Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes September 2018 - Auchterarder

Friends of Aytoun Hall Minutes September 2018





David Homewood – Convener

Jenny Haldane – Vice Convener

Eleanor Aitken

Maureen Duncan-Smith

Lucy Gladwell

Jim Healy

Graeme McCall

Douglas Young

Shona Stewart


Bill Adam – Treasurer

Malcolm Best


The Convener welcomed all back to the first committee session since the long summer break. Since the last meeting F of AH business had been ticking along gently, with no great dramas. This meeting was a chance to catch up and plan for the coming coffee morning event, and to plan ahead for the next 6 months.


Draft minutes of the last meeting held on 6th June were agreed as a true record out of session; they were released into the public domain the week after having been circulated to the committee for agreement.

The Auchterarder Community Partnership (ACP) had now completely drawn down. Its website, ‘’, where minutes had previously been posted, had been discontinued with the demise of the organisation. The Community Council’s website would hopefully be available to use as a platform in future when on-line. The

Convener said he would continue to send minutes for posting on-line once they had been agreed.



The Treasurer had produced a simple financial statement (Enclosure 1). The deficit for the year since 1st April was £316.13p. Income had been mainly from the Quiz = £318. Expenditure was primarily owing to inventory upgrades; new plastic flowers for Council Chambers and Front Gallery and the framing of the Parish of Auchterarder Roll of Honour, which was now displayed in the Front Gallery. Cleaning the Galley Kitchen accounted for the maintenance figure. Currently the bank balance stood at approximately £16,350. Hopefully, the autumn coffee morning would improve the balance by another £500, which roughly equated to the annual insurance premium.

Management Information.

Usage data for the 4 months from April 2018 had been received from Live Active Leisure (LAL). The Treasurer had updated the ongoing Rental Income Sheet (Enclosure 2). Comparison of income for the same 4 months in the previous year showed a drop in income of approximately £650. Despite this, the hall keeper recently advised that two new regular users were on the horizon and had booked vacant times.

LAL Bilateral Meeting

A bilateral meeting took place on 6th September and resulted in the following:

* A one-off window cleaning contract was to be placed for the front of the Aytoun Hall at the expense of LAL. Consideration would have to be given to cost-sharing thereafter.

* The Commercial Kitchen would be cleaned as and when necessary on a cost-sharing basis.

* Management information data on income for August would be forwarded when assessed.

* If F of AH were successful in being selected for the Coop scheme in October and trestle tables replaced, LAL would redistribute the current tables (not on the inventory) to other venues.

* A check on the effectiveness of the booking response system was to be carried out by LAL.

* An effort to furnish the hall keepers with better booking information would be made, thus possibly facilitating a forecast of weekend events.

Building Maintenance/Works

Clock Tower Repairs. Work on the Clock Tower was not yet quite completed. The relationship between PKC Property Services and Zenith seemed to have been tested to the limit. PKC advised that clear-up work had not been completed, hence ladders on the tower and rubble left in front of the building. The Convener had emailed the Head of the Maintenance Team to encourage some action. The cost of the Clock Tower repairs appears to have been in the region of £140K.

Heating. An operational problem had arisen that was causing the heating to come on and go off at the wrong times. The hall keeper was doing his best to overcome the problem with PKC, but had reported the booster system malfunctioning. The Convener said that this was an operational problem that needed to be sorted out by LAL. F of AH would become involved if the problem persisted.

Events & Fundraising Projects

Tapestry Project. The Brownies and Ruthven Towers Care Home had been recently visited. Visits to Glencairn Care Home and the Cubs were possibilities. The Ladies Luncheon Club had been contacted to excite interest. The Tapestry would be brought to the coffee morning.

Autumn Coffee Morning – 15th September. Maureen Duncan-Smith advised that planning was well advanced, but was not sure that some of the volunteers would be available. A raffle, Tombola, Cake Stall would be run on the day. Set up would take place from 6pm on Friday, 14th September. More Tombola prizes were required. Entrance fee would remain at £2.50p. The Treasurer had organised floats.

Christmas in the Community – 2nd December. Eleanor Aitken expressed concern at the lack of volunteers to help organise the Christmas Fair event in the Aytoun Hall. The Convener said that F of AH sponsored the event by booking the venue at no cost, but should reconsider its position for 2019 as the event did not lack finances or other sponsors in the business community. The Aytoun Hall had been booked for Friday, 1st December at 6pm to put the Christmas tree up.

Spring 2019 Coffee Morning. The Convener advised that he had booked the Aytoun Hall for a coffee morning on Saturday, 9th March, at which a Quiz would be launched.

Social Media

Douglas Young reported that content volume had reduced during the summer months. He was dependent on committee members producing items of interest appropriate for the Facebook page.


Inventory Check. The September 50% inventory check had been completed. A purchase of 50 more tea spoons had been made. Thanks to Pauline Parr, the flowers in the Council Chambers had been purchased and together with the ‘Roll of Honour’ had been added to the inventory.


The Convener stated that Jacqueline Walsh, who had previously been an ex-officio member of the F of AH Committee, had moved from her post at the Crieff Campus. Her replacement was Chris Sanderson, who is part of the Community Learning & Development Team for the area. She might be a key appointment for F of AH in its dealings with PKC.


The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, 21st November 2018.

Future schedule of meetings:


Wednesday, 9th January.

Wednesday 13th March.

Wednesday 8th May.

Wednesday 5th June – AGM.

Wednesday 11th September.

Wednesday 20th November.

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