ADCC Draft Minutes 30th May 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 30th May 2019

Auchterarder and District Community Council Meeting

Aberuthven Village Hall, Aberuthven

Thursday 30 May 2019 @ 1915hrs



            CC Members                                                             Ward Councillors

            Malcolm Best MB                                                      Tom Gray TG

Alasdair Kay AK                                                                                                       

            Euan Mackintosh EMcK      

David Homewood DH                                                                       

            Andrew Warrington AW

  1. Apologies – Community Councillors: Derek Robertson DR, Michael Cambridge MC, Jill Simpson JS, Malcolm Scobie MS, Local Councillors: Murray Lyle ML, Crawford Reid CR, Minute Taker: Estelle Nicol EN

  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – JS has advised that TG was not present at the last meeting and MB advised that TG’s name is spelt Gray not Grey.  Thereafter the Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by AW and seconded by EMcK – approved.
  3. Matters Arising
    1. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – CR not present – carried forward
    1. Traffic Related issues – Western Road, Auchterarder generally & Aberuthven A detailed update email had been received from CR and AK briefed the meeting on the contents.  Action – PKC to be asked about the VAS for Hunter Street.  AK advised that a proposal for additional VAS – Castleton Road 2, Western Road 1, Feus 1 more, Muirton cut through 2 and Easthill Road 1has been put out to consultation, deadline 28 June 2019.  Noted the Puffin Crossing needs to be sensibly located vis-à-vis TCSOA, ADCC to stay engaged.  DH noted a concern regarding the Double Yellow lines that are to be extended in North Crofts – not yet happened, agreed ADCC would chase PKC.  TG noted the poor state of the junctions onto Auchterarder High Street and said these will be repaired. A member of the public asked whether the road into TCSOA had been formally adopted by PKC – we believe it has but AK agreed to follow up.
    1. War Memorial DH noted repairs to the wording at the rear of the memorial are in hand.
    1. Town Wifi DH
      Following submission of a revised estimate by Rapier Systems to PKC a report has now been submitted to senior PKC Management with a recommendation to proceed with re-introduction of free WiFi across the centre of the town – a decision is expected in early June 2019.
    1. Castleton Road traffic concernsThis was included in the briefing by AK – see item 3.b. AW’s offer to take the lead on behalf of ADCC regarding traffic issues in Castleton Road, citing his previous professional role in PKC – was discussed and agreed.
    1. Common Good Property & Johnny Muir Park A reply to our letter asking if the park is Common Good Property has been received from PKC, AK briefed the meeting on the content of the letter, it seems the park area is the subject of 3 separate titles and that only a small part of this park is Common Good.  However, the findings are not conclusive.  PKC note that it is a time-consuming task to investigate whether a property Common Good.  We noted this but decided to push back and ask that a detailed exercise is carried out to establish an accurate list of all Common Good Property in Auhterarder.
    1. Proposed 79ha forestry at Foswell MB advised the agreed letter had been submitted to the agent in reply to their consultation invite and an acknowledgement has been received.
    1. Solheim Cup – AK advised he is yet to write to BEAR Scotland regarding the footbridge over the A9.
    1. Live Active Leisure (LAL) / Out of term time childcare activities – The meeting was advised The Lang Toon Childcare Hub is now a constituted group.  Members of the public advised a problem has arisen in that LAL/PKC have advised they will not be running a Sumer Camp this year and this decision will not be reviewed.  This is a problem for a number of families across Auchterarder.  Concern was expressed at the short notice given.  The Group are seeking to find a solution and briefed the meeting on the steps taken to date including an application for funding from the Auchterarder Community Facilities Fund (CFF).  Item 10.a.i.2 of the agenda for this meeting regarding a consultation request from the CFF was brought forward and discussed here. The group has submitted an application for £47,710 and while concern was expressed that some £19,000 was to be charged by LAL/PKC for the hire of facilities it was agreed to write in support of the application noting the need for CFF to monitor the use of the money granted.  It was agreed that MB would respond to CFF accordingly.
    1. Hunter Street Speed Signs – These are still not in place CR following up – carried forward.
  1. Police Report AKnoted only one matter contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to Auchterarder & District since 30 May 2019, a sneak in theft occurred in the Fues between 9am Tuesday 14 may and 7am Wednesday 15 May, a quantity of cash was taken (CR/12755/19).

