ADCC Draft Minutes 31 January 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 31 January 2019

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday, 31st January 2019 @ 7.00pm


CC Members Ward Councillors

Malcolm Best (MB) Tom Grey (TG) Alasdair Kay (AK) Crawford Reid (CR)

Jill Simpson (JS) Euan Mackintosh (EMcK) PC Alison Todd, Community Police Officer David Homewood (DH)

In Attendance: Malcolm Scobie (MS) Lucas Snellgrove (LS)

Minute Secretary: Estelle Nicol (EN)

1. Apologies – Councillor Murray Lyle

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – Consider amendments raised by DH “Item 10.a.iii.2 – Quality of street lighting….” Was in fact raised by MB and not DH and MS item 4.k. to which the following comment should be added, “it was agreed that MS and JS will take this forward as an action.” Amendments agreed. Minutes proposed by David Homewood & seconded by Alasdair Kay Member of public asked where they could find Minutes – advised at the back of the library, on the town Noticeboard and website to They are always published in “Draft” with any approved amendments being recorded at next meeting. Should we look at other means of publicising – is there funding for “Admin” – could we give thought to other ways? Previous Community News Magazine was not viable. (ACTION: JS to add to Facebook page when Minutes are published.)

3. Police Report – This item was item 4 on the agenda but was brought forward as PC Alison Todd was in attendance. PC Alison Todd has taken over the Community Role from PC Sally Hughes and PC Murray Westwood. MB Recap on matters contained in the weekly Commanders Bulletin relating to Auchterarder & District since 29 November 2018. PC Todd introduced herself and advised she had been appointed to the local area. She also lives in the area and is keen to be as visible as possible. Points raised: – – Internet Fraud – everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our vulnerable and elderly in the community know that companies such as HMRC and TV Licensing will not offer to accept iTunes vouchers in settlement of a liability – The Christmas Drink Drive campaign has completed – nothing to report for the area – TCSofA Vandalism – CCTV cameras are being installed. No positive leads – Catholic Church, Castleton – several incidents of vandalism has meant they now have installed CCTV – Speeding – PC Todd can operate a hand help speed gun and can issue warnings but not fines – Pop up “children” and “Jim”s are available – PC Todd also has Counter Terrorism responsibilities PC Todd cannot attend the February meeting and submitted her apologies

a. By Election Triggered – This item was not on the agenda but was included due to its importance – MB reported that recent discussions with PKC had identified that following the resignation of Martha Marnoch we had triggered the need for a by-election. PKC will manage this process and it will start on 7 February. All existing co-opted members are required to stand down and can offer themselves up for election if they wish to do so. There are 4 spaces available for Auchterader and 1 for Aberuthven. (ACTION: MB will share copy of paperwork for Elections and details for FB)


5. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in this agenda)

a. Speeding in the High Street – consider survey results DH Five surveys carried out in August in the following areas:

* Town centre 20 mph zone.

* Feus 30 & 40 mph zones.

* Western Rd 30 & 40 mph zones.

The evidence showed generally that speed of vehicles in the 20mph zone is averaged out at 24mph and the Western Road 40mph zone is averaged out at 47mph. The other survey areas seem to reflect general compliance to speed limits. Full survey results are available. Further surveys to be carried out to see what the effect of the Vehicle Activation Signs are. See Item 11.c.iii

b. Orchil Road / Easthill Junction – as agreed on 29 November 2018 MB wrote to PKC advising of our support for the requests submitted by Councillor Reid in relation to the retention of this mini roundabout and the removal of the mini roundabout at Townhead. PKC have responded and invited ADCC to join them on a site visit. (ACTION: MB to co-ordinate site visit)

c. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – at 29 November 2018 CR was awaiting information from PKC regarding action to address the dangerous situation – Status? CR advised it was proving tricky to track owner down. AK advised that sign indicates it is maintained by Greenspace. (ACTION: CR to further investigate)

d. Review of the Scheme of Establishment – as agreed on 29 November 2018 MB wrote to PKC with our comments on the proposed changes to the Scheme of Establishment and related documents, acknowledgement received. MB has also asked PKC if they are able to advise when the revised S of E will be issued and what its effective date will be – we need to know so we can plan for our AGM – May? Revised Scheme of Establishment should be put to Council in February, plan for AGM in May and Elections in November,

e. St Mirren Supporters disturbance 10 November 2018 – as agreed on 29 November 2018 MB wrote to St Mirren FC, a reply was received detailing action they will take and have already taken and asked that we share any further information with them. DH passed request for further information onto local businesses who reported the disturbance. PC Alison Todd advised there were investigations ongoing.

f. Speeding in Abbey Road – TG to advise whether he has received any suggestions from PKC and whether he has been able to ascertain if the arrangement whereby the Police equip members of the community with a speed gun is still in operation? Blair Watt has been out and visited site. It is acknowledged there is an issue with some vehicles – investigations are ongoing. It may be that VAS are decided upon. No conclusive answer regarding the police equipping mm,em,bers of the Community with Speed guns – PC A Todd to follow up.

