Church of the Disruption

Built in 1660, the belltower is all that remains of the Old Parish Church in Auchterarder. Central to decisions regarding the Veto Act in 1834 it has also been known as the Church of the Disruption.

The parish of Auchterarder rejected the patron’s nominee citing the Claim of Right of 1689.  The subsequent legal wranglings led to a dispute between State and Church.  As a result this culminated in the eventual formation of the Free Church of Scotland. 

Sited in the centre of Auchterarder the gates are open for visitors to peruse the graveyard and walk round the belltower.  

The war memorial placed in the central walkway is the focus of the town’s yearly remembrance service.  A well attended event with representatives from many uniformed organisations. 

The buckling stone steps leading to the derelict belltower of the original Church of Disruption

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