Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes June 2019 - Auchterarder

Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes June 2019






David Homewood – Convener

Bill Adam – Treasurer

Maureen Duncan-Smith

Lucy Gladwell

Jim Healy

Alasdair Kay

Graeme McCall

Douglas Young


Jenny Haldane – Vice Convener

Eleanor Aitken

Shona Stewart


With the AGM completed the Convener commenced the business meeting by stating there was a need primarily to pin down details for the Lunchtime Concerts, which were imminent, but that there were some other matters to discuss and pass on information.


The minutes of the last meeting held on 8th May were agreed as a true record out of session and released into the public domain on 22nd May. There was one amendment made to the minutes proposed by Douglas Young in the Social Media paragraph, which now reads, “….nothing to report other than one or two posts per week on the F of AH Facebook page.”



A simple financial statement (Enclosure 1) had been produced by the Treasurer. He advised that the 2019 Quiz, now concluded, had produced an income of £249 in the current period; a further £116 had been made in the previous period. Thus total Quiz income came to £365. Inventory purchases had cost £98 for 2 cocktail stand tables now in the front gallery. The bank balance currently stood at £17,330.03p.

Management Information

Maintenance & Repair costs had been requested some weeks ago. To date, details had not been forthcoming. The Convener said that he knew the delay was owing to heavy workload. He felt that repair costs for the Clock Tower Roof would exceed £140K over the past two years. Major water ingress problems remained, which was evident in the Council Chambers and on the stairs leading to it. It was clear that the community could not take on the overall responsibility of the Aytoun Hall.

Events & Fundraising Projects

Lunchtime Concerts – Thursday, 13th & Friday, 14th June. Maureen Duncan-Smith said she would join the Convener at the set-up of the Aytoun Hall on Wednesday, 12th June at 9pm. It was agreed that Maureen would organised the catering and volunteer participation, whilst the Convener would organise the layout of the hall and liaise with the school. Graeme McCall would put up feather banners, gazebos and A-frame at 10am on each day. Maureen would be present on the Friday, but not the Thursday. No more than 3 volunteers were needed to serve refreshments. Limited home baking would be provided together with tea/coffee. The Treasurer could not be present at the events, therefore the Convener agreed to bank all donations.

Tapestry Project. The next Tapestry Tea would take place on 13th August.

2019 Quiz. Significant Income from the quiz had been made. The winner had been a local lady, Agnes Brown. Café Kisa had sold a lot of quiz sheets and had been a key factor in boosting income.

Coop Bag Pack – Saturday, 14th September. Detailed planning and a volunteer roster could be left to the September meeting, but preparation required dissemination of information about the event, identification notices and name badges would be required to make it clear that the Friends of Aytoun Hall were the charity present.

Autumn Coffee Morning – Saturday, 21st September. The Aytoun Hall had been booked, but detailed planning could be left until the September meeting. Nothing further had been heard from the Camera Club about exhibiting a photo display of the High Street.

Volunteers’ Lunch – Friday, 22nd November. The Institute and Galley Kitchen had been booked. The event would take place between 12.15pm and 1.30pm. Detailed planning would take place at the September meeting.

New Booking System

Posters with details of new contacts had been displayed (Enclosure 2) and had been placed on the Facebook page. The Convener said he had tested the system by downloading a booking form from the Live Active Leisure (LAL) website and completing it on his PC. He said that the LAL staff at the CS of A would remain in place until 28th June. Revised booking forms were available in the Aytoun Hall Office from hall keepers. Any criticism of the new system should not be made until clear evidence of any failure is presented by users.


May Stock Check. Jim Healy said the 50% May stock check had been completed. He had purchased replacement infra-red food thermometers in the Commercial and Galley kitchens at a cost of £38.

Laminator. The Convener had purchased a Laminator at a cost of £16.75p. Jim Healy confirmed that the item had been brought to account.

Social Media & WiFi

Social Media.

Douglas Young had nothing new to report, but he and Lucy Gladwell considered that the 2 vacancies on the Management Committee be advertised on social media. This was agreed.

The Convener said he had passed notices to Douglas Young to load onto the F of AH Facebook page to advertise and encouraged entrepreneurial events taking place in the Aytoun Hall.

WiFi. The PKC Smart City Project Officer had made a case to fund free WiFi in the High Street, using the Aytoun Hall as the hub and main internet access point. The case was being considered by PKC management. No decision had yet been forthcoming. The Convener added that he hoped the need to re-register every fortnight on the current Aytoun Hall WiFi system would be discarded with any changes introduced.

Solheim Cup/Lamp Post Banners

PKC had changed 25 of the lamp post banners in the town and on the access road to Gleneagles Station with Solheim Cup banners. The remaining 25 that were owned by the Auchterarder Community Partnership (ACP) remained in place. The Convener said that he had been encouraged by the PKC Environmental Services Green Space Manager to submit a shared funding grant application on behalf of the Community Council to replace the ex-ACP banners in due course. The cost would be approximately £2,500 for manufacture and siting. The grant application had been for £1,200 with the remaining £1,300 coming from ex-ACP money held by the Community Council. Designs would be undertaken by PKC at no cost. Selection of designs would be for the Community Council to decide, but 4 banners could carry the Aytoun Hall silhouette and Friends of Aytoun Hall’s logo and slogan. Should this initiative require

additions to the grant, the committee was asked if it would agree to cover any financial gap. This was agreed.


Hanging Baskets

Graeme McCall confirmed that 4 hanging baskets for the front of the Aytoun Hall would be in place within the next fortnight. Agreed cost was £200, to include maintenance.


The next meeting would be a Business meeting on Wednesday, 11th September 2019 commencing at 7.30pm in the Council Chambers.

Future schedule of meetings in 2019: Wednesday 20th November – Business meeting.

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