Jan de Vries - Auchterarder
March 16, 2017

Jan de Vries

Our high street shops have a long and established history as reliable and knowledgeable ports of call for all manner of health products and advice. To get a real feel of how our shops operate we thought you may like to hear from our staff in person.

Jan de Vries Health and Diet, the only place in town where you can shop, chat and leave behind the frown. Even if it’s cloudy, in store it is not dowdy. The staff are friendly and do their best to help, with products from heavenly teas to pollen from the bees. With sunshine from within, who cares if outside is dim.

We can help Fiona, Jane or Tim, with better health, boundless energy, even the ability to get slim. For supplements, diets and all the rest, come to Jan de Vries to get the best.