ADCC Minutes 26 April 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Minutes 26 April 2018

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council (ADCC) Meeting

Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

Thursday, 26th April 2018 @ 7pm


CC Members: Ward 7 Councillors:

David Homewood (DH) – Chair Crawford Reid (CR)

Martha Marnoch (MM) Tom Gray (TG)

Euan Mackintosh (EM)

Malcolm Scobie (MS)

Jill Simpson (JS)

1. Apologies. Community Councillors: Malcolm Best (MB) (Chairman), Alasdair Kay (AK) (Vice Chairman) & Estelle Nicol (EN) (Minute Secretary). Ward Councillors: Murray Lyle (ML).

2. Police.

a. Police Presence at Meetings. MB had written to Sgt Marshall Mackay noting no police presence at the recent meetings, asking for a presence in future. Concerns had been registered, including ‘speeding’, Vehicle Activation Signs (VAS), speed cameras and the Niblick’s recent licensing application for a variation of conditions. There was no police presence at this meeting or written report submitted, much to the ire of those present, especially members of the public. In their absence DH highlighted two recent local incidents related to telephone fraud and a burglary.

b. Incidents in Auchterarder. A resident had recently been defrauded out of several thousand pounds after a fraudster phoned claiming to be from a bank. Bank details had been obtained by engaging the resident in conversation. Between 7th and 10th April a house on Raven Grove was broken into and property stolen.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. Proposed as a true record by JS and seconded by MS.

4. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in the Agenda).

a. Speeding on Castleton Road. MB had written to PKC requesting VAS. The road had subsequently been placed on the ‘Secondary List’ together with Easthill.

b. VAS. MB had written to PKC re VAS for Castleton Road, Easthill Road, Orchil Road, Western Road and the Feus. Orchil, Western and Feus already identified by PKC as potential sites. Castleton and Easthill to be added to ‘Secondary List’, which will only be effected if funds become available. It was also noted that there was strong support for VAS in the centre of the town.

c. Hunter Street – Link Road. A further email had been sent by MB to PKC (Anne Condliffe) to lobby for an early opening to public traffic. No response to date. AK was liaising with CR re setting up an on-site meeting of all interested parties. CR confirmed that Milne would be represented at a high level. TG added that pressure was being placed on Milne Group to open the link road as a planning condition.

d. Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act. MB & AK investigating benefits of a ‘Participation Request’. No action taken yet.

e. Community Council Membership. MB wrote to CS of A re co-opting a pupil. Response positive, but prefects not appointed until June.

f. Social Media. JS stated she would shortly distribute a strategy paper for consideration. She recommended a Facebook presence and a dedicated website.

g. Taxis. AK leading on contact with ward councillors regarding operational guidelines. Nothing further to report at present time. DH felt that the subject should not be on the Community Council’s agenda.

h. Licensing – Old Post Office. MB had written to PKC in support of a Provisional Premises License application.

i. Licensing – The Niblick. MB had written to PKC in support of two requested variations to the existing license and objecting to the request to delete a condition removing the need for a Security Industry Authority (SIA) registered supervisor on duty outside the premises on Friday & Saturday nights and during festive function hours when they took place. TG later confirmed that all variations to the Niblick’s license had been agreed at recent meeting of the Licensing Committee.

j. Bank Closures. Scottish Government had called for views on bank branch closures. MM said she had visited the local bank and asked whether it would be closing, but had been unable to gain a meaningful answer. DH said that the issue was whether the Community Council wished to offer comment on the closure of banks in rural environments like Auchterarder to the Scottish Government. The matter was to be reconsidered before the next meeting.

k. After-School Childcare. AK had tendered apologies to enable him to accompany the Lang Toon Childcare Group to a meeting with PKC officers to discuss the need to expand capacity in the town. AK joined the meeting later and advised that the meeting had been positive and that after school childcare capacity was to be increased.

l. Common Good. Lang Toon Times freedom of information request response from PKC and a Community Council response was currently being considered. It was generally felt that there should be a register of Common Good property/land for Auchterarder. DH advised that care needed to be taken over accepting PKC’s ownership of the Aytoun Hall on behalf of the community; the community did not have the means to operate and maintain it.

5. Planning.

a. Applications. There was no planning applications that the Community Council needed to respond to.

b. Windfarms – Greenscares. Still under appeal. No decisions made to date.

c. Training Workshops – 28th April. AK, DH, JS & MS all confirmed attendance. The event to commence at 9.30am in the North Inch Campus.

6. Projects.

a. Town Centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction. EM said there had been no progress. His contact at Transport Scotland was changing jobs and he needed to find out who the replacement was. No major work was currently planned south of Perth on the A9. During discussion a member of the public stated Douglas Ross of Glendevon Construction had years ago drawn up plans for a flyover at the end of Western Rd. EM to follow up.

b. Victoria Park.

i. Football Pitch. No new information available.

ii. Feasibility Study. Option 7 preferred. No new information available.

