Auchterarder Adventure Visits Aberuthven Village Shop - Auchterarder

Auchterarder Adventure Visits Aberuthven Village Shop

The Auchterarder Adventure today is a visit to Aberuthven to check in at The Village Shop.  Only open a few months Claire and Stewart have made big changes already as they fine tune the shop to the requirements of local customers.

Today’s adventure started when I realised that I had just used the last of the milk and as there are two of us at the moment who drink a lot of tea, this could have been a bit of a disaster.  In recent times, this would have necessitated a journey into Auchterarder from Aberuthven for something that costs less than a pound.

Now that there is The Village Shop I could happily walk in the sunshine less than 500yds and be able to purchase the required fresh milk.  Amazing how something so simple can make such a huge difference.

On arrival, I was met with a completely rearranged shop which I have to say stopped me in my tracks.  With a fantastic cold bar for sandwich and baked potato fillings along with hotplates to supply breakfast rolls the shop is making stopping for a snack a very easy option.






I however was very good and got myself the required milk and half a dozen eggs, pancakes anyone?

Why not drop in and see the shop for yourself, if nothing else they have a coffee machine which is great for getting a pick me up for a morning drive.

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