Innerpeffray Library

Innerpeffray Library situated on the banks of the river Earn is a must visit destination for anyone who loves books.  The first free lending library in Scotland it houses a superb collection which visitors can read.

There are books of historical significance which are only available to view under protection but there are so many others that you can read yourself.  There is even a small room with an armchair where you can sit looking over the river Earn. A great place to enjoy some quiet reading time.

The most popular book is the Borrowers’ Register. This is a handwritten record of local people who came to borrow a book. If you had ancestors in this area then it is well worth a visit to see if they borrowed a book and they may even have signed it out themselves, letting you see their handwriting.





With titles ranging from “The Historie Of Four Footed Beastes” (Edward Topsell 1607) to “Letters On The Improvement Of The Mind, Addressed To A Young Lady” (Mrs Chapone 1807)  there is a wealth of historical texts to be enjoyed.

As can be imagined the original legacy for the upkeep of the library now has to be supplemented.  This is where Innerpeffray Library comes into its own.  There are no slick tricks to try and get you to put your hand in your pocket, there is only options available for you to help the Library keep going.  A special quiet kind of fundraising in a special quiet kind of place.

You can become a Patron of the Library and be acknowledged as a Benefactor for as little as £100.  Please check out the website and see the options available to support this very special place.  There is no hard sell, there is only dedicated people asking if you would like to help and showing how much it will be appreciated if you do.  This would be a unique and very special gift for a book or history lover.

The option of Friends of Innerpeffray Library is another way you can help whilst enjoying the library facilities.  At only £15 per year this should be on the Christmas list of every Bibliophile.

However you do it, visit Innerpeffray Library, you won’t regret it.


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