ADCC Minutes 31 May 2018 - Auchterarder

ADCC Minutes 31 May 2018

Minutes of Auchterarder & District Community Council (ADCC) Meeting

Glendevon Church, Glendevon

Thursday, 31st May 2018 @ 7pm


CC Members: Ward 7 Councillors:

Alasdair Kay (AK) – Vice Chair Crawford Reid (CR)

Malcolm Scobie MS) Tom Grey (TG)

David Homewood (DH) Minutes Estelle Nicol (EN)

1. Apologies: Malcolm Best (MB), Jill Simpson (JS), Martha Marnoch (MM), Euan Mackintosh (EM) Councillors – Murray Lyle (ML),

2. Police Report. Police Report –DH met with PC Sally Hughes. The inability of local police to attend ADCC meetings seems to be caused by a significant drop in police numbers committed to the area, and community engagement cannot take priority over an incident. A written report was discussed but we should all receive the Commander’s Weekly Bulletin which should provide us with everything we need. However, if there is something specific that needs discussed they are more than happy to attend a pre-arranged meeting.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting. Proposed by MS and seconded by AK

4. Matters Arising (where not otherwise covered in the agenda).

a. Hunter Street – Link Road – Still awaiting a date to meet Gary Milne

b. Participation Requests – AK has list of relevant bodies we can request participation/consultation with. General feedback from workshops is that form is still on the complicated side and needs some work

c. Involvement of younger people in Community Council – AK has meeting with school later and will revert with outcome

d. Social Media – JS not in attendance. Carry forward.

e. Provisional Premises Licence Application Former Post Office High Street – To be carried forward

f. Scottish Government “Calling for Views” on bank branch closures – MM not in attendance. Carry Forward (it is thought we may have missed the deadline for this)

g. Common Good – No list of Common Good land/assets available at this time. Part of the problem is establishing ownership. ADCC support production of such a list.

h. Winter Services – DH acknowledged positively the winter services provided by PKC to Auchterarder and District

i. Dog bags – now available Spar & Aytoun Hall

j. Access to North Crofts – DH met PC Sally Hughes. She made the point that consideration should be given to reviewing the layout of the whole junction on both sides of the High St to make easier for wheelchairs; kerb drops in particular. It was thought that the placement of double-yellow lines needed to be reviewed and probably changed, with lines extending on one side from the start of the road to where it turns left into the housing area. Consideration might be given to organising a residents parking permit scheme in conjunction with PKC, with locking-posts to parking areas – this would require a community effort by the residents affected. MS commented he had witnessed an altercation between a motorist and a resident which was heated and unpleasant, reaffirming the requirement for action, DH had spoken to the traffic wardens and they quoted no of tickets issued and the times they had been present but confirmed more regulation was required to alleviate the problem. TG also advised he had communication with a resident who had been issued with a ticket for parking on double yellow lines Speeding in High Street – PC Hughes acknowledged the technical difficulties in placing speed cameras due to cars parked either side however Police are prepared to support ADCC if they contact Roads Department to request speeding strips to collect data (speed and volume) CR /DH will raise with Daryl McKeown

k. Auchterarder Bloom Association – DH – Garrie’s Corner – Planning for development approved. “Go Fund Me” site set up.

5. Planning.

a. Applications. AK reviewed recent planning applications and decisions. None of them required the ADCC to comment.

b. Windfarms. No news! Roll forward and monitor

c. Planning & Development Training Workshop Saturday 28 April – Reasonable session but good news was that Parking was on the Agenda!

6. Projects.

a. Town Centre & A9 Grade Separated Junction. EM not in attendance so Carry Forward

b. Victoria Park & Core Paths.

i. Football Pitch. Drainage problem – are going to ”earthquake” it again to settle it. Should be open in time for new season.

ii. Revised Feasibility Study. We still await further news following the adoption of Option 7

7. Community Empowerment/Local Action Partnership (LAP).

a. Participatory Budgeting. Brief forms will be held by ADCC and groups can apply. Full explanation of form completion and criteria will come out in next few weeks. ADCC will be gatekeepers

b. The LAP met on 29 May 2018 – feedback awaited

8. Finance Report.

a. Bank balance £2,204

b. ADCC agreed to be custodians of ACP residual cash and assets (e.g. Website). DH proposed and MS seconded. 2 out of a group of 5 business people may take over ACP or form own business network. Joined up approach essential and may also come on ADCC.

