Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Galley Auchterarder - Auchterarder

Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Galley Auchterarder

Having spent quite some time this morning de-icing the car I decided I deserved the first hot chocolate of the year.  The Auchterarder café whose speciality is chocolate is Chocolate Galley so that was where I headed, braving the snow in search of the perfect hot chocolate drink.

As I scurried in the door out of the snow the first thing I noticed was the fabulous aroma of baking, seemingly it was scones and brownies.  What a great way to start the day with fresh baking and a hot chocolate.  Although you may have seen I am supposed to be on a health kick so I didn’t have any brownies or scones but I did have the hot chocolate.  It’s a thing when you have the first snowy day and you have some time to yourself, a little indulgence.

image of chocolate galley cakes

Chocolate galley cakes

The café was warm and had a nice relaxed feel to it, although there were so many treats available it took all my willpower to stick to just a drink.  This drink however was exceptional, creamy chocolate drink topped with cream and chocolate sauce.  The first mouthful was a surprise as the lightness of the hot chocolate melded with the cream and then the final touch of sauce to finish it off.

Suffice to say, although I was messing about with my phone trying to check in and take pictures, I did not give it time to cool down.  There is just something about sitting with both hands wrapped round a mug of hot chocolate on a cold day that gives you the feel-good factor.

photograph  of my mug of hot chocolate

First hot chocolate of the year

When you need to spoil yourself then Chocolate Galley in Auchterarder is definitely one to have on your list of indulgences.  Now I just need to get over this health kick and I can go back for cakes as well.  See you there.

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