ADCC Draft Minutes 31 October 2019 - Auchterarder

ADCC Draft Minutes 31 October 2019

Auchterarder and District Community Council Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday 31st October 2019 @ 1900hrs



CC Members Ward Councillors

Alasdair Kay (AK) – Chair Crawford Reid (CR)

David Homewood (DH)

Euan Mackintosh (EM)

Andrew Warrington (AW)

1. Apologies. Community Councillors: Malcolm Best (MB), Derek Robertson (DR), Malcolm Scobie (MS), Jill Simpson (JS). Minute Secretary: Estelle Nicol (EN). Ward Councillors: Tom Gray (TG), Murray Lyle (ML). Community Police: PC Alison Todd (AT).

2. Police Report – AK. [No police presence.]

a. Speeding – Montrose Rd. Letter from Liz Smith MSP representing 2 constituents. AK to respond.

b. Incidents – AK.

· Attack on 13 year-old boy in High St.

· Theft of parcel from doorstep in St Margaret’s Crescent.

· Car vandalism at Gleneagles.

· Fences damaged at Mains of Panholes.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting. Proposed as a true record by DH and seconded by AW. Matters arising where not otherwise covered in the Agenda.

a. Bridgewater Avenue Play Park – CR. No progress. Compulsory purchase considered. Land owner identified, but unresponsive. AK to write letter to PKC pressing for action.

b. Traffic Related Issues:

(1) Puffin Crossings – AK. Two Puffin Crossings to be established in High St. Crossing from Lloyds Pharmacy to Golf Inn designed; work to commence 27th Nov. Crossing in front of Nosh needed redesigning; work scheduled for 13th Jan. Existing crossing outside Post Office to be upgraded in due course.

(2) Hunter Street VAS – AK. No progress.

c. Town WiFi – DH. A case had been made by the PKC Smart City Project Officer to fund free WiFi, using Aytoun Hall as the hub and main internet access point. He had advised that PKC has given the go ahead to re-introduce free Wifi across the town’s High Street. Five of the residue access points currently fixed to lamp posts would be utilised, which rendered 4 redundant. The proposal was to have a WiFi ‘blanket’ from Rossie Place to Castle Wynd, plus up to 150 metres beyond the access point at each end. The ‘blanket’ should provide front room penetration. DH met with Rapier Systems reps on 23rd October to learn how the Aytoun Hall could act as the main internet access point. There was perhaps an opportunity to improve internet access within the building. As custodians of the Auchterarder Community Partnership’s extant hardware, the Community Council needed now to agree that 4 of the 9 remaining access point nodes could be removed for use elsewhere; leaving them in place would not increase the size of the WiFi blanket and it would reduce

costs to PKC and the project, of which Auchterarder was only one part. It was agreed that residue hardware may be released to PKC for use in other areas.

d. War Memorial – DH. PKC had been requested (by Sandy Alexander) to replace the missing lettering on the memorial, which should read, “A CITY ON A HILL CANNOT BE HID AND THEY SHALL BRING THE GLORY AND HONOUR OF THE NATIONS INTO IT.” Otherwise it is in much better state than it was last year. The memorial was cleaned up by PKC on 14th October, with some damage having been repaired.

e. Live Active Leisure (LAL)/ACSR – AW. LAL had withdrawn from the School. Public meeting held in September, which ACSR fronted, provision/management of sports facilities in the town being the aim. Working Group formed to seek use of school facilities. PKC cooperated in facilitating a plan. Six-month pilot to prove the need from Oct – Mar. Community Sports Hub opened facilities on 19th October. First week was free; 281 people used facilities – five nights from 6pm to 10pm; weekends 9am to 1pm. Use during school holidays being considered. Charges would be levied from 4th Nov. Widening of available facilities (gym/football pitches) being sought. Sports Hub Auchterarder could be found on Facebook & Twitter. Need to engage with all generations.

4. Planning. Report on Planning Applications – AK. Applications up to 31st October had been noted. None of the applications required comment from the ADCC. Gleneagles Holiday Lodge Development was worthy of note; 60 acres/196 lodges. AK would be attending a meeting about the development in the first week of Nov.

5. Projects.

a. Town Centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction – EM.

