ADCC Draft Minutes 30 August 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 30 August 2018

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council (ADCC) Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday, 30th August 2018 @ 7pm


CC Members: Ward 7 Councillors:

Malcolm Best (MB) – Chair Murray Lyle (ML) Alasdair Kay (AK) Crawford Reid (CR)

Malcolm Scobie MS) Tom Grey (TG)

David Homewood (DH) Jill Simpson (JS) Young Person Representatives Euan McIntosh (EMc) Lucas Snellgrove (LS) Fiorlann McPhee (FMcP) Minutes Estelle Nicol (EN)

1. Apologies: Martha Marnoch (MM)

2. Welcome: Young person representatives – AK introduced Lucas and Fiorlann as local youth representatives to the CC

3. Police Report. Police Report –MB – no representation from Police. (although they had turned up for July meeting of which there wasn’t one). MB recaps matters contained within weekly Commanders’ Bulletin – 18 July. A 55-year-old man from the Crieff area was arrested at 12.5am at the Civic Amenity Site Western Road, Auchterarder in circumstances that appeared he was there to commit theft. The man was kept in custody to appear at Perth Sheriff Court. (CR/17165/18)

– 18 July. Damage was caused to a shelter and bench at the Community School of Auchterarder overnight on Tuesday 10th July. (CR/16670/18)

– 3rd/4th August. Between 4pm on Friday 3rd and 10am on Saturday 4th August a window, a shed, picnic benches and fence panels were extensively damaged at the Community School of Auchterarder (CR/19020/18)

– About 10.30pm on Friday 10th August Loaninghead Filling Station, near Auchterarder, was broken into. (CR/19376/18)

– An attempt was made to break-in to a grey Range Rover motor car in St Kattan Place, Auchterarder overnight on Sunday 19th August. (CR/200259/18)

4. Minutes of Previous Meeting. Proposed by DH and seconded by MS

5. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in the agenda). Additional Item: Parking – ML – advised that Council were actively looking at several parking options. However, due to Commercial Confidentiality he could say no more, but hoped to have something positive to report in the very near future. Animated discussion ensued over various options which had been discussed previously: – using Docherty’s yard – they are willing to move for appropriate relocation and access to the A9 – Buy property and open up Jonny Moir’s Park – Paint white lines to indicate parking spaces

Parking time limit (although public in attendance not in favour of this) It was very clear that tinkering with the odd 20 or so was no good and that the Council clearly have

Great engagement and desire to solve the problem. ML keen to stress that the Council have no jurisdiction over the road junctions

a. Hunter Street – Link Road – AK met with representatives from Milne, Muirs and George Mailer from Hunter Street. Builders are not willing to open – as long as they are building they have an open/close gate policy for work vehicles. Milne has changed development plans so road will be a building site. Propose to open October 2019. Recent road census in Hunter Street shows c. 2000 vehicles per day. Cannot do traffic calming – e.g. raised ramps – until link road opened. Also request to move path to old King’s Car Park from current site – builders will not move. CR – E-mail from Milne’s was more positive than AK’s site visit so will revisit Milne currently has new planning application submitted. CC and public attendees urged Councillors to review and use as leverage to open Link Road

b. Social Media – Nearly ready to launch – problem with e-mail domain link but should be resolved shortly. Static page will have dates of meetings, minutes etc.

c. Review of the Scheme of Establishment & associated documents for Community Councils – MB received meeting minutes and feedback and will share with rest of CC

d. Langtoon Childcare Hub – After school club will hopefully be in place soon providing an extra 25 places – advert for member of staff in progress

e. Community Choices Fund – MB submitted application, received acknowledgement and then a notice of unsuccessful application advising “Hadn’t demonstrated commitment to participatory budgeting”

f. Foodbank– Good initial response from Community – agreed needed. Claire Dodds (Aberuthven Village Shop and involved in local social care Aberuthven), Malcolm Scobie and Shona Fowler (NHS Community Advisor) had initial meeting. Unfortunately, due to Data Protection, information was scarce. Coop, Spar and Gleneagles have all responded positively. Group visited Crieff foodbank which proved useful and meeting set up with Gleneagles Management on 24th Sept. Premises being sought in Auchterarder for foodbank – need to set up as charity. Advised not to go with Trussell Trust as expensive and restrictive. LS & FMcP advised will take back to school to Charity Fundraising Committee – may choose foodbank as one of their projects

g. Speed cameras & Traffic Survey – Feasibility speed cameras in town centre – stats awaited. However, justification over 3 years are to reduce fatalities, minor collisions. Accident stats and, to some extent, Daryl McKeown’s speeding survey will determine the feasibility of pressing for an application for speed cameras.

h. VAS – AK had meeting re siting at the top of Feus for traffic coming into town but pavements are narrow and VAS would flash into resident’s windows. However, it is wider at the top of Hunter Street which is a possibility. Castleton VAS is still on the second list.

i. Common Good – MB still to action – carry forward

j. Community Rail Partnership and footbridge – MS – The Solheim Cup Bridge will be temporary although various organisations will petition to make permanent. The CRP are keen to see the link between town and station

6. Planning.

a. Applications. AK reviewed recent planning applications and decisions. None of them required the ADCC to comment as there was nothing contentious

b. Pre-Application Notice – MS – Craigrossie quarry – proposed Phase 3 for sand and gravel extraction, then moving to sandstone. MS has asked them to look at access at bottom of road onto main junction

c. Windfarms Update, Greenscares – under appeal with the DPEA – still no news! d. PKC Training/Workshop Events – 24/11Why do we need more houses & 27/10 Placemaking. Names to MB

7. Projects.

a. Town Centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction. EM – no progress. Junction with Transport Scotland and have some other names to go forward with

b. Victoria Park

i. Football Pitch. Posts up and been played on but still has fence surround

ii. Revised Feasibility Study. Option 7 – no further progress – split across 3 organisations

8. Local Action Partnership (LAP).

a. LAP Meeting [Ten committee members present out of 18 members. CC rep not present. Only other community rep was Lucile Black from Muthill. Meeting chaired by Lindsey Bailie in absence of Jim Valentine, who was ill.]