g. Footpath by Muir Homes into School Grounds – TG to update on the position regarding the trigger point, specified in the planning permission, that would require completion of this footpath? The bottom path, near Elcho Green, will open during the Easter Holidays. Muir Homes will put pathway on school side of the wall. This has been agreed with Muir Homes, the school and the Council (the council have case of enforcement)

h. Auchterarder Castle – AK to write to Historic Scotland – Status? Still await response – carry forward

6. Planning

a. (AK) Report on Planning Applications Validated & Planning Decisions made by PKC since our meeting on 29/11/2018 Nothing of note apart from application for conversion of a dwelling house to a Distillery at Duchally

b. Windfarms Update, Greenscares – DPEA Reporter has approved the application. It is not known whether PKC will appeal. Await further developments

7. Projects

a. Town centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction, Update from EMcK. Discuss emails from Members of the public Les Huckerbie and Iris McIntyre including agreeing the formation of a sub-committee to discuss ADCC’s agreed position on the need for a single-track flyover from Western Road to the A9 southbound carriageway and the subsequent closure of the cross over junction EMcK – spoke to David Pollock, Governance Manager for Transport Scotland. Has made no progress. Nothing can happen until they act. We don’t support Shinafoot. We support flyovers at Aberuthven & Gleneagles junctions. Western Road has been highlighted as an issue with speeding traffic and it was agreed that a Sub Committee should be formed to explore options

b. Victoria Park – Update if any – LS LS sent an enquiry e-mail to Auchterarder CS & Recreation but has had no response.

c. Defibrillators – status MS/JS Application submitted to LAP for funds for defibrillator for Auchterarder. Red Cross Shop has agreed in principle to host a cabinet externally for a defibrillator. Applied for funding for cabinet for Aberuthven defibrillator. Recent incident has shown that when phoning for code for defibrillator, you require to be within 250metres of the cabinet for it to register.

8. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH to brief ADCC on any developments. LOCAL ACTION PARTNERSHIP

Next meeting 21st February.

* Meeting will be used to set up Ward 7 Community Infrastructure Fund Panel – to be chaired by elected member and comprising three ward councillors and community representatives. Auchterarder represented by DH. Representatives from other areas may be invited.

* CIF allocated £50K to each ward each year.

* Applications will be considered on 21st February.

* First application received is from the Town Bus Group – £35K.

Future Business Meeting.

* No date as yet.

* Community Representatives met on 17th January to discuss the way ahead for LAPs.

* An email has been sent to the Chair (Jim Valentine) citing a number of issues for discussion in the next session, which includes:

o Production of Minutes and process.

o Increasing Community Representatives to cover St Fillans, Dunning, Blackford & Braco.

o Co-option of ‘Project Representatives’, e.g., Crieff Community Trust.

o Dismiss Local Action Plan and develop a synopsis of ‘community aims’ and aspirations (this a wide range of issues engaging local needs and service gaps/failures).

o Analysis of awards from the last two PB events and how they were cast.

o The need for better publicity within communities and across the area.

o Clarification of dedicated PKC/Community Planning Partnership support available to our LAP.


Five documents that will become supplementary guidance to LDP2 are now offered for public consultation from 31st January to 14th March. The documents cover:

* Air Quality & Planning.

* Flood Risk & Assessment.

* Housing in the Countryside.

* Open Space Provision for New Developments & Policy on Maintenance Options for Public Open Spaces.

* Placemaking Guide.

9. Finance Report MM

a. Treasurer- Martha Marnoch submitted her resignation from ADCC on 30 November 2018, MB has written to MM thanking her for her support and contribution over the last several years and advised PKC. MB proposes we appoint Jill Simpson as Treasurer – Discuss? MB proposed and AK seconded Jill as Treasurer. Bank balance – Since our meeting on 29 November 2018 a cheque was drawn for £160 in favour of EN for minute taking services to and including the meeting held on 29 November 2018 the current bank balance is £3,377.36 (including the ACP monies held of £1,396.26) Confirmed per bank balances. Only creditor now is EN £40 for Minute taking services for this meeting.

10. District Matters

a. Aberuthven – MS 1. Missing gate onto A9 which has been reported 2. Sewage waste running down Churchill Place, TG to follow up

b. Glendevon – MB

i. Blacklinn Bridge coping stones still not replaced – ongoing!

ii. View point on A823 towards Crieff and the mountains beyond – TG to advise whether he has been able to take this forward? TG – no update – carry forward

iii. A823 delays expected due to Scottish Water undertaking work from 7 February 2019 until the end of February, single file traffic and the possibility of convoy arrangements Job has been delayed – no new date confirmed

