Auchterarder Adventure - James Urquhart, Ironmongers - Auchterarder

Auchterarder Adventure – James Urquhart, Ironmongers

Today’s Auchterarder Adventure has been to Urquhart’s on the High Street.  The place of many a visit when things go wrong in the house or when your garden needs a bit of a lift.

James Urquhart Ironmongers has been in the High Street of Auchterarder since the early 1900s, with an ironmonger’s shop on the site for much longer than that.   This family run business supplies items for the house and garden including paint, pet supplies, kitchen knives, vegetable seeds, garden tools, electrics and so much more.

The beauty of this traditional Ironmongers is that you can go into the shop, tell them what has gone wrong and often they will be able to tell you what you need and supply it there and then. 

My most recent phone call to them was when I set up the home office and realised the wifi wasn’t strong enough to reach through the walls.  Did they stock ethernet cables?  Yes they did, did they have a cable about 25ft long, yes they did.  One quick journey to the shop and I was back online, all within 20 minutes.

Flowers for the garden that all I have to do is put them in, water and leave them, no problem.  Send my daughter to the shop for paint in the shade “peely wally pink” they knew exactly what I meant.

Urquharts is an Aladdin’s cave of bulbs, screws, hooks, plates, brushes etc.  Well worth a visit to see just what they stock and find out what you need.

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