Roll of honour for the Burgh and Parish of Auchterarder. The Great War, 1914-1919

This roll of honour has been digitised by the internet archive and is available to view and download at  The book was published in 1920 and gives a tangible record of locals involved in The Great War.   The foreword of the book reads as follows :-



This Roll contains the names, and, so far as can be ascertained, the dates and places of service

of those of the Burgh and Parish of Auchterarder who took part in the Great War. The members

of the Women’s Services are in a separate list.  A purple band surrounds the names of those

who gave their lives for their Country.  A Roll like the following may seem a bald thing, but it carries

with it to those who remained behind a degree of pathos which it is difficult to overestimate. It

brings back to memory that fateful day in August 1914 when the Auchterarder Territorials marched

off full of confidence and hope, determined to vindicate the Honour of their Country and the cause

of Justice, little realising or little heeding that so many were going never to return. And it also brings

to memory those long, sad years of anxiety that followed, until at last hardly an Auchterarder lad

was left to step whistling down the street.  These things are past. The red-hackled boys have come

back and with victory in their arms.  But they are stamped for life by the experiences they have

passed through. Some of them are maimed, and there are no less than eighty-two graves in the

lands, whether they be in France or Flanders, Mesopotamia, Salonica, or Gallipoli, which to us are

British soil.

We can but thank those who remain, though words do not carry with them what we feel, and, while

reverently expressing our sympathy with the relatives of those who have fallen, try to make our

Country worthier of all that has been given so freely for it.



To download the full publication please visit The Internet Archive Page

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