(1) A9. No progress. No response from Transport Scotland. Situation was static. Need to make more noise – use the media. ADCC needed to reconsider what options existed to effect acceptance of a need for a GSJ from Western Road to the Southbound A9.

(2) Town Centre. EM stated he had made no impression on a solution to improve the town centre in 8 years. The remit was with PKC to action Auchterarder’s infrastructure needs. The newly constituted ADCC would need to address the matter.

b. Town Bus – AW. Bus had operated for 3-months. First 4-week period = 477 passengers; second period = 572. Trend remained upwards. Some route problems experienced (Montrose Road – poor parking discipline). A review of routes would be undertaken in the near future. AK requested consideration be given to include Aberuthven. The bus route would not attract a change in the current plan for the winter maintenance of roads (snow clearance).

c. Glendevon Viewpoint – MB. Gleneagles Estate Agent had proved to be unresponsive. MS considered initiative should be dropped. TG felt viewpoint was worth pursuing. Further contact with estate owner required. Initiative to remain on the agenda.

d. Defibrillators – MS. Public access defibrillators now fitted at Basics Healthcare in Aberuthven and outside the Town Barber in Auchterarder. When the project was confirmed as completed, it needed to be noted in ADCC minutes. Supporting accounts and invoices should be retained. DH agreed to follow up with the LAP.

6. Local Action Partnership (LAP) – DH.

a. Press releases placed in the local newspapers and last two Living Local issues to make people aware of their LAP.

b. The Ward 7 Panel sat to consider applications to the Community Investment Fund on 3rd October. Applicants would be informed of successful bids in due course, but probably not before 16th November.

c. At a meeting on 24th October, it was decided that community councils would be invited to decide whether they wished to receive £1K of LAP money to administer support of a project/organisation in their area. A response was required by 12th December, after which more details would be provided. DH proposed the ADCC responded positively, which was agreed.

d. The next LAP meeting would be on 19th December in the Parish Church Hall. It would be open to the public and Karen McNeill of the Auchterarder Parents Supporting Parents group had been invited to speak at the meeting.

7. Auchterarder Common Good Fund – MS. No update available. A replacement community councillor attendee would need to be nominated at the next meeting.

8. ADCC Transition to the new Scheme of Establishment – AK. This would be the last meeting of the current Community Council. Auchterarder & District had attracted only 6 nominations; leaving 3 vacancies. The Council’s make up would be one Aberuthven representative, one Glendevon and 4 in Auchterarder. No co-opted members were permitted for 6 months. A Ward 7 Councillor would chair an EGM on 28th Nov, during which office bearers would be selected.

9. Financial Report – AK. Bank balance = £4436.90p. A cheque for £125 (fitting defibrillator) to be deducted. Accounts from 1st Apr – 31st Oct were required by PKC. AK to action.

10. District Matters.

a. Aberuthven – MS.

(1) Missing Gate onto A9. No action taken. May need to be reported again.

(2) Sewage Waste – Churchill Place. Notification of works orders received, but no action taken yet.

(3) Path to Auchterarder – Progress. Notification of works orders received, but no action taken yet.

b. Glendevon – MB. Blacklinn Bridge Coping Stones. Given low priority by PKC. No action taken yet. TG had reported issue to Environment & Infrastructure Committee. No action taken owing to ‘no public danger’ and financial constraints.

c. Auchterarder Parents Supporting Parents – Karen McNeill (KMcN). The ADCC was made aware of APSP and its engagement with Education Service, the Community School, the NHS and the Community Sports Hub. It sought to help parents and families to support the emotional health and wellbeing of their children through Information Sessions, Peer Support & Family/Social Events. They were liaising with Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) to share an information event at the Community School on 2nd Dec. KMcN asked for support and guidance from the ADCC, including signposting to grant sources.

11. AOCB.

a. Community Council Members.

(1) AK.

(a) Communities Facilities Fund. Request for ADCC support from Friends of Guiding in its application for funds to the Community Facilities Fund. AK had sent an email in support.

(b) Crown Wynd Car Park. The initiative to expand the car park had stalled. The problem appeared to be an uncooperative land owner who had cancelled an agreement to sell land required by the town. Compulsory purchase action was being initiated.

