Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes May 2019 - Auchterarder

Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes May 2019






David Homewood – Convener

Jenny Haldane – Vice Convener

Bill Adam – Treasurer

Eleanor Aitken

Lucy Gladwell

Jim Healy

Graeme McCall

Shona Stewart

Douglas Young


Malcolm Best

Maureen Duncan-Smith


The Convener opened the meeting by stating that the Friends of Aytoun Hall had entered a period of change. On 1st June the Live Active Leisure (LAL) booking system would change. There was no doubt that LAL was now under pressure from budget cuts and this had resulted in a decision to withdraw its presence in the Community School. [The summer programme for children’s activities had also been cancelled.]

There also seemed to be a move by PKC to off-load some of its property portfolio through means of asset transfer to community groups. This was a non-starter in respect of the Aytoun Hall.


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 13th March had been agreed as a true record out of session and released into the public domain on 29th March.



The Treasurer presented the accounts for FY 2018/19, which had been scrutinized by the auditor. The accounts would be signed off at the AGM on 5th June. He pointed out that the surplus for the year was £511.33p against a deficit the previous year of £622.28p. This was mainly owing to less expenditure on inventory items during the past year. Receipts were less than the previous year because F of AH had ceased to be one of the Coop’s preferred local charities. The bank balance as at end of March 2019 stood at £17,179.03p.

A simple financial statement had not been produced for the meeting because there had only been one expenditure transaction in the new FY; £98 for two new cocktail tables.

The Convener said that he had arranged with the Coop Manageress that F of AH could carry out a bag pack day on Saturday, 14th September to increase income. It was suggested that duration should be 9am to 3pm with two people on at any given time. Details would be confirmed at the September meeting. A notice for display in the town, the Living Local magazine and Facebook, making the community aware of the bag pack, would be required.

Management Information

Usage Data. LAL had provided data on income and hall usage from November 2018 to end of March 2019. The Treasurer had carried figures forward onto a Rental Income Chart (Enclosure 1). This would be the last time information would be presented by LAL in a format that provided details of hirer, venue and costs; the reason being staff reductions. The Convener advised he would encourage LAL to provide a consolidated monthly figure in future.

Utility Costs. Utility expenditure had been received from PKC Property Services (Enclosure 2). The combined gas, electricity and water costs had only increased on the previous year by £155. Electricity costs had risen by £78 over the year, Gas had decreased by £722, but Water charges had increased to £799. The average costs pa over the past 10 years worked out at £12,869.

Maintenance & Repair Costs. Details had been requested, but were not yet available.

Building Maintenance & Repairs

Clock Tower. Pressure had been placed on PKC Property Services to take action on the Clock Tower. Water ingress was still evident in the building and roof repairs appeared to have remained in limbo for some months. Ladders had finally been removed from the roof but Pendrich Steeplejacks, who were tasked to remove them, still needed to investigate and repair the leaking roof; the problem was probably slipped or missing tiles and rotten nails that hold the slates in place.

Vandalism. Some vandalism at the rear of the building had taken place. A window had been damaged. The incident had been reported to both PKC and the police

Events & Fundraising Projects

Tapestry Project. A Tapestry Tea had taken place on 7th May. The next had been scheduled for 13th August. Jenny Haldane said that the tapestry was nearing completion. It would need to be framed and a prominent place within the building found to display the finished article. The committee felt that an event and good publicity should take place on completion of the project.

2019 Quiz. The quiz was selling well with over 290-odd sheets sold to date. Café Kisa had sold more than 100 sheets. The quiz would conclude on 20th May. Income should be in the region of £300.

