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Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes June 2018





David Homewood – Convener

Jenny Haldane – Vice Convener

Eleanor Aitken

Maureen Duncan-Smith

Jim Healy

Graeme McCall

Douglas Young

Shona Stewart


Bill Adam – Treasurer

Malcolm Best

Lucy Gladwell


The Convener welcomed Eleanor Aitken and Lucy Gladwell to full membership of the Management Committee.


Draft minutes of the last meeting held on 9th May were circulated and agreed as a true record out of session; they were released into the public domain the week afterwards.



In the absence of the Treasurer, a simple financial statement had not been produced for the meeting. The Convener advised that the end of year balance had not changed much. Approximately £177 had been expended on a Facebook ‘boost’, the 2018 quiz prize (£30), replacement of a lock on the Girnal House door and a £10 fee for

participating in a recent Rotary event. Income had been solely from the quiz, £131 banked and £77 held in cash. Thus the current bank balance was estimated at £16,622.

Management Information.

Data on income from venue hire and costs for staff, utilities, repairs and maintenance had been received from Live Active Leisure (LAL) and PKC Property Services. [See Enclosures 1 – 4, which were handed out to trustees present.]

* Income was £21,527, an increase of £1,567 on the previous year.

* Staff costs remained the same at approximately £30K. (Not including overtime).

* Utility costs were £616 more than in FY 2016/17, totalling £12,738; Electricity £4,407, Gas £6,650 & Water £1,681. Water costs had been reduced by the removal of water tanks in the loft.

* Repair & Maintenance combined came in at £76,679, a significant increase of £49,800 on the previous year, mainly owing to Clock Tower repairs.

The cost of operating the Aytoun Hall complex in FY 2017/18 was ‘guestimated’ at £97,890. The Convener pointed out that the Clock Tower had not been included in the 2009 refurbishment project. Work on the Clock Tower continued into the present financial year and high expenditure would result at around a further £50K.

The Convener added that it should be recognised that the community were fortunate the local authority were prepared to spend such large sums of money on the Aytoun Hall, which remained a valuable, good quality asset to the town.

Building Maintenance/Works

Clock Tower Repairs. Work on the Clock Tower was ongoing. A recent fire in the roof had held up work. An indication of when the scaffolding would be removed had been requested, but problems identified with joists at each corner of the tower at guttering level still needed to be addressed. The corner where the fire had occurred had been repaired, but a decision was awaited on whether the other three corners were to be made good. Therefore the scaffolding could be expected to remain in situ for some weeks.

Events & Fundraising Projects

Tapestry Project. Jenny Haldane said that the project had temporarily stalled owing to other commitments. The Brownies had not followed up on participating in progressing the tapestry. Maureen Duncan-Smith said that she could provide a contact number for Brownie supervisors.

2018 Quiz. The quiz had closed on 21st May. After prize money had been deducted, income stood at £348. Over 90 completed quiz sheets had been received. The winner had been Mr Ted Dorset of Dunning. Information notifying the result/answers had been posted in the town and in local media.

Lunchtime Concerts – 14th & 15th June. Set up for the event would commence at 9pm on Wednesday, 13th June. Maureen Duncan-Smith would lead on coordinating refreshments and setting up tables. She would also purchase necessary goods. Volunteers had been recruited for the provision of home baking and serving tea/coffee, etc. Graeme McCall confirmed he would oversee the erection of gazebos, feather banners and information banners on each morning of the concerts. The Convener had disseminated event notes at the previous meeting and had continued liaison with the CS of A. The only change to the notes was that pupils would be permitted to eat lunch in the Institute. Shona Stewart advised that the Merry-go-Round Playgroup would be clear of the Institute by 11.30am on the Thursday. Pupils with instrument cases would be able to secure them in the Commercial Kitchen, if necessary.

Autumn Coffee Morning. The Aytoun Hall had been booked for a Coffee Morning on Saturday, 15th September from 9am to noon. Maureen Duncan-Smith agreed to lead on coordinating the event. Raffle, Tombola and Cake Stall would need to be provided for.

Social Media

Douglas Young updated the committee on Facebook developments. It was evident that there were 70-odd regular views on F of AH posts and up to 700 when a ‘boost’ was applied. In consultation with Lucy Gladwell, consideration had been given to developing a website but it was felt that it was too time consuming. The Facebook page would suffice. Consultation with the Community Council regarding a link still had to be followed through. The Convener advised that he had started to furnish Jill Simpson, the community councillor developing its website, with F of AH minutes and other relevant documents. Maureen Duncan-Smith proposed that consideration be given to developing an appropriate ‘post’ about the hall keepers, but LAL permission might be needed to go ahead with the idea. The Convener said that LAL had offered to provide advice on how such media might be linked to its own website.


Inventory Check. Jim Healy advised that a 50% inventory check was imminent. Two coat racks would be written off, but not replaced. No replacement buys were envisaged.

Council Chamber Flowers. The Registrar had agreed that the flowers could be replaced at F of AH expense. Pauline Parr had the matter in hand. It was pointed out that ‘Thanks a Bunch’ operated in the town and provided displays for a number of businesses. Eleanor Aitken recommended them.

Hanging Baskets. Graeme McCall agreed to arrange for two hanging baskets to be provided by the Bloom Association for the Girnal House entrance. It was not worth ordering them for the Aytoun Hall entrance whilst the scaffolding remained in place. The baskets would be deployed by the end of the month.

Parish of Auchterarder Role of Honour. A resident had given the ‘Role’ to F of AH so that it might be displayed in the building. It was agreed that it should be framed and displayed. The Convener accepted action to find out more about the item and to get it framed.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A new data protection law had come into effect on 25th May. The Convener said he had read into the new rules and concluded that F of AH did not need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), but that the charity should enter into the spirit of the new rules by complying with the act. The main area of care would be in protecting information on the F of AH Contact List – a contact list of the trustees carrying names, addresses and contact telephone numbers.

Trustees confirmed that they had no objection to their details appearing on the Contact List.

The Convener said that he would re-issue the list. He requested everyone to destroy old data no longer needed that was held in both hard copy and electronically on personal computers. Care should also be taken to gain permission from those who might be ‘tagged’ when posting data on Facebook.


The Convener proposed meeting dates for 2019, which were agreed.

Future schedule of meetings:


Wednesday, 12th September.

Wednesday, 21st November.


Wednesday, 9th January.

Wednesday 13th March.

Wednesday 8th May.

Wednesday 5th June – AGM.

Wednesday 11th September.

Wednesday 20th November.

David Homewood


Friends of Aytoun Hall

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