  2. Planning
    1. Report on Planning Applications validated & planning decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 30 May 2019 AK noted no applications or decisions of note.
    1. AK briefed the meeting on an email sent to PKC by a member of the public (cc’d to us) setting out his views on planning application 18/01892/AMM regarding 64 houses at Castlemains Farm noting we have received a formal consultation request from PKC on this application.  After detailed discussion it was agreed we would not submit a response to PKC.
  3. Projects
    1. Community BusAW briefed the meeting on the current status, a 4 year contract has been awarded to Docherty, funding has been obtained from several sources to cover year 1 and subject to the final legal processes the service is expected to start on 5 August 2019.  On 20 July 2019 a coffee morning will be held in Aytoun Hall to inform the public about the service.  The timetable will run from Monday to Saturday, from 0830 to 1730 on Saturday and all other days from 0930 to 1530, the Wednesday route will be different from the route on the other days.  Maps and timetables will be published when possible.  There will be a flat fare, day tickets will be available as will a single ticket valid for 70 minutes.  The National Entitlement Card (NEC) will be accepted.  Outside the High Street the service will be “Hail & Ride.”  A member of the public asked why Aberuthven is not included in the route – AW explained this was discussed and noted Aberuthven is served by the normal bus service.   A concern was raised regarding the positioning of bus stops in Aberuthven and AK/AW agreed to take this forward.  A question was asked as to why some school children in Aberuthven could use the school bus and others could not – AW explained the nationwide 3 mile rule.  
    1. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junctions– no developments to report at this time.  AK advised that Gleneagles Hotel had responded to our letter asking for their views re the possible closure of the A9/Western Road crossover junction and their willingness to participate in any study to look at the implications of any changes to the local road network.  MB highlighted that the email from CR (see 3.b.) referred to a meeting regarding the Shinafoot junction – EMcK to contact CR.
    1. Victoria Park – Noted the road into the recycling centre has been resurfaced.
    1. Defibrillators – MS has advised the defibrillators are maintenance free, have a long-life battery, an extended warranty and the Local First Responders have agreed to check these defibrillators when checking their own equipment.  AK advised there had been a delay in effecting payment to the supplier but delivery and installation is expected shortly.
    1. View Point on A823 near Glendevon looking over Crieff to the mountains beyond MB wrote to Mr Haldane (landowner) as agreed – reply received from Mr Haldane’s agent agreeing to meet on site but noted they were concerned about the possibility of increased litter a view point might cause.  Agreed that MB would ask the agent to advise when they could meet with representative(s) from ADCC, TG and a relevant PKC officer.
  4. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH updated the meeting, The LAP Met on 22nd May.  Following points worth noting:
  5. Organisations benefitting from Participatory Budgeting (PB) facilitated by the LAP will be invited to participate in raising the profile of the Partnership by having a presence at the Auchterarder Bus Group’s event on Saturday, 20th July, which will include a coffee morning from 10am to noon.
  6. The 2019/20 allocation to the Strathallan/Strathearn LAP area for PB will be £32K.  Of this, approx. £18K is expected to be awarded to Community Councils (£2K each) to award to worthy projects.  No decision has yet been made on dispensing the remaining £14K.
  7. A second round of awards from the Community Investment Fund (CIF) is available.  There will be £50K available for Ward 7 (Strathallan) for projects applying for between £3K and £50K.  Two application datelines have been set: 21st August and 12th December.
  8. Finance Report – AK noted Current bank balance £3,627 (year end balance less defib ie £5,697 less £2,070) and includes £1,396 re ACP.  We have creditors of £250 for the defib installation and £160 for our Minute Taker.
  9. District Matters
    1. Aberuthven
      1. Member of the Public expressed concern re the continued overflow of a sewer – another member of the public (who works for Scottish Water) advised the taking of a photo and submission to Scottish Water.
    1. Glendevon – MB
      1. Blacklinn Bridge coping Stones still not replaced, MB asked TG to raise this with PKC again.
      1. Speeding traffic – VAS has generally improved the situation but there is still an issue, the community is installing planters throughout the village and considering other measures such as the acquisition of a Pop-up Policeman.
      1. Exmoor Pony Trekkers an email has been received regarding a problem they are having with a particular route in Glendevon and asking if a cattle grid can be removed on another route – MB is in contact with them.
      1. Caravan dumped in the layby on the A823 at Castlehill reservoir this is the 4th or 5th caravan to have been dumped in this layby in recent years and the latest one was dumped less than 24 hours after the previous one had been removed.  The Police and PKC are aware of the problem