Lunchtime Concerts – Thursday, 13th & Friday, 14th June. Hall set up would take place at 9pm on Wednesday, 12th June. Volunteers would need to be organised for the Thursday concert to operate the Galley Kitchen and refreshments. Maureen Duncan-Smith and Eleanor Aitken could cover the Friday concert. Manning of the Thursday concert could be determined at the June meeting. Some home baking would be required. The same format that had been employed over the past three years would be followed. The Convener disseminated pre-event notes (Enclosure 3). Shona Stewart advised that the Merry-Go-Round playgroup would be clear of the Galley Kitchen by 11am. Graeme McCall agreed to set up the front of the Aytoun Hall with gazebos, feather banners and A-frame on each morning of the concerts.

Autumn Coffee Morning – Saturday, 21st September. The Aytoun Hall had been booked. The same format would be followed as for the recent Spring event. The Convener said that he had spoken to the Camera Club about showing ‘High Street in Photography’ in conjunction with the coffee morning, but located in the front gallery or Institute. He was not sure if anything would come of the suggestion.

Volunteers’ Lunch – Friday, 22nd November. The Institute and Galley Kitchen had been booked. The event would take place between 12.15 and 1.30pm. Graeme McCall said that Nosh were prepared to undertake provision of soup (Leek & Potato and Tomato), sandwiches and shortbread; an estimate of cost would be required. An invitation had been prepared and a list of volunteers attending the last similar event had been passed to Maureen Duncan-Smith. The Convener requested committee members to pass their suggestions as to who should be invited to Maureen in due course. Detailed arrangements would be made at the September meeting.


May Stock Check. Jim Healy said the 50% May stock check had been arranged for Wednesday, 15th.

Cocktail Tables. The two cocktail tables recently purchased would replace the two currently in the front gallery which belonged to Henderson Catering and were needed elsewhere.

Vacuum Cleaner. Under a cost sharing agreement with LAL, two vacuum cleaners had been purchased for the building. One needed to be brought to account as F of AH property.

Laminator. It was agreed that a laminator be purchased for approximately £20 to waterproof submissions for the pavement notice board.

Social Media & WiFi

Social Media. Douglas Young had nothing new to report other than one or two posts per week on the F of AH Facebook page.

WiFi. No new information was available on the provision of free WiFi across the town.

Booking System & Insurance

The Convener had requested LAL to provide details of contact details if bookings were, after 1st June, to be made directly to Perth. He had requested telephone number, email address and whether a booking could be made on-line. It remained to be seen whether the system proposed would work well; problems for the hall keepers might arise if they were not aware of bookings in good time. The system was not the only thing that had changed. Third party insurance cover for events in the Aytoun Hall could no longer be provided by LAL’s insurance; organisations booking the hall would need to have their own insurance cover.


AGM Preparation

Annual Report. A draft had been circulated, but a paragraph on expenditure had required to be rewritten. The revised version had been circulated by email to committee members.

Nominations. Shona Stewart was requested to complete a nomination paper and seek re-election. Nomination papers for Graeme McCall and Bill Adam had been received.

Attendance. The Convener requested everyone to encourage members of the public to attend the AGM on 5th June.

Hanging Baskets

Graeme McCall was requested to contact the Bloom Association to provide 4 hanging baskets for the front of the Aytoun Hall at a cost of £200 to include maintenance. It was felt by the committee that additional flower troughs would enhance the front environment, if they became available.

Solheim Cup

One spin-off from the event would be that PKC would be changing lamp-post banners in the town – they owned half of them. The other half had been owned by the Auchterarder Community Partnership (ACP). There was money ring-fenced towards replacements, which was held by the Community Council. The Convener had spoken to PKC’s Environmental Services Green Space manager about erecting banners that advertised the Aytoun Hall, but no action or further discussion would be taken until after the Solheim Cup had taken place in September. Shona Stewart pointed out that the planned ‘bag pack’ would take place when the event was on.


The next meeting would be the AGM followed by a Business meeting on Wednesday, 5th June 2019 commencing at 7.30pm in the Council Chambers.

Future schedule of meetings in 2019:

Wednesday 5th June – AGM and Business meeting.

Wednesday 11th September – Business meeting.

Wednesday 20th November – Business meeting

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