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May 28, 2018

Erskine Opticians Auchterarder

If like me you wear glasses on a daily basis, you will recognise that feeling when things are just not right.  Those subtle signs that the glasses are no longer the best they can be.  Things get a little fuzzy around the edges and it takes a few seconds longer to focus on things you used to be able to see quite easily.  Time to make an appointment with the optician.

Thankfully there is an optician in Auchterarder, which saves me having to travel further afield, pay for parking and be at the mercy of people who don’t know me.  Working 9-5 in Auchterarder can also wreak havoc with trying to get appointments with businesses who mainly operate office hours.

With a choice of appointments available after 5pm and Saturdays, I managed to get myself an appointment within a week of calling.  Saturday afternoon, off I went with my old specs and a whole lot of trepidation.  I really don’t like that bit where they puff air into your eye and when they shine the lights, I normally end up with tears streaming down my face.

When I first arrived, Tom took me to check my peripheral vision and then I was ready to go for the tests with Scott.  I am not sure what I was reading without my glasses but anywhere between Chinese and Arabic looks about right.

Thankfully Scott got me sorted with a new prescription quite quickly.  Then there were the checks which no longer have the puff of air.  I can’t tell you how happy that made me.  Even the lights weren’t as bad as they seemed before.

We did the extra checks just to make sure, although they cost a bit more, they are well worth it when like me you are on the computer all the time.  It’s the strangest thing seeing the reflection of the inside of your eye.

Next it was time to choose frames.  Erskines have expanded their range recently to include a variety of frames from budget to luxury.  I am not sure what I chose, I don’t really remember much about them apart from I didn’t immediately look at them and say no.  Thanks must go to Tom for his patience with me as I tried to work out what looked ok.

My specs should be ready in a few days and I am looking forward to having tip top eyesight again.

If you are having some of that fuzzy round the edges feeling, why not make an appointment at our local opticians and see what they can do for you?