received from Jan de Vries staff member reporting unacceptable behaviour. Other local businesses also contacted Police on the day ACTION: MB to write to St Mirren

2. Quality of street lighting in the area of the Co-op and Orchil road – Lamp posts designed and situated for sodium lighting, these have been replaced with the more modern and cost-effective LED lights which unfortunately result in a number of dark spots.

3. Useful contacts list – to be posted in town Noticeboard (all are available in public domain so no confidentiality/GDPR issues) – Agreed

4. Auchterarder Network Meeting – several points of interest raised. Meeting took place on 21st November. Points of interest.

Town Bus

* Charity has been established.

* Town bus will not be operational until March 2019 at the earliest.

* Contract will be put out to tender with 4 firms.

* Funding sources being sought.


* The Care Home is offering an open door at Christmas for lonely people.

* The attendance at the fortnightly Bingo Tea on a Wednesday afternoon is falling away. A boost to attendance is requested.

Social Prescriber The PKC social prescriber for the area has visited 7 isolated people in Auchterarder referred to her by the Health Centre in the past 4 months, and 72 in the Strathallan/Strathearn area. Future Meetings More representatives from the community and local organisations are needed to add value to the forum. To attract people a pilot, afternoon drop-in café is to take place on Wednesday, 24th April in St Margaret’s Hospital Annex.

Next meeting 20th February. Same venue at 2pm.

5. Lang Toon Times (LTT) – have been granted £1,200 in participatory budgeting process. However, LTT does not have a bank account and has asked if ADCC would hold the funds and pass on as required? ACTION: DH to speak to LTT Proprietor and seek more information before ADCC can make a decision ACTION: MB to speak to PKC to see how / if we can agree to do this?

b. Local Councillors

i. TG

1. Speeding in Abbey Road. Seen as fast route to Dunning. Main issue is at the bottom where the noise seems to be funnelling. Dangerous for traffic coming out of Bridgewater – and furthermore there is no footpath at the bottom making it dangerous for pedestrians ACTION: TG to speak to Roads Department and see what they would suggest. Will also investigate with the Police if the scheme whereby communities can have access to speed gun and High Viz vests for people to operate is still in place – may be an option

ii. CR CR was not in attendance but had provided an update prior to the meeting. VAS signs for Auchterarder still in plan for 2019. Easthill Road 40mph sign/North Crofts dropped kerbs will be installed before end of financial year. High Street Puffin Crossing still in budget and await progress

c. Members of the Public

i. E-mail from a resident of Western Road regarding concerns over speeding and quality of signage. MB to speak with resident

ii. Footpath by Muir Homes into School Grounds – cannot get through. Fencing on inside of wall and metal strapping. Member of public has written to Muirs and had no response. Issue appears to be that it is not an “official” path and it will have been closed due to Health & Safety issues ACTION: TG advised someone in the Council (Greenspace) needs to progress and progress is dependent on a specified number of houses being completed before the path has to be completed and made operational. TG will progress

iii. Auchterarder Castle – concern from member of the public regarding the construction and building work around this scheduled monument. There has also been removal of trees. As the oldest building in Auchterarder, they feel it should be preserved and made accessible to the public. ACTION: AK to advise Historic Scotland of the clear and present danger of damage (noting that mature trees have already been removed) and seek advice

iv. Hunter Street Park – walkway through from Muirs/Milnes Homes, AK – advised the proposal it to put round the playpark and eventually the path will go through Milnes old car park – this is tied into the Link Road

v. Auchterarder War Memorial – may be unknown to most but it is missing a panel. It was reported to PKC 4 years ago and raised again just before the November commemorations this year, but no response. Member of public suspects Council will say they are not responsible for War Memorials Will report via PKC’s main telephone number.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 31 January 2019 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall Auchterarder

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