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Doggie Porridge in Auchterarder

Today started out like any other day, LTT muttering at the computer and drinking tea.  Presuming it was going to be a quiet day I sauntered off to my corner and settled down for a nap. The nap however was sort lived, no sooner had I got myself comfortable than LTT was up and gathering her things together.

“Come on Doogie, you get to come with me this time”

I don’t know if you remember but the last time I got taken anywhere I ended up on a train for hours and ended up in London. This travelling thing is not always a good idea I don’t think.  Not that it matters because if I dawdle she just picks me up and puts me in the car anyway.

The journey this time was mercifully short and smooth.  LTT got out of the car and came round to the other side to collect me.  We weren’t in the countryside that’s for sure, we were in the town, the town of Auchterarder to be precise.

“Now Doogie, if you promise to behave I will see if Anne can organise a treat for you”

Treats?  Now that is the very word to make the Perthshire Pooch behave like a gentleman.  I trotted along beside LTT until we got to a doorway.  The doorway had a water bowl and a doggy parking sign.  “I shall leave you parked here for now and as long as you behave I will bring you out some treats” says she as she goes inside.

Corbie & Cheip in Auchterarder may well be my new favourite shop.  Not only did I get petted lots I also got some home made doggie porridge.  Can you believe it, porridge all to myself, made especially for dogs?  I may have been less than gentleman like as I wolfed it down, don’t want any passing mutts getting my treats.

After such a feast I settled down for a small nap in the sunshine while LTT was still inside drinking more tea.

Eventually she came out ready to go home.  I gave her my best Doogie smile and looked just as cute as I could as I spied Anne behind her.  My cuteness must have worked because Anne handed LTT a small bag.  “I’ve put some doggie treats in the bag for Doogie to try, let me know if he likes them”.

I can now confirm that Doogie really likes those treats and will not be dawdling the next time we are headed out.  Who knows what nice things I may get the next time, I am certainly hoping for some more doggie porridge.


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