Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes January 2020 - Auchterarder

Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes January 2020






David Homewood – Convener

Jenny Haldane – Vice Convener

Bill Adam – Treasurer

Eleanor Aitken

Maureen Duncan-Smith

Lucy Gladwell

Jim Healy

Graeme McCall

Shona Stewart


Alasdair Kay

Douglas Young


The Convener opened the meeting by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. He said his New Year resolution was to keep the Convener’s introduction and meetings short. Meetings in 2020 would be held on Thursday evenings and he checked that members were content with the change of weekday. He thanked those who had helped to erect and dissemble the Aytoun Hall Christmas tree, and especially Shona Stewart and Eleanor Aitken for getting the base of the tree mended.


The minutes of the previous meeting on 20th November had been circulated for comment out of session and released into the public domain as a true record the week after the meeting after no proposed amendments had been received.



The Treasurer had produced a simple financial statement (Enclosure 1). New outgoings were highlighted: the Volunteer Lunch at £200 and the Kitchen Deep Clean at £288. There was now an in year deficit of £101 and a bank balance of £17,078. It was pointed out that insurance renewal (approximately £500) was imminent, but that the Spring Coffee Morning should balance it out. An in year deficit of £100 was quite acceptable. Jenny Haldane pointed out that the framing of the Aytoun Hall Tapestry would be expensive.

Management Information

Rental Income.

Income totals for November and December had been received and included in the handout (Enclosure 2). The Convener noted that the November income recorded was significantly down on previous years. The Treasurer felt that the figures provided by Live Active Leisure (LAL) had always been somewhat doubtful and inaccuracies had previously been proved.

The Convener said that the ‘Friends’ would continue to try and track management information provided by LAL and PKC, but would have to decide at the next meeting how to go about it owing to the lack of cooperation on the matter within the PKC Property Services organisation.

Building Maintenance & Repairs

Hearing Loops. Hearing loops were still not functioning correctly. Following a routine inspection in mid-2019, the problem had been highlighted. Since then no action had been taken to resolve the problem. The Convener had prompted LAL to press for some action. Furthermore, members of the community had contacted PKC to report the problem. PKC has confirmed that Robertson’s Facilities Management had been tasked to effect repairs, but no timeframe had been given.

Commercial Kitchen. The deep clean of the Kitchen was scheduled for 31st January. The cost share had come to £288 and had been paid to LAL.

Clock Tower & Water Ingress. Severe water ingress problems in the Clock Tower stairwell and the rear corridor of the Girnal House had occurred in recent weeks. These problems had been reported over a month ago. The only visible action had been shutting down the electricity at the rear of the Girnal House ground floor. Meanwhile, the interior of the building had noticeably deteriorated with water damage. The Convener had contacted LAL, as the building operator, to hasten action. The local Maintenance Officer had been chasing contractors. The leak in the Girnal House had been fixed, but no report had been received as to what the problem had been. In all likelihood, these problems would run on for much of 2020, especially as the PKC budget was under such enormous pressure.

Events & Fundraising Projects

Tapestry Project. Jenny Haldane was requested to have the tapestry completed by 7th March in time for the Spring Coffee Morning. The tapestry could be unveiled at the event. It would not be necessary for it to be framed, but an estimate should be obtained in due course. Fittings to the frame would be required to secure it to the wall under the heraldic shield and above the stage in the main hall.

Coop Bag Pack. It was agreed that a Coop Bag Pack day should be undertaken again during 2020. Committee member felt that Saturday, 24th October would be a good day and that the Coop should be requested to agree the date or offer an alternative.

Volunteers’ Soup & Sandwich Lunch. This had been very successful and a good investment in encouraging volunteers. However, approximately 10 ‘no shows’ on the day had been disappointing. ‘Thank you’ cards had been received from some attendees. Consideration should be given to repeating the event in 2021 or 22. Meanwhile, Maureen Duncan-Smith was requested to maintain a list of volunteers who helped F of AH at its events.

Parents Supporting Parents (PSP) Event. A fundraising ceilidh was scheduled for 29th February. F of AH had assisted PSP by booking venues for the function. The convener explained that he had encouraged this exceptional event sharing as it would assist PSP in establishing itself. Motivation was to encourage the CS of A/F of AH relationship and the use of the Aytoun Hall’s facilities. A discussion ensued that confirmed that PSP would be expected to pay for venues for its various parents evenings if the Aytoun Hall was used.

Spring Coffee Morning – 7th March. The Aytoun Hall and Galley Kitchen had been booked from 6pm to 8pm on Friday, 6th March for the event set-up. As the next F of AH meeting was scheduled for after the Coffee Morning, this meeting had to be used to determine arrangements. Maureen Duncan-Smith requested assistance with the set-up evening; Jenny Haldane agreed to provide flowers for tables and Bill Adam said he would donate milk on the day. The tapestry would be presented during the event. A raffle, tombola and cake stall would be present. Prizes for the tombola were being gathered, but raffle prizes were needed. Shona Stewart volunteered to run the cake stall. A 2020 Quiz would be launched and would run until 18th May. Maureen Duncan-Smith requested those offering home-baking to let her know what produce would be presented. Graeme McCall agreed to set up feather banners on the day. It was pointed out that 2020 was the 10th anniversary of the Aytoun Hall reopening after its refurbishment and perhaps something could be made of it in advertising the event.


100% January Check. Jim Healy said the check would take place on Tuesday, 21st January. It was agreed that missing pots in the Commercial Kitchen would not be replaced. Soup ladles would be added to the inventory.

Chairs. Graeme McCall agreed to liaise with the hall keeper to view chairs that required cleaning and to provide an estimate for the work required.

Social Media & WiFi

Social Media. Douglas Young had provided an update by email regarding the Facebook page. He had noted 170 followers and posts reaching around 1K people.

WiFi. Nothing had been heard from PKC since November. A meeting had taken place in the Aytoun Hall between the Convener and Rapier Systems, when it was mentioned that the WiFi could be operational before Christmas. The Smart City Project Officer had been contacted to find out why it had not been. An answer was awaited.


Parent/Teacher Association Event. An event had been planned for 24th January, but had been cancelled. Out of session the committee had agreed to support the PTA by providing a venue for a social evening. The Convener stated that he was uneasy about continuing to encourage use of the Aytoun Hall by younger generations by sponsoring events. He encouraged discussion on the subject. The committee decided that following the PSP event on 29th January, no further sponsorship would be undertaken in the form of providing venues through F of AH.


The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, 12th March.

Future schedule of meetings in 2020:

Thursday, 14th May – Business Meeting.

Thursday, 11th June – AGM & Business Meeting.

Thursday, 10th September – Business Meeting.

Thursday, 19th November – Business Meeting

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