11. AOCB

a. Community Council Members

i. MB

1. Community facilities Fund Consultation re Auchterarder Bus Group application for £150,000 over a 4-year period (50,50,25 & 25) Discuss – Response to be submitted on 1 February 2019. Andrew Warrington (AW) is available for discussion AW – this has been highlighted as a need and is a service for the community. It has been constituted as a charity. It will serve mainly residential areas and intends to run hourly, 6 days a week, at the outset including a stop at the Health Centre, but the scale of service will be dependent on funds accrued. They have applied to the Community Investment Fund for a one-off grant of £35k and the Council Transport Fund for £10k They won’t operate it themselves – they will raise funds to contract a professional company and tender documents already out to 3 or 4 companies. They don’t know at the moment how much the new bus service may cost – could be as much as £100k per year – c. 16-seater, low floor/wheelchair accessible. Will operate as a normal bus – fares will be taken and concessionary passes will be accepted. Mostly will be hail and ride apart from on the main street where there are designated bus-stops. Route can be amended via a legal process Revenue is unknown. To be DDA compliant we do require a new bus, however, any new operator to the vicinity can submit an application to the tender process. In the summer reliability is key, in the winter route may have to be amended as will not be able to operate in unsalted schemes. There will be publicity ahead of the launch via local media publications and social media platforms MS – is there scope for it to come to Aberuthven? AW – not planned at the moment. Grand Eagles at the bottom of the town and Strathearn House at the other end of the town are the limits. However, once the bus is up and running, routes will be monitored and if there are particularly quiet routes, it may be that we can bespoke other routes to run on certain days MB – suggested that Group prepare a short report on progress and uptake before each tranche of money is granted MB proposes ADCC supports application, DH seconded DH proposed a vote of thanks to the Community Bus Group on behalf of ADCC.

2. Agree meeting schedule for 2019, Glendevon June and Aberuthven May? Month in which the AGM is to be determined. May – Aberuthven June – Glendevon Church (ACTION: MS to check hall availability for Aberuthven)

3. Data Protection – Note that PKC have issued CCs with updated guidance, a copy of which has been shared with all, MB is the nominated Data Protection Officer but we all individually have a responsibility for ensuring we comply with the rules – any questions please ask! Noted.

4. Community Consultation event (ACS&R)– Thursday 7 February 2019 Aytoun Hall from 1830-2030 “Developing Local Paths, Upgrading Parks & Green Spaces, Activities for People of all ages & developing Sports Clubs Noted.

5. Osbert Lancaster – will attend our February meeting seeking our support regarding an opportunity to create a high-quality path, mainly off-road, between Muthill and Auchterarder along the disused railway line (OL is leading the consultation the project is led by PKCT) For information only.


Meeting took place on 10th January. Five applications:

Finances. As at 10th January, £161,879, with £11K earmarked for the Core Paths Group. It is anticipated that approximately £50K is to be transferred from the West Perthshire Recreational Facility (ex-Swimming Pool money) – agreed by OSCR.

* Parish Church. Minibus operation. £2.500. Deferred.

* Auchterarder Brownies. Trip to Paris. £1,560. Rejected.

* Camera Club. New equipment. £1,378. £1,000 awarded.

* Golf Club. Green watering system. £50,000. £25,000 awarded.

* Innerpeffery Library. Development project. £10,000. Awarded.

* Total of £37,000 awarded.

Next meeting scheduled for 2nd May.


Ideas sought on how to effect £28M worth of savings in the next Financial Year. On- line Consultation ends 7th February.

iii. MS Mens Shed AGM – 5th February at the Auchterarder Parish Church 2pm

b. Local Councillors

i. TG

1. With the approval of Phases 2 and 3a of the Stewart Milne Development, the Spine road through the site, from the roundabout at the foot of the Feus to the roundabout at north end of Hunter Street, is scheduled to be completed and in public use by October 31, 2019. A 200/300 yard of the link road is NOT completed. Once the remaining 12/13 houses are completed on either side of the road (hopefully by October), the road will be completed. Completion of the houses is the trigger and the council can then enforce.

ii. CR

1. Muir & Milne said they would put in speed activated signs down Hunter Street at a cost of £5k each. Is speeding here still an issue? Member of the public advised that yes it was. Young people are still being forced to walk along the road with no pavement and there has been a considerable increase in the traffic on Hunter Street due to the new housing developments and construction traffic. (ACTION: CR to chase Muir/Milne)

c. Members of the Public

i. Letter received from Mrs S Sherlock regarding dog mess in Hunter Street Roundel and the High Street, highlighting a lack of signs regarding penalties and a lack of bins? MB to respond to lady and make some suggestions. Doggie Poo bags now not free.

ii. Member of the public commented that lane from top chip shop to the Park is very dark. Noted and flagged

iii. Representation from various members of the public in relation to the speed of traffic on Western Road. Surprise expressed at the outputs of recent surveys and the fact that this was not accurate due to where the speed recording strips had been placed. DH – For future surveys, can we influence placement of these? (ACTION: DH to liaise with Western Road residents re speed strip placement) Rommels in the road and repeater signs could be an option (due to no street lighting) Member of the public advised that he complained 20 years ago to the roads department and very little meaningful action was taken. It was agreed that a Sub Committee should be formed to take this forward – both the speeding issue, volume of traffic and the junction concerns. Another member of the public who had been involved in a similar campaign in Aberuthven advised that the simple action of tying a high-viz jacket to a telegraph pole at the entry to Aberuthven had slowed a lot of the traffic down. Both TG and CR acknowledged level of concern expressed and will take forward to see if they can influence

Meeting closed at 20.59hrs Date of next meeting: – Thursday 28 February 2019 @ 1900hrs – Aytoun Hall Auchterarder

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