9. District Matters.

a. Aberuthven. MS.

i. Double yellows at entrance to Aitken’s Haulage – no update

ii. Grass Cutting on Pavement from Aberuthven to Auchterarder – path requires scraped out and redone. Used to be 4/5-foot-wide, now down to one-buggy width and is dangerous. CR to mention to Daryl McKeown at his meeting

b. Glendevon. MB.

i. Scottish Water roadworks on A823 – road not now being closed due to resident pressure

10. AOCB.

a. Community Council Members.

i. Malcolm Scobie (MS) Community Rail Partnership. Hourly service which will stop at Gleneagles (Arbroath to Dunblane) has been pushed back due to issues with electrification of rail network in this area. No new date released – was due to commence May. Temporary pedestrian bridge to be erected for Solheim Cup CRP & PKC continue to heavily petition for a permanent footbridge Men’s Shed Development- Luke Graham visited and was very impressed with the initiative. Continues to go from strength to strength

ii. Alasdair Kay (AK)

1. Auchterarder Community Facilities Fund/Application from Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust 32 3rd Phase of Provost Walk Core Path £100,000 – ADCC acknowledged excellent work carried out so far, however, after discussion could not support expenditure to that amount, as it was felt that other community projects – e.g. Childcare Hub, Community Bus – may miss out. Background to the decision is as follows: – “I have had a look through the application made by the Core Paths Group for £100K of the Facilities Fund. I am uneasy when weighting the benefits to the community if a good part of the £600K is awarded. It might be spent more wisely in other areas. The cost of running an Auchterarder circuit bus, increasing capacity in the CS of A and, above all, increasing off-road parking will all probably need their share of the money available. If the Core Paths Group receive £100K, together with the £50K already received for Phase 1 of the Provost Walk improvements, they will have had 25% of the money available. Furthermore, they have already had £50K from the Auchterarder Community Trust Fund for Phase 1 and a further £3K odd for scoping work on Phase 3. Their application mentions a further £16K-odd coming from the Trust Fund, which has not been applied for as yet. We are in danger here of supporting a well-meaning group at the expense of diverting money away from

where it really should be spent – the town bus and the purchase of land to increase the capacity of off road parking. Until we know what PKC is doing regarding finding a solution for the parking issue, it is difficult to support the Core Paths application. At the present time I do not support the application. More off-road parking has got to be the priority because it deeply affects business growth in the town; hardening of core paths does not. DH” MS indicated to Core Path Representatives that Highland Spring may be worth approaching for funding and he will give them an introduction

2. Auchterarder Common Good Fund Committee (ACGFC) – on 25/4/18 ACGFC agreed to invite member of ADCC to join as an advisory non-voting member. We need to advise Kirsten Molley of PKC as soon as possible. Normal meeting is at 11am and is usually very short. MS happy to attend on our behalf

3. Solheim Cup – The Strathearn & District Forum of Community Councils has been asked if they would like to engage with Transport Scotland regarding the transport planning for this event or whether it would be simpler for Transport Scotland to simply meet us. Event much smaller than Ryder Cup and there doesn’t appear to be much enthusiasm from the Forum. MS confirmed Temporary Bridge will appear at Gleneagles again. ADCC agree to meet them

4. Review of the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils – PKS has arranged meeting for Tues 12th June at the Strathearn Community Campus in Crieff at 7pm and has invited 2 representatives from each CC to attend to discuss any area of concern we may have with this document. DH happy to attend meeting but is not familiar with this document MB to recirculate document

5. GDPR -PKC have advised us that they will provide us with updated guidance to enable us to ensure we are compliant with the new legislation

6. Democracy Matters – PKC has informed us that this is a joint venture between the Scottish Government, COSLA

7. Community Council Research – Note that an e-mail was recently shared with everybody providing a link for us as individuals to respond to a survey – deadline was 30th May 2018

(iii) David Homewood (DH)

1) Auchterarder & District Community Trust (ADCT) – Meeting scheduled for 19 April was postponed until 8 May. Six applications considered:

* Auchterarder Flower Club awarded £500 for Anniversary Celebration.

* 1st Auchterarder Brownies awarded £1,500 for event participation.

* Parkdale Comforts Fund awarded £1,000 for self-help fenced garden development.

* Strathearn Young Farmers awarded £400 for secretarial equipment.

* Blackford Bowling Club & Sunshine Box applications rejected owing to boundary issues.

Funds now stand at approximately £149K, with income from windfarm (circa £15K) to be added for FY.

2) Business Community Network – Meeting held on 15 May. Development Group of 5 formed. Liaison with ex-ACP office bearers taking place. Attempts to expand participation being made before adoption of working charter and election of office bearers.

