ADCC Minutes 28 June 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Minutes 28 June 2018

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council (ADCC) Meeting

Aberuthven Village Hall, Aberuthven

Thursday, 28th June 2018 @ 7pm


CC Members: Ward 7 Councillors:

Malcolm Best (MB) – Chair

Alasdair Kay (AK) – Vice Chair None present

Malcolm Scobie MS)

David Homewood (DH) Martha Marnoch (MM)

Euan Mackintosh (EM

1. Apologies: Jill Simpson (JS), Estelle Nicol (EN) – Minute Secretary Councillors – Tom Gray, (TG) Murray Lyle (ML), Crawford Reid (CR)

2. Solheim Cup.

Ronnie Mellis (Transport Scotland) and Chic Haggart of PKC advised that around 30k spectators would attend each day with the transport arrangements following the Ryder Cup model. The change would be a facility to park 4200 vehicles close to Gleneagles bringing a more positive experience for the surrounding area.

The footbridge used at the Ryder Cup would be installed over the A9 and a pedestrian crossing introduced at Orchil Road. Parking for staff would be at the fields near the station.

There will be traffic lights on a demand basis at Aberuthven.

The police officer in charge of the event will be Superintendent Trickel.

MB thanked Ronnie and Chic for their attendance and they left along with EM who returned during point 3.

3. Police Report. Police Report –DH reported after his meeting with PC Sally Hughes and discussed i. Speeding and speed cameras in the 20mph zone, ii. Access to North Crofts, iii. Attendance at CC meetings.

i. PC Hughes has agreed to contact the Camera Partnership for guidance. A speed survey has been set up by PKC.

ii. Police have recommended extension of the double yellow lines at North Crofts.

iii. As police levels have been cut attendance at incidents takes priority over attendance at CC meetings. However ad hoc meetings can be arranged if necessary.

MB reported that there had been thefts in Auchterarder

4. Minutes of Previous Meeting. Proposed by MS and seconded by DH

5. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in the agenda).

a. Hunter Street – Link Road – A meeting with Gary Milne had been arranged for Wednesday 4th July

b. Involvement of younger people in Community Council – AK reported that he attended the panel to elect a head boy and girl at the Community School and met Lucas who will be one of the representatives on the CC.

c. Social Media – JS has advised that the web site and Facebook page are ongoing

d. Provisional Premises Licence Application Former Post Office High Street – Approved by PKC on 31st May

e. Common Good – MB to write to PKC re the need to prepare a complete list of Common Good assets.

f. Access to North Crofts, Speeding in High Street & Auchterarder road issues – DH reported that following a meeting with Clr Crawford Reid, Daryl McKeown and Brian Cargill various action points were raised. North Crofts: Dropped kerbs are to be placed on the east side across from the bank and housing car parks, if this encouraged drivers to park on the walkway then bollards would be installed. The Car Park adjacent to No1-5 was not on PKC adoption records. High Street – Two Puffin crossings are on the secondary list one between the Co-op and Lloyds and another at School Lane and Montrose Road. An alternative option for a signalised junction at School Lane was also suggested – which would require the removal the existing crossing at Aytoun Hall. Vehicle Activated Signs – The E&I committee approved signs at Orchil Road (2), Townhead and The Feus at their May meeting. There were also signs on the secondary list for Castleton and Muirton (2). Mini Roundabouts – The removal of the roundabouts at Townhead and Orchil Road will be co-ordinated with the installation of the VAS signs in the Autumn. Speed Limits – A traffic survey is planned to monitor the 20mph zone on the High Street. Hunter Street – A flat topped ramp is to be designed at the park. St Margaret’s Crescent – The issue of the carriageway surface has been passed to the Roads Maintenance Department for attention.

g. Auchterarder Community Facilities Fund/Application from P&K Countryside Trust for Provost Walk phase 3 – MB has submitted a report to PKC stating that ADCC do not support this application at this time.

h. Auchterarder Common Good Fund Committee – MS reported that at the meeting on 20th June two applications were considered, The Bloom Association requested £2000 and were awarded £1000, Neuro Central requested £1264.80 and this was awarded.

i. Review of the Scheme of Establishment & associated documents for CCs – DH reported that at the review meeting on the 12th June representatives from Braco, Blackford, Creiff, St Fillans, Dunning & East Strathearn CCs were present, two Ward councillors sat in along with three PKC Officers. Various ideas were discussed including live streaming of CC meetings, changing the AGM year to run from October, matching ages of Community Councillors to voting age. A follow up record of the meeting is to follow.

j. Langtoon Childcare Hub – AK reported no further contact had been made. It was pointed out that staff were being sought, without which the extra places would be lost.

k. ACP & Business Network – DH reported that a meeting had taken place with the ex- ACP Secretary. Funds now with ADCC for them to hold as custodians.