* Community Council PB Funding (Up to £2,500). Application forms disseminated. No community council in the south locality has to date submitted an application for an organisation in its area.

* Participatory Budgeting. Consideration to be given to produce a one page, ‘signpost’ guide for grant sources within the PB/inequality sphere.

* Christine Grace, the SESA (Strathearn/Strathallan) representative in the PKAVS Community Engagement Team, gave an update on her work in the Health & Social Care Partnership. Current thinking is that the Crieff & Auchterarder based networking groups that already operate should become feeder forums for the Local Action Partnerships.

* Review of Local Action Plan. Plan redesigned. Need to put together a reference document to supplement the plan for successful outcomes and achievements.

* Youth Activity. Details of survey carried out by the ‘youth’ representative about younger generation views on lack of activities. Details awaited.

* Fuel Poverty. Further information required from Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and PKC to consider what action the Local Action Partnership might undertake. Signposting mechanism to assist fuel poor.

* Next PB Event (Strathallan/Strathearn Decides). Application dateline: 26th August. LAP Scrutiny Meeting: 28th August. Event (Auchterarder (Aytoun Hall Institute)) & Crieff Campus: 29th September. On line voting and ballot boxes in Crieff Campus and Aytoun Hall.

AOCB. Letter from Auchterarder youth to LAP about development of the Western Road Park and ‘youth hub’ facilities. Details to be passed to the Auchterarder Sports Association element that deals with the park through Denise Jackson.

b. Strathearn & Strathallan Decides – Voters can vote in person 29/9/18 10.30-12.30 Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder. Voters must vote for 5 options on ballot paper. There is also ability to vote on-line. c. Participatory Budgeting – £2500 – no deadline

9. Finance Report. a. Bank balance (MM) – £2141.10 + £1396.26 (Balance from ACP) = £3537.36

10. District Matters.

a. Aberuthven. MS.

i. Double yellows at entrance to Aitken’s Haulage – MS still believes this to be an issue. TG has taken note on several visits and has seen nothing as obstructive – no-one contravening sensible parking. MS will raise locally/formally and will advise Aitkens to provide photographic evidence

b. Glendevon. MB.

i. Pop up Jim! – These are £201 + VAT and are literally plastic covered cardboard pop ups of a policeman! The initiative is welcomed by Police and Councils but careful siting is required. MB will progress ii. Harvesting of Sitka Spruce at Glensherrup – Forestry Commission have been to see residents and will keep an eye on iii. Japanese knotweed around the Blacklinn Bridge – MB will chase Scottish Water – at both sides of bridge.

11. AOCB.

a. Community Council Members.

1. Malcolm Best (MB) i. Invite from MCC to the Driving Smarter Event 19 September @ 7pm Muckhart Coronation Hall. Home Energy Scotland in attendance – opportunity to drive Testla and advice on renewables ii. Email from PKC re Scottish Government’s Community & renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) deadline for current round of applications closes 3 September – the next opens on 29 October iii. Email received re Pedestrian footbridge and mini roundabouts. Pedestrian footbridge over A9 will be temporary for the Solheim Cup. However, the Community Rail Partnership and other Community organisations will petition for a permanent structure. Mini roundabouts – Member of public attended meeting. He is keen that the Easthill/Ochil Road Roundabout remains and was under the impression that the CC had “ratified” its removal. MB was keen to impress that it had been presented for removal as it did not meet safety criteria and with no objections, agreed for the safety aspect. However, obviously the CC were willing to listen to public concerns. Member of public advised he and many residents in the Easthill vicinity desired to retain roundabout which they feel is much safer

and speed reducing than a T Junction. Any road amendments were put to public consultation and can be slow and laborious. iv. Email exchange with PKC reworks in High Street for 2 days from 16/8 – a totally frustrating experience! 2. Malcolm Scobie (MS) i. Community Rail Partnership – Communication regarding platform height – nothing can be done due to curvature of line and length of railway carriages. Timetable ii. Men’s Shed Development– The Community Rail Partnership are providing the Gleneagles Station Southbound platform unused rooms. A shed has been purchased and foundations have been laid. Highland Spring keen to support, At the moment membershio seems to have plateaued but there are a good mix of skills within the group. iii. Badger Incident – Dog in Aberuthven attacked – all indications are it was a badger. MS met with the Scottish Badger Society. They will look to rehome badger in more appropriate surroundings if they can track down.

3. David Homewood (DH) i. Auchterarder Arts Trust – any proposed activity? Associated parties too busy to take forward and have no premises (remove from Agenda) ii.CSofA – New Head Teacher, David Limbert, and the school’s link with the Malawi School in Lintipe – Looking to develop into the possibility of town twinning. Discussing with local authorities and other schools who already have Partnerships – will be looking for support. iii Formally Established Business Network – DH met with local Businesswoman, Maggie Robin – looking to set up a Business Network and nominations sought for Committee – want to keep the structure fairly simple. CC are holding ACP monies, which, under the proper structure could be transferred across.

12 b. Local Councillors i. The Town Bus Group – Andrew Warrington (recently retired), Irvine Small and TG are progressing to a tendering document. 3 transport providers will tender to run on a variety of differing routes. Various discussions taking place regarding funding options c.

Members of the Public. i. Stones at bottom of steps of Aytoun Hall – When will they be moved?

The meeting closed at 8.46pm

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 27th September 2018 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

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