3) Auchterarder Networking Group 1. Advised on the nominated new Community Member for Auchterarder on the Strathearn & Strathallan Local Action Partnership and asked for feedback on identified health and social care problems in the community.

2. Finding a home for the Men’s Shed Group in the town was discussed, with options cited as potential solutions. Site/building chosen must have disabled access. No solution yet.

3. Attendance at the Monday afternoon Archway Café in the Parish Church Hall strengthening, with speaker on the last Monday of the month. Up to 35 attendees.

4. Angela Riley is the new Manager at Ruthven Towers.

5. No change in the role of Parkdale was anticipated in respect of the provision of intermediate health care at the present time.

6. The PKC Mental Health Wellbeing Support Team has been reduced owing to constraints in the Health & Social Care Partnership budget. Mental Health Awareness has increased demand on the Health Centre at a time when the Support Team has been reduced. Some patients will not receive the support they need.

7. A new Live Active Leisure (LAL) low risk referral class is to commence in the Aytoun Hall on Wednesday mornings. There will now be four referral classes operating in the town. The LAL/St Margaret’s HC interface seems to be working well. Pain management sessions are also available on referral. Chair based activity is also being run at Parkdale Care Home.

8. The Auchterarder & District Health Group is still operating at St Margaret’s HC. New, younger members are sought. The Group meets bi-monthly. Minutes can be seen on the Health Centre Website

8 b. Ward Councillors. Councillor Tom Gray – Rail Partnership – train timetabling – Edinburgh train now not stopping at Larbert/Linlithgow so is slightly quicker. Arbroath-Glasgow train – will stop hourly at Gleneagles, from September The Town Bus Group – is currently establishing itself as a charity and developing a constitution. Andrew Warrington (ex PKC Head of Transport and recently retired) has taken over the Chair from Tom Gray. Margaret Roy, the new PKC Head of Transport, is a member. Docherty and Sweeney will be asked to tender for operating the bus route, which will be confined to Auchterarder. Target is October for start of bus operating. c. Members of the Public.

i. Core Paths Group – had written seeking ADCC support for application to the Facilities Funds for £100k. Careful consideration and discussion ensued but it was felt that having already had £50k, a further additional £100k may preclude other

projects from receiving funds. It was acknowledged by all that the Project had delivered many benefits so far, however, we also needed to be mindful that the Developers Funding was only topped up on completion of houses so this may rise and fall over time, so despite the fact the figure of £600k is spoken about, there is no guarantee that this full amount may be reached. Both Councillors Grey and Reid commended the project but advised that this fund was for infrastructure completion (e.g. A9 Junction, School, Community Bus etc), which Core Paths wasn’t specifically, Councillor Reid urged the Group to look at other sources for funding. Therefore, ADCC did not support the application at this level.

ii. Langtoon Childcare Hub – Great progress being made and representatives thanked ADCC and Ally Kay for their support. There are now 75 places every night (on back of research/results provided, Council increased places from 24 to 50). Not only are they trying to increase but also future-proof and are setting up a forum for all representative to take part – after school club, private nursery, childminders etc. Met with Roseanna Cunningham who was very supportive. Next meeting with P&KC towards end of June. AK happy to attend dependent on date.

iii. Pollution & Dust/Drainage – Member of the public noted the amount of road dust in drains and gratings (made worse by lack of rain). MS advised that they could phone this “complaint” in to PKC Customer Services but CR agreed to raise with Daryl McKeown

iv. VAS -Castleton Road – this features on the secondary list. Residents unhappy due to the amount of young families and the narrowness of the pavements. Clarification required on point of repeaters. Is it they won’t put repeater signs where there are spaced lampposts or is it that they can’t for legal reasons? It has been noted as a problem area. Can they erect sign “Castleton – Please Drive Carefully?” Snow Clearing – Top part was cleared but bottom part wasn’t? Likely due to the motorised clearer not being able to access. Placing of Grit Bin requested. DH will e-mail local police and advise that this subject has been raised again CR will raise at his meeting on 1st June 2018 (Speeding & Grit Bin)

v. VAS – Glendevon – The “40” sign isn’t working. Cars are still travelling too fast. The VAS sign on the way in is good. From the Muckhart side there is nothing to slow them down and they speed up past Tormaukin Hotel. Repeater signs are also making a difference. Subject of speed cameras raised. This is a police matter. AK to ask MB to contact police to progress

The meeting closed at 8.52pm

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 28th June 2018 at Aberuthven Village Hall

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