5. Planning.

a. Applications. AK reviewed recent planning applications and decisions. None of them required the ADCC to comment.

b. Windfarms. No movement re Greenscares application under appeal at DPEA. Roll forward and monitor

6. Projects.

a. Town Centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction. EM No progress, but after a conversation with the Transport Scotland and PKC officer (see point 2.) EM now expects to be a contact to follow up. Carry Forward

b. Victoria Park

i. Football Pitch. The pitch should be ready for next season. MB commended Allan Watt for his hard work on this project.

ii. Revised Feasibility Study. We still await further news following the adoption of Option 7

7. Local Action Partnership (LAP).

a. Participatory Budgeting. DH reported that there is a fund of £2500 available to CCs for community led projects, which would benefit as many people as possible across the community and is not currently being met. These must take place before March 2019

b. Community Choices Fund – Funds from £20K to £100K are available to CCs, after discussion ADCC agreed to apply for the maximum.

c. Other matters worthy of mention – MB has emailed Maureen Beaumont raising various concerns and asking that they be raised at the meeting on 26th July. DH reported that the date of future meetings will not clash with future ADCC meetings

8. Finance Report.

a. Annual accounts have been Independently examined and approved – Proposed MB Seconded AK

b. Bank balance £2141.10

c. ADCC are now custodians of ACP residual cash (£1396.25) and assets (e.g. Website)

9. District Matters.

a. Aberuthven. MS.

i. Double yellows at entrance to Aitken’s Haulage – no update

ii. Recycling bins – Bins similar to those at Muirton would be requested

iii. Mennieburn Road – This has become very overgrown a request will be made to PKC

b. Glendevon. MB.

i. Scottish Water roadworks on A823 – road works will commence on 2nd July for 2 weeks, traffic to be controlled by temporary traffic lights (on 29 June 2018 Scottish Water advised these works will not now take place from 2 July – citing operational reasons – but will be carried out late r in the year!)

ii. Burst Water main – On 18th June the A823 had to be closed due to a burst raw water main.

10. AOCB

a. Community Councillors

i. Malcolm Best (MB)

1. Consultation invite re P&K Licensing Board Draft Policy Statement – MB to respond

2. Paths for all funding – MB shared an email re funding

3. Climate Challenge Fund – MB shared an email

ii. Malcolm Scobie (MS)

1. Food Banks – As parcels come from Kinross a satellite bank should be considered DH will raise this at the Auchterarder Networking Group meeting which will be held on 18th July in St Margaret’s Hospital Annex. DH & MS to follow up. Suggested that Gleneagles Hotel be approached re sponsorship.

2. Community Rail Partnership – ADCC had received a letter from CRP asking us to support a request for the Solheim Cup temporary footbridge to be permanent – following discussion it was agreed that a permanent footbridge was not in line with our repeated request for a flyover connecting Western Road with the A9 Southbound carriageway – MB to explain our position to CRP

3. Men’s Shed Development– They now have a shed! New members have joined. The CC thanked MS for his work on this.

b. Local Councillors. None in attendance, however, CR had provided a briefing note that MB presented and TG had arranged for Andrew Farringdon to provide a briefing on the Auchterarder Town Bus.

i.Points raised by CR in an email:

1.Concrete at the Recycle centre – MB to write to PKC re condition

2.Path from Aberuthven to Auchterarder – MS ongoing

3.Dog fouling in Kincardine Park – MB to write to the Dog Warden

ii.The Town Bus Group – Andrew Farringdon gave an update on the Town Bus Service, the service will connect the housing estates with Auchterarder High Street. The group are finalising their constitution and will be run as a charity, this service will not be funded by PKC. The plan is to run a 16 or 24 seat bus with wheelchair access run by a third-party operator 6 days a week. There is no plan to connect with Aberuthven or the station.

c. Members of the Public. – No further business from the floor.

The meeting closed at 9:06pm

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 30 August 2018 at Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder

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