(c) Temporary Road Closures. Notification of road closures, parking and loading restrictions from 27th Jan for 4-weeks on 10 roads throughout Auchterarder had been received. Traffic restrictions were for road patching. AK had queried the notification and had received assurances that measures would be put in place to keep traffic disruption to a minimum. No road would be affected for more than 5 days. AW said that the Town Bus might be affected and routes may have to be adjusted. Good communication with the community would be essential.

(d) Bus/Rail Link. A resident had written to complain that buses from Auchterarder did not link with train departures. The complaint was noted. A discussion took place about the difficulty of matching bus arrival to train departure. It was felt that the bus service provided was the best that could be provided to meet the needs of the majority of rail travellers, although it was hoped that ScotRail would soon introduce an hourly train service at Gleneagles, which might improve the status quo.

(e) Polling Areas/Places. The ADCC had been invited to propose changes to the town’s polling place. Polling currently took place in the Aytoun Hall. No change was proposed.

(2) MS.

(a) Community Rail Partnership. No update available. MS had undertaken to continue to attend meetings after he had stepped down from the ADCC.

(b) Men’s Shed. Gleneagles Station was still a possibility to be used as a home for the Men’s Shed. Updates were available on its Facebook page.

(3) DH.

(a) Lamp Post Banners.

i. Auchterarder Golf Club, Bowling Club, Community Sports Hub and Community Bus Group had been added to the list of 10 organisations to be referred to on banners. A second meeting with PKC took place on 17th October. Confirmed the visual theme would be, “The Auchterarder Community Welcomes You.” Money ring-fenced for the project would be spent on materials and placement. Manufacturing cost alone would be just short of £1,250, including VAT. Banner designs were being developed by PKC at no cost to ADCC.

ii. It was proposed that the 16 banners on the Gleneagles Station service road would carry the words, “The Auchterarder Community Welcomes You” at the top. Below it would state, “The Heart of Strathallan”. The banners would be produced in 4 different colours (green, purple, orange & blue – 4 of each).

iii. It had been envisaged that organisation logos would be used on the 25 town banners. However, there was a problem in obtaining electronic copies in sufficiently high definition for them to be used in the design and subsequent printing. 5 of the logos included the Auchterarder Heraldic Shield. To use these there was a bureaucratic mountain to climb with the Lord Lyon’s office in that they must be registered and permission obtained by each organisation. DH had suggested all logos be dispensed with in the design; none of the banners would carry them. Displaying a message on the narrow High Street banners was difficult, so the part aim would be to add colour to the street. The next stage was to produce a

standardized design that could be presented to the ADCC at a future meeting for agreement. PKC would present a final bill to the ADCC for the project before 31st March 2020, which would be within the £2,500 available.

(b) Remembrance Sunday. AK agreed to lay the wreath in Auchterarder. Gather at Aytoun Hall at 10.45am.

(c) Auchterarder & District Community Trust (ADCT). The trustees met on 12th September. Two applications were considered:

· 1st Auchterarder Guides were awarded £1,078 for the purchase of Bell Tents.

· Auchterarder Community Sports & Recreation (ACSR) were awarded £5,000 towards the extension of a Mountain Bike Trail.

In addition the trustees had agreed ‘out of session’ applications from Parents Supporting Parents Start Up (£900) and Maggie’s Centre (£1,000), something they were able to do for applications below £1,000.

The trustees would next meet on 9th January.

(d) Pavements. Auchterarder’s pavements were in poor state. CR advised regular reporting to PKC with photographs.

b. Ward Councillors. CR. Shinafoot A9 Junction. Remains extant on the Local Development Plan as a requirement. However, an engineering report has questioned its viability. It could not go ahead as planned. AW stated that a Shinafoot Junction would isolate Aberuthven.

c. Members of the Public. Mrs Kennard advised that child scooter and bicycle traffic on Auchterder’s pavements was dangerous for elderly people. AK agreed to speak to the owner of Synergy Cycles and AW agreed to speak to the ACSR Cycle Group to highlight the problem.

In closing the meeting, AK thanked all community councillors, both absent and present, for their contributions. He especially thanked MB for his excellent leadership as Chairman during the present tenure.

Next Meeting: Thursday, 28th November 2019 @ 1900hrs in Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder.

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