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Auchterarder Adventure – Red Cross Shop

Today’s Auchterarder Adventure was to the Red Cross shop at the top of the High Street.  The shop is well known locally for the skills of the staff and their eye catching window displays.  We thought this would be a good place to start the Auchterarder Adventures as they are so involved in helping those who have been affected by recent events.

As you may have noticed if you have been following the news recently, the Red Cross have been brought in to help with recent tragedies around the country and you can help from the comfort of your own local branch.


Did you know that if you donate items to the Red Cross that you can specify where any money from the sale of those items goes?  For example, at the moment there are funds for those involved in the Manchester attack, the Grenfell Tower tragedy, refugees, famine victims etc.  This request will be noted on all the items that you donate so that when someone is shopping in the store they can see where the money they pay will be going.  Gift Aid of course is available so that the Red Cross gets the tax rather than the Government, always a good thing.

The shop in Auchterarder is well supported with local donations, so much so that they are able to help other shops with stock if required.  It is amazing to see the magic the staff perform with such a small area in the back of the shop.  With ladies, gents and children’s clothing alongside household goods, books and dvds, the shop is a complete treasure trove.  There is even a changing room so you can be sure something you are looking at is the correct fit.

Why not stop by and have a look round, donate some items or even volunteer to give some of your time to helping keep the shop running smoothly?

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