  10. AOCB
    1. Community Council Members
      1. AK/MB
        1. Invitation to attend Opening of Provost Walk Phase 3 – RSVP deadline 14 June – AK will attend
        1. Consultation request from the CFF – re an application for £47,710 – School Holiday service provision for primary age children – This was discussed under Item 3.i.
        1. Heart 200 Touring Route – we have received an email raising concerns.  The route uses the A823 through our area linking the A822 and the A91.  Discussed and we concluded no action required as we are supportive of the initiative.
        1. Kirking of the Council – Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11am, St John’s Kirk, we are invited to attend spouse included need to rsvp – agreed that should anybody wish to attend they are to respond individually.
        1. Uncoventional Oil and Gas addendum consultation – deadline 25 June 2019 – discussed and decided not to respond?
        1. Short-Term Lets ConsultationScottish Government seeking views on the regulation of short-term lets in Scotland, seeking views – discussed and decided not to respond.
  • PKC are consulting on Supplementary Guidance “Airfield Safeguarding & Delivering Zero Waste” – Deadline 12 June – discussed and decided not to respond.
    • Honours, PKC have been advised there is a lack of nominations within Perth & Kinross – discussed and decided not to respond.
    • S&DFCC meeting with PKC CEO (Ms Reid) on 5 June – any particular topics anybody would like raised – DH asked that the late withdrawal of the Summer Camp provision be raised.
    • DH
      • ACP Monies and High Street banners – Application made to Solheim Cup Fund for £1,200 to replace and update 25 lamp post banners previously owned by the Auchterarder Community Partnership (ACP).  The £1,396 ring-fenced by the ADCC will be added to take forward the project if the application is successful.  PKC will develop designs and the money will be used to manufacture and fit the new banners.  Determining what the designs should be can be settled in due course.
      • Auchterarder & District Community Trust The trustees met on 2nd May.  2 awards were made:
  • Local Samaritan’s were awarded £393 out of session prior to the meeting.
  • Auchterarder Community Sports & Recreation were awarded £5,000.

Approximately £50K still has to be transferred from the West Perthshire Recreation Facility (residue Swimming Pool money) under an arrangement endorsed by OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator).  Not counting this sum approximately £115K remains in the fund uncommitted.  However, all but £5,750 is tied up in investment funds until November.

The next meeting is scheduled for 12th September

  • Local CouncillorsTG nothing further to report
    • Members of the Public
      • A member of the public asked about the Community Council election process that is to take place later this year – AK/MB explained the process
      • AW noted the Bus Group is applying to the Community Investment Fund, the application form is 21 pages but it is a good source of funds with a range of valid criteria, overall a good source!

Meeting closed at 8.25pm

Date of next meeting – Thursday 27 June 2019 @ 1900hrsGlendevon Church

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  • Please can someone look into that poor state on the road on the B8062 to Dunning just past Grandeagles Park. JML Contracts entrance. Road broken up by lorries forcing cars into wrong side of road and potentially into path of oncoming traffic. Also in winter and wet there is excessive mud on road making dangerous conditions. Many thanks

  • Sir/Madam,
    On the revelation that councillor Scobie lives in Plean I take it he is no longer qualified to represent Aberuthven?

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