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Auchterarder Business Network Takes Shape

Started in April 2017 as an extension of the Lang Toon Times and group, Auchterarder Business Network was set up to help local businesses in the Auchterarder and surrounding areas get to know each other and promote Auchterarder as a great place to do business.

As the town continues to grow and prosper there are many business men and women moving into the area.  What better way to introduce those business people to the business people already established in the area than to have them meet on a regular basis?  With a website here and Facebook Page here you will easily be able to keep up with business happenings in the area.

To ensure as many businesses as possible benefited from the Network it was decided that events would be held at different times of the day and in different venues.  Thus, allowing as many people as possible to attend and helping local venues become better known to the business community.

The first meeting is to be held on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7.30am in Corbie and Cheip in Auchterarder High Street. The meeting in June will be in Bianco Bistro and will be an early evening event.

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