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Hot Chocolate at Marie’s Little Cake Shop

Hot Chocolate is just the best thing on a cold and wet morning in Scotland.  Thankfully here in Auchterarder it is something that is readily available.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time at Marie’s Little Cake Shop.  A place of wonder for those who enjoy sampling expert baking and Read more about Hot Chocolate at Marie’s Little Cake Shop[…]

Ice Cream at Corbie and Cheip

Today was sunny which is always a good thing here in Scotland.  So, when Corbie and Cheip tweeted that they had their new ice cream in the shop, it seemed the perfect idea for elevenses. The ice cream is supplied by Jannettas Gelateria.  Based in St. Andrews, Jannettas has been producing their much loved premium Read more about Ice Cream at Corbie and Cheip[…]

Marie’s Little Cake Shop in Auchterarder

Today I visited Maries Little Cake Shop in the High Street of Auchterarder.  Marie had kindly offered to be an outlet for the print edition of Lang Toon Times and as I had never visited the shop it was a good opportunity to catch up. At this point I have to confess, I haven’t watched Read more about Marie’s Little Cake Shop in Auchterarder[…]

image of chocolate galley logo

Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Galley Auchterarder

Having spent quite some time this morning de-icing the car I decided I deserved the first hot chocolate of the year.  The Auchterarder café whose speciality is chocolate is Chocolate Galley so that was where I headed, braving the snow in search of the perfect hot chocolate drink. As I scurried in the door out Read more about Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Galley Auchterarder[…]

image of exterior of cafe bianco

Breakfast at Cafe Bianco Auchterarder

It’s just before 9am on a reasonably warm morning in Auchterarder.  The town is relatively busy with parents dropping their children off at school and others getting ready to open local businesses.  Slow moving and relaxed the town feels as if it hasn’t quite fully woken. Looking for a morning cup of tea, it seems Read more about Breakfast at Cafe Bianco Auchterarder[…]