7. Community Empowerment/Local Action Partnership (LAP).

a. Participatory Budgeting. Awaiting information about £2,500 being made available to community councils.

b. LAP Meeting. No feedback from the meeting held on 29th March had been received by the ADCC. CR said that there were no outcomes worth reporting. TG later added that it had been agreed that DH be selected as the new Auchterarder representative vice Rev Dr Barlow. DH said that he had a meeting with PKC on the matter on 27th April.

8. Finance Report.

a. Bank Balance. Bank balance = £2,203. There were no expense claims from CCs.

b. Auchterarder Community Partnership (ACP). The ACP had requested the ADCC to become custodian of its residue funds – £1,396.26p. DH said that he had met with some business owners and encouraged them to take over the ACP and its residue assets. A meeting was to be convened to select office bearers in May. Once the new ACP committee had been established the ADCC would be able to transfer the money to the regenerated organisation. It was agreed that the ADCC would become custodian of the ACP’s residue balance.

9. District Matters.

a. Aberuthven – MS. Aitken’s Haulage Entrance. Double yellow lines had been requested. TG advised he had received an email on the subject. He was requested to send it to MS to close the loop on the matter.

b. Glendevon – MB. VAS. Now installed to help reduce speeding.

10. AOCB.

a. Community Councillors.

i. MS.

(1) Community Rail Partnership. MS had not attended the last meeting and had seen no minutes to date. TG said he had been at the meeting. Significant points were that trains would stop hourly at Gleneagles on the Glasgow route. It was hoped that bus timetables would be adjusted accordingly. Also, on the Edinburgh route trains would no longer stop at Linlithgow and another station, which would reduce travel time by 15-minutes.

(2) Men’s Shed Development. The Auchterarder group had established itself. It had approximately 30 members registered, who met on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm in the Parish Church Garden Room. The Men’s Shed idea was aimed at countering loneliness and was supported by Age Scotland. The group was looking for a dedicated premises and had considered Gleneagles Station and the Bowling Club.

ii. DH.

(1) Winter Services. An invitation had been received from PKC to comment on the winter services provided, i.e. gritting and snow clearing in the town. It was felt that the local authority had served the town well and that the ADCC should respond positively, which DH agreed to do before the 4th May deadline.

(2) Kirking of the Council – 13 May. ADCC had been invited to send a representative. AK held the invitation. JS showed interest and said she would speak with AK out of session.

(3) Auchterarder Art Trust (AAT). A film night was being planned for 26th May in the Aytoun Hall; the film being considered was The Greatest Showman. The aim of the AAT was to expand the provision of events across the arts spectrum to improve quality of life in the town. It was a new organisation that was worth supporting.

iii. EM. Jonny Muirs Park. In light of the interest in registering Common Good assets in Auchterarder, it was essential that the park was included in the list. It would be an integral part of any future regeneration project, if it ever took place.

b. Ward Councillors.

i. CR.

(1) Dog Bags. Distribution was limited to a maximum of 3 shops in the town owing to limited resources in distributing them. Shops may apply for the bags.

(2) Roundabouts. Mini-roundabouts at Townhead and in Orchil Road would be removed. Work would commence shortly on designing their removal and their physical removal would take place later in the year.

(3) Hunter St. Consideration was being given to build a lengthy ramp in Hunter St, for what purpose was not clear. DH said that road ramps were a significant noise hazard to local residents when load carrying vehicle crossed them. CR agreed to feed this view back to the Roads Department.

(4) Common Good Fund. CR sounded out those present about requesting the Common Good Fund to contribute towards VAS costs. DH advised that the ADCC would give it consideration, but felt that not all CCs would support the idea.

(5) Amenities Site Access Road. The pot holes in the access road would be made good in the next 7 days.

ii. TG.

(1) Link Road. See paragraph 4c.

(2) Licensing – Niblick. See paragraph 4i.

c. Members of the Public.

i. Access to North Crofts. The problem of access/egress through the narrow entrance to the area, which was invariably partly blocked by poorly/illegally parked vehicles, was reported by a number of residents present. The ADCC was asked to help address the problem. DH encouraged those present to keep reporting the problem to the Police and PKC . He agreed to represent local feeling to PKC.

ii. Auchterarder Bloom Association. The Secretary had written requesting the ADCC’s support in writing to develop, in conjunction with PKC, Garrie’s Corner. It was agreed that the ADCC should do so.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.

Date of Next Meeting. AGM @ 7pm. Ordinary Meeting @ circa 7.30pm. – Thursday, 31 May 2018 at Glendevon Church, Glendevon.

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